Books! And my new challenge, kind of.

This is just a very short post and not the normal ME, Myself and I because my head hurts and the ear drops I have been given by the doctor haven’t kicked in yet so any time on the computer is not really likely to happen. It just felt weird not posting anything at all so I thought I would do this post today even though it was originally scheduled for tomorrow (I can sometimes be organised with these). 

This might sound like a bit of an odd thing to have in this blog since it’s sort of ended up being mainly beauty with a side of ME and a tiny amount of game reviews but I’ve decided I’m going to start posting book reviews. They may not be all that often as I’m not sure how well I’ll be sticking to the challenge I have set myself but I will be trying. When I originally started the blog I was planning on it being probably only 25% beauty but it kind of took over when I started posting about it and finding new things to try and the community of beauty bloggers is so amazing I sort of ended up staying here. Hopefully people will still like my blog with these added in and they won’t replace my normal blogging days, it’ll probably be Tuesday or Thursday I end up doing it but I’ll see when I finish books and which days work best with the other posts when I get going with this.

For the past few years I’ve found it hard to concentrate enough to actually read new books, pretty much all of the ones I have read have either been me repeating old books or about characters I know like in the Doctor Who universe. I have recently bought quite a few books and seem to have got to the point with my ME and concentration, probably due to so much reading with my OU courses, that I can actually remember what I’m reading, yay! Anyway, this has led to me deciding that I will be challenging myself to read one book a week. I’m not sure if this will actually happen so I may change it to two weeks but I’m sticking with one, at least to start with. I used to love reading and get through so many and it’s something that I miss so just making the effort to put some time aside in the day to read will be nice and better for me than watching TV, especially if get half decent weather and I can sit outside to read.

I have quite a list of books in my ‘to read’ pile which seems to grow every time I go anywhere with old books, but I love finding new authors and new books to read so anything anyone can recommend to try would be good, I can have a look in the local library for it at least. At the moment I have quite a few Robert Rankins, Robin Jarvises, Terry Pratchetts and similar, though I do have a few classics thrown in, some chick lit (not sure I like the name but I love some fluff sometimes), real life stories and some crime and horror in there so I have quite eclectic tastes with books, and there may be the odd manga thrown in but they’ll probably be short reviews. I should probably make a list, maybe I’ll make a master post and have it in the top bar with links to all the reviews I do, make it easier to find in amongst the rest.

Anyway, this post ended up longer than I meant it to so I’ll stop there, it’s just a bit of an introduction. Also to say the first book I will be reading is Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth. I love the TV series and have had the book hanging around for a while, I did start the second in the series but decided to read them in order so I think they’ll be the first two I do. 

Unfortunately this ear infection does mean I might not really be able to start right away, or it’ll be one of the longer two week times, but I wanted to post about it anyway and I hope I’ll be back to normal posting on Friday 🙂

3 thoughts on “Books! And my new challenge, kind of.

  1. I hope your ears are feeling better (((hugs))). I originally started my blog for underrated ebooks, but I find myself wanting to post random things that I love. I haven’t decided yet. I’m sure your followers wouldn’t mind your book reviews.


    1. Thanks, I’m still recovering from it but missed blogging too much to stay away for long. I like blogs with lots of different topics in, I just ended up falling into the beauty topics all the time so will be strange doing reviews on other things but fun as well.

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