July Favourites: More beauty stuff and a game


This may seem another odd combination, though most of them are beauty products this time so it’s slightly less of an odd combination than some in the past. I have posted about a few of them before but I not in my favourites and I’m a bit late on finding a few of them as I know they’ve been favourites for others for a while. The Soap and Glory perfume is one I bought a couple of years ago and loved then but sort of stopped using and rediscovered, I love it when that happens.


The first two are lip products from Shiro Cosmetics and very different colours. The first, Nic Cage Getting Funky with that Saturday Night Fever, is one of the Nic Cage collection, all of them have great names and I plan on getting some of the others too. julyfavourites7This looks a lot darker on my hand than on my lips where it gives a subtle purple hint with the orange sparkle on it. You can build it to be more opaque but I don’t really want to. It smells exactly like grape sweets, one of the reasons I got it, and I have used this a lot this month. This costs either $2.00 for a sample clam shell with 1ml or $8.00 for a full size tube like I have which holds 15ml from the website. The other is from the Miyazaki collection and is a tinted lip balm called It’s Called Love. I love Miyazaki movies and bought the whole collection when it first came out. This has a picture of Faceless from Spirited Away on it and is a very close match to the What No Zoidberg intertube they used to do. I prefer this new formula and I think I’ll do a review of the whole collection as I’ve rediscovered it and ended up loving a few of them, this is just the one that I’ve used the most as it’s a nice coral and goes with a lot. This is $5.00 and is only available as a full sized product on their website.

L-R: Seche Vite fast dry top coat, OPI Gaining Mole-mentum and OPI A Grape Affair

Two of the nail varnishes, both OPI, A Grape Affair from the Coca Cola Christmas collection and Gaining Mole-mentum from the Muppets collection have both been reviewed on the blog before but I only bought Mole-mentum this month and have loved it. I got both in sets so not sure on their prices individually especially as I think they’ve both been discontinued. After trying it with A Grape Affair I ended up loving that one and using it a lot too without the glitter on top. Seche Vite is one of those things I’ve read about for ages online and not bought because I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it and I always found top coats I liked that were a better price for me. Then I found it in TK Maxx and it was a good price and thought I’d give it a go and wished I had tried it years ago. It really does speed it up a lot and I’ve not had any problems with chipping when using it. I’m not sure how much this costs normally as it seems to depend on the website you go to.


I recently had a bit of a sort through of my perfumes to see if there were any I didn’t really want any more or hadn’t survived well and that’s when I rediscovered this one from Soap and Glory. I’m not sure of the name, I can only find it as Soap and Glory perfume, it’s the original Pink eau de parfum. It is the original Soap and Glory scent, the same as the Righteous Butter and the others in that line. I love the bottle, it’s a great design and as it’s opaque keeps the perfume fresh. It’s also got a good way of stopping it from spraying, there’s a sort of clip that goes around the neck between the thing you push to spray it and the bottle itself so it doesn’t matter how hard you press it doesn’t spray unless you take it off, this makes it great for travel and I’ve not had any leaks with it so far. I’d say it’s got some citrus and something floral in there but I don’t pick up that much individually. It’s a really nice light spring or summer scent. It reminds me a bit of Lush’s Champagne Snowshowers which is meant to be buck’s fizz scented I think. The official description is “fresh citrus top notes of orange leaf, lemon, peach and sweet strawberries, with a sparkling heart of mandarin, summer rose, gardenia blooms and jasmine, resting on a soft woody base of patchouli, warm amber and lush musks.” I was surprised to read jasmine as that normally goes off on my skin but this one smells exactly like it does when you spray it and keeps its scent well. Not one with a lot of layers but a nice smell anyway. This costs £15 for 50ml, I got it from Boots but I’m sure it’s sold in other places too, for the price it’s a great perfume for me.


I am probably quite behind on finding Fallout Shelter, I’m not sure how long it’s been out now but it’s one of those games that I keep on checking back a few times a day to see how my survivors are doing so I had to put it in here as I’ve been playing it a lot this month. The basic idea is that you have to build a fallout shelter after a disaster and add rooms that do different things, you unlock more as you get more survivors. Mine’s probably not very good but they seem to be managing ok. You have to make sure there’s enough water, food and electricity and each of the characters has statistics that mean they’re best in a certain room, you can build on these later by adding certain rooms but it needs a certain amount of survivors for each. It’s from Bethesda and from the Fallout series but I’ve never played any of the others and there isn’t really any story for this game. The special characters you can get in lunch boxes (like crates with currency, power, weapons and characters in) are apparently from the series and they’re good even without knowing who they are. This is a free to play game but you can buy the lunchboxes, I haven’t yet and it’s still fun, you don’t need them to get beyond a certain point.

This feels a bit of an odd bunch this month but I haven’t been out that much to actually use makeup, doing my nails is fun even when I’m staying home. It probably doesn’t help that I tried to have a no buy month when it comes to beauty (I wasn’t entirely successful with the nail varnishes) so not much new to try and fall in love with. I always love it when you go through old things and find a product or TV show or something that you put aside for whatever reason and you love it when you use it again. It’s less good when these things have been discontinued though, I’ve spent ages looking for things on ebay before now and given up because they just aren’t sold anywhere any more.

Have any of you tried these? Any new products you’ve found this month or old ones you’ve rediscovered?

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