Review: Superdrug Coconut Oil


I bought this coconut oil a couple of months ago now I think but I wanted to give the three ways it recommends you try it a go and review it on all three. I’m always a bit wary of those miracle products that seem to appear every so often, the kind that does everything you want and works every time if you believe the adverts and it seems all the beauty YouTubers rave about it. That’s probably why I’ve taken so long to buy any coconut oil. I eventually got some as I was doing a Superdrug order and it wasn’t a bad price, £2.29 for the 125ml tub seems good to me.

If you want to try this Superdrug version of coconut oil then you can find it here. It’s the same product, I think it has the same ingredients but new packaging, at least it’s the same lot of reviews. You know you’ve taken a while to review a product when they change the packaging. I think I prefer the new look of it, though it doesn’t make any difference to the product inside it’s just a less clinical or ‘value product line’ looking label to me.

As with all Superdrug own brand products this is cruelty free and BUAV approved with the little leaping bunny. It isn’t pure coconut oil but there are very few ingredients: hydrogenated coconut oil, parfum and coumarin. It is scented so won’t work for any of the food based uses of coconut oil and maybe not to try on your face or skin if you have any sensitivities to perfumed products.


This is a weird product in that it’s solid at room temperature but melts very quickly when you put your finger in it. I thought I’d be using a spoon to remove some but I didn’t need to. It turns into a more normal oil consistency when it sits on your skin and is easy to spread. It does have a pretty strong coconut scent which is expected but there’s something in it which makes me think of a floral or baby powder type smell, maybe that’s the parfum ingredient, and I’m finding it very hard to put my finger on exactly what it is between floral and baby powder but something makes this different from pure coconut. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad point for me really.

I did try all three methods and followed the instructions exactly. I waited until I had my hair short to try the scalp treatment as trying it on my very thick shoulder length hair would have taken me so long to wash out, going from past experience with thinner oils and scalp treatments.

Use as a moisturiser

Instructions: Massage the coconut oil into your skin until absorbed.

I found this method pretty good. It does melt easily and reminds me a bit of solid massage bars I’ve tried from various companies but it melts a lot quicker than them. As soon as my fingers touched it it started to turn to oil rather than being solid so when I rubbed a blob onto my arm it melted on really smoothly. It did leave a bit of a greasy look for a few minutes but sunk in and left my skin feeling soft, within five minutes no more greasy looking skin. I think this is a good alternative to some of the body butters I’ve tried, it left my skin feeling as soft as them and I used a lot less to cover my skin than I do with those products.

I did also try this as a hand and foot cream for overnight and it left the dry patches on my feet feeling nice and soft when I used quite a bit and left my socks on. I found it did make my hands feel a bit greasy but using it at night it worked really well. I use quite a bit of hand cream and have them dotted around the place and this meant I didn’t have to put any on the next morning at all. I wouldn’t say I have dry skin that cracks so can’t comment on how it’d work with that but it does get a bit flaky on the back of my hands and this seemed to help with that.

Leave in conditioner

Instructions: take a small amount and rub your hands together until it melts. Apply at the ends of wet hair and distribute evenly avoiding roots.

Kind of wet/greasy looking when it dried
Kind of wet/greasy looking when it dried

My hair isn’t dry, it’s in pretty good condition and it’s so thick it seems to survive anything I throw at it but at the same time it is rather porous so I was a bit worried about doing this as with similar products it sometimes drinks it in and leaves my hair looking greasy. In the end I used a very small amount, I’d say probably less than half a teaspoon, for my shoulder length very thick hair and it just gave it a nice shine without making it look greasy. I normally use an argan oil based product and find that they work better for my hair as after a few days I did need to wash it which is sooner than normal. I think I would consider this if my hair started to look a bit frazzled, it’d be a good way to add some moisture to it. I will say that if you don’t like the scent of coconut then this is definitely not a good way to use this product, the scent seemed to stick around for ages and I’d get wafts of it a few days after I first did it.

I have also tried this method since having my hair short with probably less than a pea sized amount and it didn’t work that well. The majority of my hair is nice enough looking but there are patches which look a bit oily. I wouldn’t say I’m impressed with this method, I’ll be sticking with my normal conditioners and oils.

Hair and scalp mask

Instructions: Apply into dry scalp and massage for five minutes. Put on a shower cap or a towel to cover hair. Leave mask on overnight for very dry hair or for oily or normal hair leave on for two hours only. Wash out hair with a gentle shampoo repeating if necessary to get all the oil out. Do not use a conditioner.

I think of the three methods this is my favourite. I have a dry scalp though it’s not been so bad recently and have used olive oil in the past which has helped quite a bit. I think this felt like it helped even more. My scalp feels like I’ve put body butter on it, which feels like a weird thing to type, but no flakiness or tight feeling like I get sometimes. It feels really weird when you have it on, it’s just so thick and does have a strong scent which isn’t helped by the fact you keep it warm under the towel (or shower cap, I just chose a towel). It also took me fifteen minutes to wash it out and four repeats of shampoo, and that’s with short hair, so I am definitely glad I waited. My hair felt really soft afterwards, like after using a hair mask, and it held itself down pretty well, because it’s so strong it often goes off in weird angles rather than lying flat. If you have thick hair that’s longer than chin length I would say you would definitely need patience when washing this out.

Overall I am definitely happy with this product, for the price and the amount I still have left even after my experimenting I think I can get a few hair masks as well as using it on my skin more. I think I might stick with using it on my skin in dryer patches as I have another moisturiser I’m going to start trying out properly soon so I don’t want to confuse things with the two in one place. I love the feel of my hair and scalp after the hair mask and it’s a lot cheaper than a lot of hair masks and definitely less messy than the olive oil though it does have the same feel when on your head, less running down your neck though.

I think this is definitely worth a go, whether you choose the Superdrug one or not, coconut oil does seem to work well for me in certain ways. I think that as a moisturiser it’s nice but not a miracle worker, the leave in conditioner wasn’t great for me, but the hair mask was definitely worth it. I think if you can find a cheap enough version of it and don’t have any sensitivities to oily products then it’s worth a go. I might see if I can find other uses for it as well. I don’t think I’d try any version of coconut oil on my face due to how rich it feels and knowing how a lot of oilier products make me break out but other than that I’m going to try anything I can find. Are there any recommendations you have?

4 thoughts on “Review: Superdrug Coconut Oil

  1. I love love love me some coconut oil. I buy the organic one from my local supermarket. I originally bought it to try oil pulling (swishing about a table spoon in your mouth for a few minutes) but I’m not nearly consistent enough to last long enough to see results, lol. I’ve made some really good lotion with it. I also use it in my hair as a detangler and pre shampoo routine and then later as a sealer to lock in whatever moisturizer I use. It’s also great helping to remove makeup. Sometimes I also use it as a toothpaste along with baking soda (the taste isn’t that great, but a tiny bit of salt helps.) it makes my teeth feel squeaky clean. Oh, and I also sautee veggies and stuff with it.

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    1. As mine’s not just plain coconut oil I haven’t been brave enough to try it on my face. Putting oil on acne prone skin just feels really weird but I will probably try it in the future to try it as makeup remover and moisturiser I think.

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  2. Julian says:

    Hi. Bought something similar for £1 from Home Bargains. Same ingredients, same contents by the sound of it. i bought it to replace some 100% coconut oil but I am a bit wary of the extra ingredients so I will keep shopping I think.

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    1. Thanks for reading ☺️ I have found myself replacing this with 100% coconut oil simply because you can find it so cheap in some stores for a big jar but I didn’t find any problems with the additional ingredients when it came to skin or hair care. I haven’t seen the £1 one in Home Bargains, I don’t really go there often and hadn’t thought of it for beauty products but hope it works for you if you give it a go ☺️


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