June Favourites: Skincare and Makeup


Another monthly favourites post, it’s only since doing these that I’ve realised how quickly a month goes by. This month I’ve mainly chosen skincare and makeup things, I haven’t done so much gaming with working on my big project for my degree though I have been watching a lot of Hot in Cleveland and Cougar Town especially after finding out that both of them were cancelled. I have to say that the Hot in Cleveland ending was a lot better than I expected and beat a lot of other shows when it comes to tying up loose ends.


My messy list to tell me the names

I have recently been going through my palettes and trying them out to see how much I use from each and this month I went back to this. It’s a Z-palette I bought and in it is the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. IV, the one that had all the butterflies on it. I loved the box but it was just so bulky and this way I have all of the shadows from there and also some from a Soap and Glory Christmas set I got the year before last. The main colours I’ve been going for are those in the top left, the six more neutral colours, which if I have labelled them right are Sin, Skimp, Zephyr, Midnight Cowgirl, Bust and Missionary. I also love Midnight Rodeo (second from the right on the bottom) and the goldy shimmery Baked (top right). The pale Soap and Glory colour is a perfect brow highlight for me, it’s definitely one I used to use a lot but I sort of forgot as this palette was pushed down the side of my palette storage as it doesn’t quite fit in the box. Neither of these big palettes is available any more but I think that the pale junefavourites3Soap and Glory one comes from the What’s Nude set here, which can be bought in Boots for £10. I’m just going by the other colours it came with, I’m not sure as I haven’t seen those quads in person but it looks the same and I think it said on the set that everything in there was available in the permanent line. I also really like the other two next to the light colour that I also think are from that quad I just haven’t used them enough last month to go in here.

I do like the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters and have a couple that I use regularly, recently I’ve started to use the Crème Brulee colour which is a fairly nude colour with gold shimmer in it. It doesn’t add much of the nude colour and it’s not that pigmented that way but does add a tint, it’s the slightly warm gold shimmer I love. It gives a kind of bronze look without being too over the top or orange. I did try swatching it on my hand but it came off as a shimmery fake tan which isn’t at all what it looks like on my lips. Unfortunately my lips aren’t in the best condition at the moment even though I exfoliate and use lip balms all the time but this shimmer manages to do a pretty good job of hiding this without being over the top sparkly. They cost £7.99 and are available in quite a few stores, I found them on the Boots website where they’re in an offer at the moment.


The main skincare products I have used have been around sun protection and I love the SPF30 face sun cream from Hawaiian Tropic. It’s nicely scented but not too strong, not too greasy and doesn’t make me break out in spots which is a problem I often have with face sun creams. It’s also a really nice size to stick in a handbag and, although it would be expensive to do it all the time, it’s ok as an all over body sun cream when out and about. I only use less than one pump for my face and tend to use it on my neck and chest too. It says it’s a good base for makeup and I think I agree with that, it has a slightly tacky finish for a while that I think makeup would stick to well and hasn’t interfered with my BB and CC cream, sometimes sun creams seem to add a layer that makes these stick less. I’m a fan of after suns with aloe gel and the after sun from Hawaiian Tropic has that, again it’s a nice tropical scent and so soothing after being out in the sun as the gel has a nice cooling effect and the moisturiser which is in there too keeps my skin moist and you don’t get that tacky feeling you sometimes do with pure gels. This bottle isn’t as nice looking as it was as it’s been used, it did have a nice swirl effect like the face one with gel and a light blue stripe of moisturiser in it. Both of these products are available in a lot of stores, the face sun cream costs £12 and the after sun £13 though both are in half price sales in a few places I’ve seen them at the moment, definitely Boots and Superdrug.


I got the Dr Organic Dead Sea face mask in my Capital FM Latest in Beauty box and liked the look of it. I’ve used it twice since and I love it, it’s so easy to use and leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth. It does dry fairly quickly and wash off easily and doesn’t leave any residue. I also like how long this’ll last, I find that clay facemasks sometimes seem like they have a lot of uses in a tube but they go on thick, this worked well even with a thin layer and there isn’t much gone from the tube after two uses and at £7.99 for the tube from Holland and Barrett it’s a good price for how many uses I’ll get out of it.

If I’d have started this blog three years ago I think almost everything in here would have been Lush, I bought everything from there including their makeup range when it was first released. After a decline in product quality and various other reasons I went off the company a lot though did still get a couple of basics. I used to love the Jungle conditioner and now my hair is short I thought I’d give it a go again. It’s a solid conditioner which may seem a bit odd but it lasts ages and as my hair is short I just rub it over my head and it coats it all easily. It’s got a nice tropical smell but it’s not the stereotypical strong fruit smell, it’s very hard to explain its scent really, and it really works on my hair which is thick and in good condition but porous so some liquid conditioners just disappear in it. For £3.50 on their site or in store this is a good product and is great for travelling as long as it’s not somewhere too hot, these can get a bit melty especially if it’s humid.

These have been my favourites over the past month, I could probably have included a lot of other things too but I’ll leave them for again or this post would go on for ages. Is there anything new you’ve found this month or revisiting an old favourite and loving it again?

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