ME, Myself and I: Hopefully Starting a Business, Turning a Hobby into a Job

For years now I have found that making jewellery has been a great way to relax and I’ve given it as gifts to some people and done some homemade secret Santa type things in the past which is always fun. I’ve found that the hobby helped me to relax and almost escape from whatever I was feeling at the time, it’s like I could just focus on that if I wasn’t feeling great about where I was ability wise, though it did have to be on a fairly good day as shaky or weak hands do not mix well with pliers when you’re trying to twist the end of a metal pin to make a necklace or something.

I think jewellery making is a fairly common hobby if you have ME, or it might just be the people I’ve known. It’s just a very easy thing to do and you can spend ten minutes on something small or spend longer on something and most projects can be put down and picked up as and when you feel you’re able to. Also there’s such a range of different ways of doing it, more traditional metal jewellery or things made with string or even the loom band kits (which I have never tried but they look fun).

As I’ve not been well enough to work ever it can be a bit boring and lonely not really having much to do in the day even though I think I’m pretty good at spreading out what I can do and breaking the day up I still can’t get out much. About a year ago I was sent to a careers advisor type person with Learn Direct who has been helping me with things but there isn’t much they can do when the courses they offer are full day ones and almost all of them are below the qualifications I already have from school and my Open University degree. As I’m finishing this degree in September (hopefully, if I pass this final course) then I wanted something to do, some kind of purpose and something to focus on so I decided to look into self-employment. I don’t think I’d be well enough for a full time, or even part time, job with regular hours and this way I’m managing to combine my hobby with a possible way of making money.

At the moment I’m in the stages with a business plan, it’s not the way I originally thought I’d be starting the business as I was expecting it to be one of those things where you make the jewellery and then start selling it online or in craft fayres but this way there’s a bit more control over it and I can see if it will actually become a viable business or not.

I have to admit that if I didn’t have ME I don’t think this would be something I would have considered, I had the plan of going off the university and studying graphic design and then going on to either become a designer for products or websites. I still have that dream of web design in the future which may be possible when I have more energy as, although I can blog and do some things, I don’t think I’d be able to make it to meetings and interact with people all the time like you’d have to when you’re actually designing a website either freelance or in a company. I’m not giving up on that dream I’m just sort of altering it a bit. Hopefully I’ll have my own company, a way to make money and hours that are flexible enough that if I’m not feeling up to the task of making something that day I’ll be able to rest and timetable my weeks as and when I am capable of doing things.

I’m not sure how much this post has actually been about ME, I guess as ME is my reason for doing this I thought I’d post it in here. It’s definitely helped me to see a light after the degree as it did look like I wouldn’t have anything to do and no purpose without this. I’m probably not going to be actually selling anything until September as that’s when my degree ends but I’ll see how much I get done on it in the meantime and maybe sell a few bits here and there if I get a small shop setup on Etsy. I might do s couple of progress reports if people are interested, maybe not in this section, I might start a new one for it rather than putting it in the ME one. I’ll probably post a link to the Facebook page when I have a few more bits up on it, at the moment I’m still working it all out on there.

I’m just getting into this a possible way to make money so it’s all new and doesn’t really feel like it’s real at the moment though I do have a Facebook page which I’m working on adding to fairly often. It suddenly feels like it could work and it’s kind of exciting and scary at the same time, which feels a bit weird but I can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

Do any of you guys make money from a hobby? I’d love to hear some of your stories or to look at what you make.


2 thoughts on “ME, Myself and I: Hopefully Starting a Business, Turning a Hobby into a Job

  1. great idea, I think. it’s not just about money, though right? that’s important, i know, but it’s also about contribution and connection? good luck and do post a link to your Facebook page when you’re ready. I’ll happily share with my FB clan.


    1. Yeah, the main thing about it is making something, the actual creating something from scratch to me rather than the money, if that makes sense. I love seeing other people wearing my jewellery and getting enjoyment from it. The money aspect I guess it’s a bit like how people feel with their first job, the thought of having earned the money is a bit exciting to me as I’ve never had that. That isn’t the main thing but the independence I would feel having earned the money would definitely be a benefit but not the main reason for doing it.


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