ME, Myself and I: Healthy(er) Living

This is a bit of a weird title, having healthy in a post about ME, and I know I spelled healthier wrong but just calling it healthier living also seemed a bit off and like it might be one of those ‘ten tips to a healthy life’ type posts which is isn’t. Mainly because it’s very hard to follow any of those when you have ME and also my life isn’t that healthy at the moment so it’d feel a bit hypocritical.

My new year’s resolution most years is to improve my lifestyle and I think I’ve done ok with it most years but it always slides in the second half, I’m determined this year it won’t and that this time next year I’ll have built up my stamina and energy levels to be able to go out maybe twice a week rather than the once I’m at now.

Besides the everyday thing of actually pacing and working out my limits I think that keeping my lifestyle relatively healthy has been the hardest thing for me since becoming ill. It’s not all about weight loss, I’d rather have a healthier lifestyle even without losing anything than force myself to do too much and make my health worse, but I think weight loss or gain can be a problem for a lot of us with any chronic illness that limits mobility or causes nausea. This post is definitely not about how to lose weight, it’s more me trying to improve the healthiness of my lifestyle so I can do more despite ME. I feel like if I can manage to improve my lifestyle, hopefully increase my stamina and possibly energy, then I’ll maybe get a bit more control back.

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