First Impressions: Lush Oxford Street Products


I said in my June favourites post that Lush is not my favourite brand, I agree with their stance on animal cruelty but certain other things have put me off them the past few years. I have, however been watching all the information on the newest products and got quite excited about them though was disappointed that I couldn’t get to the new Lush store in Oxford Street to try them. On the Lush forum a lovely member said she was going to go there and asked if anyone wanted to buy anything so I ended up getting some bits that she kindly sent to me. I did also get some samples but at the moment I am unable to actually open the pots so can’t really comment on them, when I do get them open I might do a mini review thing then. I may have also been looking eBay and put some bids on things that weren’t really over what you’d pay for them with postage and didn’t think I’d win any, in the end I won three of the lots which was a nice surprise and I got combined postage for them so this post is sort of a combination of the two recent purchases in one.

This post is just a first impressions, if there are any of these products you want me to do a full review of first then ask and I’ll try them before the others.

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