Review: Fortune Cookie Soap lip balms


I made an order recently as part of a group order from Fortune Cookie Soap and, although I haven’t done a post on the whole purchase as it’d be pretty similar to the reviews on the soap box, I am going to do it on the new kinds of products I haven’t tried before. The first is on the lip balms, I think they were meant to be tinted balms, at least the one is, and these are both from the Peter Pan collection. They cost $3.49 each which is pretty good for a nice lip balm, at least to me, as a lot of cheaper ones don’t seem to work on my lips when they’re really dry.


I think they’re both the same formula for the base, they both work really well as lip balms even when my lips are really dry from the sun. They moisturise really well and leave a coating without it being greasy or easy to feel. The only way I know about the film is the fact they feel waterproof in the shower after using them, if that makes sense. Unfortunately there’s no SPF in these or they’d be perfect but I do really like the formula.

L-R: Second Star to the Right and Kiss
L-R: Second Star to the Right and Kiss

The sort of shine finish you get with them is subtle, not sparkly but they look moist and healthy which is good as I’ve tried quite a few lip balms that my lips just absorb and go back to looking dry, it’s one of the reasons I’m not a huge fan of a lot of matte lip products. They are pretty buttery which is great for your lips but I’m not sure how well they’d survive in a country with hot weather. I didn’t have these in the heatwave in Britain but I know that lip balms less butter than these became a mess. The butteryness means they glide on the lips well and are very easy to apply. I also like the shape of the tube, it’s oval rather than round, as it means it’s easy to control where the lip product goes more precisely than with the rounder lip balms.

The Kiss lip balm can be found here and is the same as the one in the Peter Pan soap box. According to the site it’s supposed to smell of; “Exotic watermelon, juicy pineapple and coconut water, bursting with fresh citrus juices.” I think the overall scent of this one is sweet, I can’t pick anything out really but I think maybe the pineapple is what makes it taste a bit more like a tropical sweet fruit flavour more than berries or citrus but it’s just generally very sweet. I really don’t get any coconut or citrus in it at all so not one if you were hoping to get those flavours. Talking about flavours this doesn’t really have anything to taste, maybe a tiny hint of a soapy flavour but nothing that actually lasts beyond when your tongue is on it. This is great for me as a lot of lip balms don’t taste nice and the flavour can linger if you’re eating something. The scent also isn’t too overwhelming despite being so sweet.

The second one I got was ‘Second Star to the Right,’ found here, which is described as a blurple colour which I liked the sound of. The blue pigment in the lip balm is meant to mix with the colour of your lips and create a purple look but I did not get this finish at all with mine, I even layered it on a lot to see if that helped but nothing. I’m not sure if maybe my lips are already slightly purple and so the pigment isn’t really showing up as different. I’ve put photos of my lips with nothing, just the clear lip balm I put on a while before, one with the Kiss and one with this lip balm and to me I can’t really tell much difference.

The scent in ‘Second Star to the Right’ is meant to be “Crushed berries and mint leaves with a splash of sparkling pomelo, served over iced sugarcane” and I do get the berries with a hint of something that makes it a bit brighter and less sweet and berry-ish than a lot of berry products can be. It’s nice and subtle and, though I can smell it for a while after use, it’s not too sweet and overpowering for a lip product. It’s definitely pretty sweet though not as much as the Kiss one, I don’t get the citrus of pomelo in it either but maybe they’re part of what makes it more refreshing. It’s a scent that I’ve bought in a few other products and works well in the soap and bath products which is unusual for me to find something that works well in all kinds of products.

These pictures show the products on my lips as well as a plain lip balm just to show that there is very little tint in them. The Second Star to the Right maybe does have a slightly purpler colour than the other two but it’s not really noticeable on the lips and not as much of a difference as I was hoping for. It does show the difference in the shine though, it’s a lot more than the plain lip balm (Boots Essentials in strawberry).

FCSlipbalm7 FCSlipbalm3 FCSlipbalm2

Overall I do like these, as lip balms they’re great and for the price I’d buy more if I was making an order and needed some as they really have helped my lips since having them. However if you want the Second Star to the Right one as a lip tint I’d say it isn’t really worth it, at least going by how it looked on my lips. As I said, I’d buy them again and might try some of the other scents when they bring them out, but I wouldn’t expect a proper lip tint when I did and would go for the flavour/scent rather than how I was expecting it to look.

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