ME, Myself and I: Audiobooks


I’ve said in previous posts about reading and how it has been hard to enjoy it as much since having ME because it’s kind of hard to enjoy a book when you’re re-reading the same few pages again to try and remember what’s happened. As I’m starting my book reviews tomorrow it made me think about how many audiobooks I’ve listened to over the past few years and how great they are for when I wanted to read but didn’t have the energy or concentration but could still enjoy a new book. I did end up doing a bit of rewinding and replaying bits and sometimes I’d fall asleep listening to them and it’d be at the end of the CD or side of the tape before I woke up but it was still a fairly good replacement for actual books.

I guess this isn’t just about audiobooks, a lot of the ones I’ve listened to, and ended up buying, have been radio play or series things. There are so many radio series out there that I didn’t know about, a few of my favourite TV shows started out as radio shows and listening to their beginnings is interesting to compare to the newer TV versions.

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