Enchanted Wonderland Preview Box


I’ve done a few posts about Enchanted preview boxes this year and Saturday the latest box for the collection being released on August 1st arrived so I had to do a post on it. Enchanted are a bath and body product company and the preview box is like the Fortune Cookie Soap box in that it’s released before a collection and one for each season so four in a year. These boxes contain sample sizes of the products, there’s a good range of both scents and product types in these normally and includes things like lotions, scrubs and wax melts as well as some perfume oil normally. Buying them all at the beginning of the year there was a discount but now you can only buy the last one for £22. It’s available until October 1st and is the Christmas collection.

This season’s collection is all Alice in Wonderland themed which I love and couldn’t wait to see the scents and names that would be in it. It seems to be a popular theme with a lot of companies choosing it but I don’t mind as I love the books so any variation on Alice themed things is good for me.

Sorry it's dark and blue, the camera and photoshop just did not like this picture, but I did so I wanted to include it.

The box itself is sturdy and a plain cardboard box and I’ve never had a problem with things arriving damaged, though inside this time there’s a print out of an Alice themed picture, enchantedwonderland1I think there are a few different ones, there’s at least two but I’m not sure about others. There’s also the ingredients list which I’ve put as a thumbnail, if you make it bigger it should be large enough to read. I love the tissue paper in this box, it’s a pale blue and has holographic glitter embedded in it. Some of it has come out on the floor but I’m definitely keeping this as a background for photographs and I love the way the light catches the glitter in it.


Painting the Roses Red Multi Use Spray

“Not a rose in sight (or scent) but everything else red, berries, cherries and cotton candy, with a smattering of red saffron for sex appeal”

I love this smell. I think from previous reviews I’ve done it’s probably obvious that I like sweet berry scents and cherry is normally a hit with me and this smells similar to some of the past Enchanted products which have a sweet berry base and there’s the sweet shop cherry smell in there that I love. There is definitely more of a candy floss hint with that really sugary smell in there too but it’s not the main scent to me. I don’t get the saffron but then I’m not sure what saffron smells of really, if it’s there it’s very subtle. This is one I’ll be buying more in I think. I like the multi use sprays from Enchanted, they work well to scent the room but also I’ve found them great for in the bath, spray it a few times and it’ll add a bit of scent when the warm water heats it up, you have to be careful when using them to spray in a room though as they can leave oily marks if you just spray it in the air, onto sheets it works great though. This size spray is great as well as there’s quite a few uses from it if you use it sparingly and the bottles afterwards work great for perfume or for water as a tiny bottle in your bag, I’ve never had a leak from these. Not a rose in sight (or scent) but everything else red, berries, cherries and cotton candy, with a smattering of red saffron for sex appeal Not a rose in sight (or scent) but everything else red, berries, cherries and cotton candy, with a smattering of red saffron for sex appeal

Alice’s Evidence Multi Use Spray

“A really beautiful creation, a soft powdery floral but don’t be fooled by the description. This is another scent which is so hard to describe, try it, it’s beautiful!”

This really is a scent which is hard to describe, it’s definitely floral but there’s something in there which reminds me of holidays abroad on the beach and I really don’t know what it is. Maybe one of the florals is something that’s often used in sun cream I’m not sure, it’s definitely not a sun cream scent. I think I’d like more things in this which surprised me as I’m not normally a fan of floral products. It’s more towards the powdery side than to floral for me which makes this rather an unusual scent but definitely one worth trying if you like either of those families.


Pool of Tears Luxury Bath Blend

“A lovely clean aquatic scent comprising of crisp ozone, sea spray and a hint of water lily.”

This is a scent which I would call a spa scent, it’s got the salt water and spa kind of smells to it. I think it must be the ozone in there that gives it the smell. With lily and water lily scents I find they can go either way and sometimes the floral scent is a bit overpowering but I find it very subtle in this. It’s more of a green scent than a floral if there’s anything plant based in there to me. A nice smell for bath products and maybe a sugar scrub or wash but I don’t think it’s one that I’d use as a leave on scent.


Jaberwocky Foaming Sugar Scrub

“Urm it’s fruity? No floral? Nope musky? This is one of those scents that you just can’t quite put your finger on. It is in fact a rather crazy mixed up concoction but then what else would you expect from the Jaberwocky. Strawberries, Gooseberries, lilac, freesia and musk. This sounds very odd and it is, but it works, somehow!”

I spent about five minutes smelling this and trying to work out what I’ve smelled before I read the description to see if I could pick anything out. To me the main things I smelled before reading it were a sort of strawberries and cream scent with something like the ice musk scent that Natural Collection used to do in Boots (I was obsessed with that stuff when I was younger). I still keep going back to smell it and it seems different each time. I’d say that the strawberry is probably the main scent, a very sweet berry smell and I think it’s the lilacs that I can smell alongside this as the other strong scent but I really can’t tell. There is a sort of sharpness to it so maybe that’s the gooseberry but I couldn’t really pick anything out individually. It sounds like an odd combination but it’s one I’d quite like as a perfume as it’s a complex scent and I think it’d be one that had different layers as it sits on your skin. I think this would work as anything really though I might be less likely to buy it as a bath soak product as it’s quite sweet and has the powdery floral hint to it. I do love the sugar scrubs, they’re always my favourite product from Enchanted and I buy them in every collection so I’ll definitely be getting some scrubs and this will probably be used in a few days.

L-R: Wonderland, Cheshire Cat
L-R: Wonderland, Cheshire Cat

Wonderland Wax Melt

“A colourful and fantastical melange of honeydew melon, cantaloupe melon and pink & blue candy floss.”

This one smells good enough to eat, it looks it too to me. I couldn’t tell what the smell was to start with as it’s very sweet and it almost smells like there’s some berry in there, maybe it’s the blue candy floss if that’s meant to be raspberry flavoured (I’m never sure on the differences between candy floss colours). When I put my nose right up to it though there’s definitely melon, I’m not good at telling the two scents apart when they’re in one place but I’d say it’s towards the sweeter melon side, maybe that’s cantaloupe, but still a true to life melon rather than the candy melon scents you get. In the burner the melon came through a lot more, though it’s still very sweet the candy floss side faded a bit and the hint of berries seemed to disappear. I do love how these chunky wax melts look and they last so well.

Cheshire Cat Wax Melt

“Fresh orange, lemon squares and birthday cake.”

Without even seeing the description I knew this was a bakery scent, I thought maybe something with a hint of buttery biscuit but definitely citrus bakery and I was right. I don’t really get the orange but the lemon and cake is definitely there and the main scent to me. I’m not a huge fan of bakery scents but this is pretty nice. I’m not sure I’ll get any other products in it but if you like bakery scents and want something a bit more refreshing than a lot of them are then this is worth a look. To me it smells very close to lemon drizzle cake, which makes me a bit hungry thinking about it.


We’re All Mad Here 3in1

A crazy delight of fresh berries, peaches, melon, apple, mini marshmallows and maple syrup covered pancakes.

I think this is my favourite of these scents. It’s very much a sweet shop sort of smell to me with the mix of everything but I can’t even get a hint of the pancakes when I smell, which is good for me. I find it fairly similar to painting the roses with the berries as a very strong scent in it but the peaches are in there too and make it different, the fresh apple smell is definitely there too which stops it being just sweet. I don’t really get melon as an individual scent but it’s probably adding to the overall scent and the marshmallows and maple syrup are probably adding to the sweetness. It’s definitely a sweet and fruit smell without it being just one kind of fruit like berry or citrus which I really like. It’s a bit like a fruit salad of sweets if that makes sense. Definitely one I’ll be buying more of but probably not one I’ll get as a leave on scent or something to soak in as it might be a bit strong and sweet for either for me.

Six Impossible Things Body Lotion

Six impossible things: A complex warm, creamy, blend of florals, fruits, nuts and aromatics with a slight high end perfumery twist.

This is definitely a creamy smell and I get the nut scent in there, maybe a hint of fruit but I don’t think I get anything floral. The scent reminds me a lot of shea butter type smells or maybe brazil nut, with a hint of something extra that makes it a bit sweeter. I often find that lotions with a nut scent in the nut seems to overpower the others on my skin, maybe it’s just the oils reacting with my skin. In the bottle it does smell a bit lighter and sweeter so I’m not sure if this is really a true reflection of the scent.

Mad Tea Party Hand Gel

Cookies, cakes and jam, jam, jam. Blackberry, raspberry and monster jam spread thick on everything with delectable undertones of buttery cake and sugar cookies.

I think the hand gel is a new type of products for Enchanted and I have to say I really like it. I use hand gel a lot as I have a bearded dragon so use it after every time I handle him so I like having these small bottles in preview boxes, I don’t think I’ve bought a hand gel since getting the FCS ones. The bottle for this is rather hard to squeeze so I had to open it and pour some out and it’s a nice thickness, runny enough to pour easily. I think it might be the base this is in but it’s a very subtle smell. I get a sweet fruity smell but that’s about it, I don’t get the bakery scents though that’s good for me. If you like Lush’s Snow Fairy this might be worth trying, it has that sort of smell to me. This is one I think would work well in other products, it’s pretty sweet so I’m not sure I’d have it as a leave on product but a 3 in 1 gel might be nice with it or a body scrub. I’m not sure what it’ll smell like in other products though as it is very subtle to me and I think it’s the fact it’s a hand gel rather than the scent itself. Probably one I’d try in something else though just to see what it’s like if there’s room for one in the sets as I normally go for them.


Curioser and Curioser Perfume Oil

A gorgeous blend of powdery vanilla musk, figs, orris, violet and jasmine. This is really unique and makes a great perfume.

In the vial there’s definitely jasmine in it, though that may be me smelling it more as I don’t like it that much, but I also get the violet and I guess it’s the vanilla musk that gives it a sort of sweet almost powdery scent in there as well. Unfortunately for me this has Jasmine in it and that really does not seem to get on with my skin so that’s all I could smell when I tried it on my wrist. Not one I’d go for due to the jasmine in it so I can’t really say much more about this one.

Overall I really like the things in the box, I love most of the scents and the range of products as well. I think the only one I won’t be using is the perfume and it’s definitely helped me to choose which of the scents I’ll be going for in the full release. I would say that the stand out ones for me are We’re All Mad Here, Wonderland and Alice’s Evidence. I was surprised by Alice’s Evidence and I can’t wait to see what it smells like in the other products, especially the perfume. I keep going back to Jabberwocky to get a smell and see if I can pick out other scents so this is definitely an unusual one and I’m not sure what scent group it would fall into. I’d say that most of the scent groups are pretty well covered in this box apart from earthy or green scents.

I really like the products from this company anyway, even without the Alice in Wonderland theme I’d probably be buying some more bits soon as my sugar scrubs ran out the other day and they’re great for my legs in the summer. If you want to try some of the Wonderland products then check the website on 1st August as that’s the release date, I think it’s normally some time in the morning in Britain and there are sometimes offers on the first day or so.

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