ME, Myself and I: Just Because I Don’t Talk Much it Doesn’t Make Me Antisocial

This isn’t really a topic that’s just ME related, it could be one for life in general I guess but I have found that I am asked more why I’m not joining in or have people try to get me to join in with conversations more since becoming ill. This may be because I got ill at 15 and so I would have had people try to include me more as I got older anyway because it’s easier to sit quietly in a big group of people like a lot of school years parties are rather than when you’re in a group of less than ten people and everyone is talking to everyone.

I think I would probably be a fairly introverted person anyway even without ME, I am the kind of person who can enjoy a get together while sitting in the corner either talking to one or two people or just listening to and watching other people having fun. I’ve never been the kind of person who wants to be the centre of attention, I’ve always had teachers comment that I’m ‘confident but should participate more in lessons’ which probably does sum up how a lot of people see me.

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