Shelfie Book Tag


I saw this tag on YouTube a while ago, A Thousand Lives of Daisy did it (and I think invented it) and I thought it’d be a great tag to do on my blog, I just totally forgot until I saw it on Sarah Churchill’s channel so I thought I’d do it for today. I know I haven’t done anything on books before but I do love reading and recently my concentration has improved so I can now read books without being stuck rereading the same few pages multiple times to remember what’s happening.

I do love doing tags and this was something a bit different. I did end up spending more time flicking through the books and looking at the books I have than actually coming up with the answers. It was a bit like those times when you say you’re going to start a photo album ad you spend hours looking at the photos and reminiscing, it’s very easy to get distracted when there are so many memories linked with everything.

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