Recent Purchases: TK Maxx and Yours


Today was one of those days where I went into town shopping just to wander round as something to do after having an appointment and not planning on buying anything, maybe a new top coat as mine has got to the point where I have to hold the bottle upside down and wait for it to drip onto the brush or some flat slip on shoes as I always try to find ones that fit my feet if I go anywhere with shops in the summer. I did get the top coat but ended up with others I really didn’t plan on getting.


The first shop I went into was Yours, which isn’t a shop I really go into much as it’s fairly new near me and I think I’ll be going there more for trousers and skirts or jackets as they sell sizes 14-36 and have some that are so pretty and lightweight so great for summer. The sale prices were so good too, I’ll have to remember them for next year as I already got all my summer clothes earlier this year. I did, however see these shoes which I loved. I really like converse style shoes though I haven’t worn them so much recently, these have a sort of silky look to the material used and the width is perfect for my feet. I also really like the zip on the inside edge, it makes them so easy to put on and off. They’re so soft and comfy and these size 7s fit me so well, I often have to go for an 8 even in these style shoes because of the shape of my feet so if you have wide feet this is a good place to consider looking. These were £10 in the sale, though at £18 full prices they’re pretty good value anyway compared to a lot of these style shoes. These are also available online here, they have quite a bit in their sale section.


The only other shop we went into which I bought something was TK Maxx where I was very tempted by all the different nail varnishes but managed to restrain myself and bought the one OPI set and the top coat I was originally planning on getting. Seche Vite is one I’ve heard a lot of good things about and I’m always a bit impatient when it comes to waiting for nail varnish to dry so I’m looking forward to trying this and see if it speeds it up as well as I’ve heard, it cost £3.99, or that’s what I paid as there were none of the top coat with their own stickers so they used one of their colour varnishes instead. tkmaxxyours2I mainly bought the OPI ‘When Froggy Met Piggy’ set for the Gaining Mole-mentum colour which is the sparkly one, it’s gold and pink which gives it a rose gold look which I love at the moment and I think will work well with gel varnish as well between the colour and the top coat. I have a mini Kermit Me to Speak which is a nice colour but needs a few coats, will see if it’s the formula in general or this has better opaqueness. I’ll try these two out and do a proper review. This set cost £9.99 which I thought was a pretty good price for two OPI polishes. They did have quite a range of these two packs available, I very nearly got another Muppets one that was there and they had some of the paler shades ones which looked really nice for a French manicure style look. They seem to have quite a good range on their site as well at the moment if you search OPI though unfortunately this isn’t one of them on there. In fact I couldn’t find any of the things I bought from TK Maxx on their website.


This bag was possibly a bit of an impulse buy as I have enough bags already but it is so gorgeous and so me that I just had to have it when I’d seen it. tkmaxxyours5I can’t find it on the website or on their own as they just sell wholesale on there but if you can find a stockist near you then this company has some pretty patterns, I’m not sure of the style name as there isn’t a name on it anywhere but I think it’s probably a fairly standard satchel size and style. I think this is a fake leather and it’s so soft and flexible, it’s one that feels close to leather rather than the more plastic ones you get. It’s from Granny’s Attic and would cost £49.99 at full price, they have it at £19.99 at TK Maxx. I really like satchel style bags and the magnets holding the two fasteners in place are very strong but easy to use, I also like the zip which adds extra safety to this, a lot of satchel bags I’ve had in the past don’t have that. I love the detail like the bow on one of the fasteners that looks like it’s done on a sort of squared paper you get at school with writing on it and the pull for the zip has a vintage watch style tab. tkmaxxyours4It’s a great size for me to use when I want to take my iPad or a notebook in as it’s got quite a bit of depth as well as having a good height and width for something that big, a lot of my bags are that little bit too small or an awkward shape for that size thing to fit in. It’s fully lined in a nice blue and has a zipped pocket inside as well as the normal two pouch things for a phone or purse.

I am very happy with what I got, though only the one thing was planned I will definitely use all of them a lot. It’ll be fun to play around with the glittery nail varnish and I’ve already got some outfits planned with the shoes, which may sound a bit weird but I like to think of outfits with what I have already got when I buy something new and do have a bit of a weakness for patterned shoes.

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