Fortune Cookie Soap: Old Hollywood Soap Box


Fortune Cookie Soap are an American company who make bath and body products and their signature product is, you’ve probably guessed it, the fortune cookie shaped soap. You can subscribe to the Soap Box here, where they send out a small box of samples, with normally two full sized products (a fortune cookie soap and hand sanitizer) in different products that are the scents in the upcoming collection along with a code for $10 off an order which is emailed separately. These are sent out every season so roughly every three months and this one is the Autumn (or Fall if you’re American) collection. They normally have some other theme as well as the season and this time it’s Old Hollywood, which is rather intriguing and I like the idea of the names of these products.

This box arrived on Tuesday so I’ve had the time to play around with everything and give them a proper go to review them rather than just first impressions. In the UK we do tend to get them a bit later due to shipping so this is a bit behind some of the American bloggers.

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