Review: Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate palette


I have heard so much about the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes, so many good reviews seem to be floating around of them that I had to get one. I was planning on saving this as a treat but I made a small order on amazon and it was the same price as in stores so it ended up in my basket alongside the book I originally made the order for. In Superdrug and on their own website it sells for £7.99, I did pay £8 for it but the extra 1p was made up for by the lack of postage or needing to make a trip to a Superdrug that actually has them in stock.

This is the I Heart Chocolate palette and is part of the I Heart Makeup range within Makeup Revolution. When I first saw these on the Superdrug website I thought that I Heart Makeup was the brand rather than Makeup Revolution, it seems like that’s the way Superdrug are selling it. I have read in so many places how this is a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and wanted to see how good this was and if I could save myself the money of the other by just getting this.

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