Review: Sleek Makeup CC Cream


This summer both mum and my sister were using CC creams, I’d always wanted to try one but didn’t want to spend a lot on one and thought I’d stick with a brand I know so I ended up buying this Sleek CC cream. I chose fair as I’m pale and their BB cream was a good match for my pale skin so I thought this seemed like a good one to try as a first CC cream. I know CC and BB creams tend to be a bit more blendable and adapt to your skin colour but I’ve still found that some seem rather dark when I use them.

This costs £8.99 for 25ml so it’s not the cheapest but it’s still in the drugstore category for me as it’s under £10. It’s on Superdrug, Boots and their own website, I got it from Boots with their advantage card points. I’ve had it a month or so and have used it a few times to see what it’s like. It claims to be mattifying with colour corrective technology, though a lot say that, and has SPF 29.

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Review: Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette


I’ve recently been looking through the palettes I have and thinking about decluttering because I have more than I need and some of them are just sitting there. Since looking through them, however I’ve ended up finding that I love something in all of them really with maybe a couple of exceptions so I decided I’m going to review a lot of the palettes I have, even if they’re older, as long as they’re still sold and maybe it’ll help me make up my mind about them.

This is one of those palettes that I bought, used a few times and then it’s sat there in the box of palettes without getting any use because others have come along. I really expected this to be one of the ones I was passing on to someone but I was very pleasantly surprised by it. It’s one of the Sleek Makeup I-Divine palettes and this one is the Vintage Romance palette. It costs £7.99 in Boots, on the Sleek website and in Superdrug, so it’s an affordable palette with twelve colours so the price is pretty good for that amount and colour range of product.

It has two obvious colour groups, one lot of metallic colours, mainly warm and neutral colours, and the bottom row is all purples with a black thrown in like they did with a lot of the older Sleek palettes. There’s a combination of all finishes, though there’s only the one matte, there’s four I would consider metallic, four shimmers and three which have obvious glitter particles in them.

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Review: Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles Game

No book review today, sorry, but I do have a review of a game based on a book (very loosely) so that’s kind of close… ish.

Image taken from Steam and belongs to them and Frogwares
Image taken from Steam and belongs to them and Frogwares

A while ago I bought a Humble Bundle with some of the Sherlock Holmes games by Frogware. I’ve seen a few playthroughs of some and have one on my iPad and thought they were a good deal as I love the Sherlock Holmes books and like to try pretty much anything to do with it. They’re all still on Steam and this one, Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles costs £6.99 here. It’s also available as a physical disc for PC for $9.95 (I can’t find a price in £) on their site here. It was made by Frogwares and was first published in 2010, which surprised me as I thought it was one of the earlier Sherlock Holmes games they did because of the graphics compared to their other games.

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ME, Myself and I: Sometimes it feels Like I’m Always Waiting

I don’t know about you but since I’ve had ME I seem to spend a lot of time waiting for things to do with the doctors. I had a hospital appointment today and spent a while in the waiting room and part of the appointment I had an ECG and it reminded me of all those times when I’ve had something similar and I’ve had to spend time waiting for the test results to be sent to my GP. I’m not complaining about the tests, in fact I’m happy to have as many as they want if there’s a chance that it’ll show up something that’s treatable or at least makes it a bit better.

That hospital visit is why this post may be shorter than normal, I’m already exhausted from going there and I’m trying to stop myself from falling asleep this afternoon to see if it’ll force my body back into a better sleep pattern. I know it may not be recommended but I’d rather not start napping in the afternoon as I don’t sleep so well at night then and it’s worked in the past so I’m crossing my fingers for it succeeding again today, that is if I can stay awake.

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Review: Paul and Joe Limited Edition Face and Eye Palette in Zebra


I did a post about a recent purchase from Asos and in it was this face and eye palette from Paul and Joe. It was in the sale and cost £18.75, though at full price it’s £25 on There are three options though I went for the Zebra (it also says 096 on the back) as the colours stood out to me as ones that I’d use with the pink blush alongside the brown and pale cream and the blue green was just so pretty. I haven’t really seen many reviews for these around on beauty blogs so I was curious and I’ve heard good things about their other makeup products so I thought I’d try it. I’ve never seen Paul and Joe things in a store in the UK but maybe they’re more accessible in other countries.

This is a palette with four colours and sold as a face and eye palette as some of them can be used as other products. This one, the Zebra option, has an obvious blush in the pink colour, the Pink Flamingo has two shades of pink alongside a brown and deeper more turquoise shade and the Tiger one has all browns and golds which feels less multipurpose to me but they are all gorgeous colours. This one definitely stood out the most to me and, kind of luckily, it was the cheapest of the three in the sale.

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Review: Anna Sui Nail Varnish in Cassis Pink (C312)


I posted about this in my recent purchases from on Tuesday and have had it on for a couple of days so thought I’d do a review for it. I love the speckle egg effects that are around at the moment and I have a few from other companies but I saw this when I was looking on the website and it stood out because of the colour, I think most of the others are in pale shades, or at least the ones I have.

This is an Anna Sui nail varnish from the chocolate chip collection, I chose the Cassis Pink version as it was such a pretty colour and so bright compared to most of the others. It is available in both of the bottle versions but this was the version that was in stock and I haven’t got any in this bird design so I probably would have gone for this one anyway. It’s £11 on, though it keeps going between in and out of stock so I’m not sure whether it’ll still be there. I haven’t seen them anywhere else but they’re probably available in other stores especially if you live in another country.

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Book Review – Shadows of the Workhouse by Jennifer Worth

shadowsoftheworkhouse1Title: Shadows of the Workhouse

Author: Jennifer Worth

Year written: 2005

Publisher and year: Phoenix, 2013

ISBN Number: 978-1-7802-2511-1

I love the show Call the Midwife and as soon as I found out it was based on books I thought they’d be worth looking at. In the end I found the first two in a sale on The Works website and so I jumped on them. They’ve been sitting in my bookshelves for a while now but after reading the first one last week I wanted to carry straight onto the second one this week. It wasn’t the original plan but I enjoyed the first so much and had the second it seemed to make sense.shadowsoftheworkhouse2

This copy of the book was published a year after the previous one I reviewed though this doesn’t have the cast on the front. It has photos of the versions I have seen around more on the back, I think they tie into each other better. I haven’t seen either of the later two books from the series in the same style as this or the first though it may be that they’re just less common in book stores. I do like the look of this with the colour photo that has a filter on it to make the colours more muted.

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ME, Myself and I: Goals and Planning

It feels like every blogger talks about goals and they are very useful in everyday life, things to aim for and hopefully achieve, and they probably do make any new project more manageable. I’ve always found that breaking things into smaller chunks, smaller goals really helps stop things from being too overwhelming, like when I’m working on an assignment I break it down into mini tasks and set myself a deadline for each in a timetable. I think I learnt this from my design GCSE where we had timetables with target dates and then a different colour for the actual dates.

Since having ME I have found that having small goals, something to aim for every day or on a regular basis helps a bit. A lot of my goals are small things that most people without a chronic illness probably wouldn’t consider actual goals, things like getting dressed every day (which I do fail at fairly often) or try to do a fifteen minute walk a certain amount of times a week.

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Recent Purchases: sale


On Sunday I made a small order on, my main reason for doing this order was because I wanted to get a certain thing for mum’s birthday and it happened to be in stock so I jumped on it. It also just so happened that at the moment there is a sale on their website, it started on Sunday and I’m not sure when it’s finishing which is why I’m posting this today in case it’s tomorrow and any of you want to get anything in it. I think it’s on a lot of the beauty things, there are definitely a lot of brands in it like Nars and Paul and Joe, I don’t think many of the drugstore type brands are in it though. I didn’t make the order because of this sale but it did mean that one extra thing in the sale ended up in my basket and I am so glad it did as I think it’s so pretty and I love the colours, it seems like it’ll be a good travel palette as it’s so compact.

I am definitely going to be doing proper reviews on all three things I got so these are first impressions and why I bought them more than anything. I am itching to try the eyeshadows, though the imprint on it is so pretty and crisp it feels a bit wrong to mess it up and the sponge is something I’ve heard so much about I can’t wait to give it a proper go.

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Review: MUA Mega Volume Mascara in Waterproof Black


For some reason I find it very hard to find a mascara that works for me, that gives a finish that I want without clumps or too much volume so they stick together that last well. I probably have expectations that are too high or I don’t want what a lot of other people do. At the moment I have about six mascaras I want to review, some from Christmas that I haven’t really tried and others that are my current favourites so I thought I’d try some of the untried ones to see what they’re like.

This is the MUA Mega Volume mascara in black waterproof, I got it in the summer Capital FM box from Latest in Beauty though it wasn’t one of the reasons I bought the box. It says it’s in the Make Up Academy Professionals range within MUA, though I’m not sure about the difference between this and normal MUA. I have liked the MUA palettes I own so I was happy enough with this, especially going by the price of the range. In Superdrug they don’t have this waterproof version but the normal one is £3.00. I thought if it works well then this costs less than a quarter of my current favourite waterproof. I have found it on the MUA website too, it says the waterproof is available but I can’t see it on there, it also says they cost £3.00.

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