ME, Myself and I: Hopefully Starting a Business, Turning a Hobby into a Job

For years now I have found that making jewellery has been a great way to relax and I’ve given it as gifts to some people and done some homemade secret Santa type things in the past which is always fun. I’ve found that the hobby helped me to relax and almost escape from whatever I was feeling at the time, it’s like I could just focus on that if I wasn’t feeling great about where I was ability wise, though it did have to be on a fairly good day as shaky or weak hands do not mix well with pliers when you’re trying to twist the end of a metal pin to make a necklace or something.

I think jewellery making is a fairly common hobby if you have ME, or it might just be the people I’ve known. It’s just a very easy thing to do and you can spend ten minutes on something small or spend longer on something and most projects can be put down and picked up as and when you feel you’re able to. Also there’s such a range of different ways of doing it, more traditional metal jewellery or things made with string or even the loom band kits (which I have never tried but they look fun).

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