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I saw this tag on YouTube a while ago, A Thousand Lives of Daisy did it (and I think invented it) and I thought it’d be a great tag to do on my blog, I just totally forgot until I saw it on Sarah Churchill’s channel so I thought I’d do it for today. I know I haven’t done anything on books before but I do love reading and recently my concentration has improved so I can now read books without being stuck rereading the same few pages multiple times to remember what’s happening.

I do love doing tags and this was something a bit different. I did end up spending more time flicking through the books and looking at the books I have than actually coming up with the answers. It was a bit like those times when you say you’re going to start a photo album ad you spend hours looking at the photos and reminiscing, it’s very easy to get distracted when there are so many memories linked with everything.

Also, I’m not actually tagging anyone, I’m not sure who I would tag, so I’m just going to say that anyone who wants to do this then please do. I love finding new books and seeing the ones people love and read, it’s better than a review as if you know someone keeps going back to the same book it must be good.

I have no idea what happened with the photos, they looked fine on photoshop but they seem to have blurred when I saved them.


1) How many shelves assigned to books do you have?


I have two individual shelves, one bookcase that’s got an odd number of shelves (you can see from the photo what I mean) with some of the shelves double stacked and kind of piled up and I have quite a few in my cupboards. I have a load more annuals, mainly Rupert Bear, and some of my childhood books that are kept safe just because I couldn’t throw them out. Most of my manga is also in a cupboard, all my Fruits basket, half of my Death Note and my DN Angel are all away as they would just fill the shelves.

2) How do you decorate them?


My weirdly shaped ones have no decoration yet, I’ve only had them a few months and I haven’t really decided what to do. Originally I did plan on sticking a load of nerdy stuff on them but then they kind of got filled with books more than I expected, and they’re already overflowing. My shelves have just got random things on them that I like, I did have most of my Doctor Who figures on there till a few months ago but they were so bad for dusting I cleared them off, then gradually replaced them with other bits.

3) A master burglar comes and steals five of your most prized books off your shelf, what are they?


I think almost all of these are for sentimental reasons, I found it so hard to choose as I had an old bookcase full of books from when mum and dad were small and have some old Famous Fives that I love, ten might have been an easier number!

Dr. Who – David Whitacker. I think this was later renamed Doctor Who and the Daleks. One of mum’s old books, from the original release of the TV series and my first adventure into Doctor Who which has led to my many other Doctor Who books. I also have a newer copy which I actually read, this has been read so many times.

The Wind Singer – William Nicholson. This is a signed copy that I got in the local literature festival when I was in school. I loved the series and listened to the author give a talk when I got this signed, had it for years and I think I only read this copy once.

Christmas Stories – Charles Dickens. I’m only choosing this as hard to replace as I haven’t seen this version anywhere else (I may be looking in the wrong places). I love old books and have recently bought a few but this was the first and it’s a bit weird to think it’s so old. It’s at the latest 1747 because of the little written bit inside but no actual publication date on it.

The Mossflower – Brian Jacques. Another purely sentimental one, the first of the Redwall books I got, was a Christmas present from my grandparents years ago and it went away with me on so many summer holidays.

The Faraway Tree Stories Three Books in One – Enid Blyton. I think Enid Blyton books pretty much made up most of my childhood reading and this series was the one I wanted most to be real. I’m not sure why. I read it so many times I can remember most of the little stories within each book and I haven’t read it for probably 15 years.

4) What is the biggest book on your shelf?


The Original Illustrated Strand Sherlock Holmes The Complete Facsimile Edition – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. shelfie4This is one big book (you can see it next to the others in the first picture), the paper is so thin as well and it has the Sherlock Holmes stories printed in the Strand as well as the illustrations that went with them and as some extras like adverts for the next Sherlock Holmes series. I may have a few different copies of the Sherlock Holmes stories, I just love them and sort of collect them.

5) What book has sat on your shelf the longest?


This isn’t one book it’s two as I bought them as a set and have never opened them. I’ve had Hannibal and Red Dragon by Robert for years though I’ve never quite got round to reading them. I bought them because I’d watched Silence of the Lambs one night when it was on. They’re on my to read pile but they’re ones I really want to be able to concentrate and enjoy so they’ve had other easier books jump ahead of them.

6) What is the prettiest spine on your shelf?


This has to be my copy of the Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. I love the art style in the books and this dust jacket is so pretty overall. I also like the fact it’s printed on paper with a mate finish, it’s like someone’s actually drawn it on there.

7) What is the most expensive book?


This may be a bit of a boring book to put here but I think it would be Design Methods by J. Christopher Jones. It was a book mentioned in a course I did and I ended up finding it on amazon and buying this. I think it cost £35, which is on par with a few of my other resource books for my degree, this just happens to be the one that was easiest to find at the moment as the rest are open on set pages for my project. This could probably also go into the hardest to find category, it seems a hard book to find though I’m not sure how much I’d miss it compared to the others on my list.

8) Where are your shelves?

In my room, though I do have some books on the family book shelves downstairs in the study/front room.

9) Take your best shelfie (include your face!)shelfie2

I am so bad at taking selfies! I should probably practice some more, I’m better with my phone as you actually have the ability to flip the camera you use. A no makeup shelfie, mainly because my hands are shaking too much today and it’s too hot to do much!

10) Who do you tag?

Anyone who’s reading this and wants to do it.

I hope you liked this tag, it’s quite fun getting lost in all the old books I have. I had a bit of a sort out of books from up in the attic and quite a few of my older books were up there, it was when I realised how upset I’d be if a couple of these had disappeared. I spent ages looking for the Faraway Tree Stories book, I hadn’t thought of it for years but the thought of it being eaten by mice up there or lost was a bit sad.

Do any of you find that the books you read when you were little bring back memories? If you want to do the tag I’d love to read your answers.

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