Review: MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette


I got this palette in my Latest in Beauty Capital FM box that I posted about on Monday and I ended up playing around with it a bit in the week to see what the colours were like so I decided my first review from there would be on this as I think it looks like it has some good summer colours and the bright pink especially stood out to me. This palette is available from Superdrug and their own website and costs £4 which is a pretty good price for a palette with twelve eyeshadows in it.

I’ve used a few MUA products before, two of my go to palettes are their Naked dupes that everyone was reviewing and posting about a while ago and I’ve been impressed with the pigmentation on a lot of them so wanted to see how these brighter colours would compare as sometimes the bright colours can lack the pigmentation of the more natural or sparklier colours I’ve found with some companies.


This palette has the same look as their others; there’s a clear window on the front so you see the eyeshadows and can see the exact colours in there rather than relying on a print-out stuck on the back which I like. This does however mean that there isn’t a mirror which can be a bit annoying but as I have enough mirrors in other palettes and one in my bag anyway it’s not really a problem for me. The back does however have one of these print outs with the names of the colours on it, there’s also a list of ingredients which I have tried to photograph though my camera does not like the reflectiveness of the surface and kept trying to refocus on other things.MUApoptastic3

The front has a black border which looks nice though as it’s shiny does get fingerprints on easily, I’m not sure there’s any makeup packaging I’ve had that doesn’t end up with fingerprints the second you touch it though. The logo is on the front in silver and does look like it could be a more expensive brand if you didn’t know about MUA. Unfortunately the closing and opening mechanism does feel a little cheap with the way it clicks into place, it’s hard to explain but it doesn’t feel as satisfying to use as others, though I think I may be over analysing this as it does stay closed well and is actually hard to open at first, I’ve found other MUA palettes become a lot looser over time. Inside is also one of those sponge applicators which I never use, though it does feel like it might be a good one if I did like them, more solid foam than a lot.

Onto the eyeshadows themselves and I have found that a couple of them are less pigmented and more powdery than the others. There are three colours which are fairly different in the pan but on my skin they’re very similar which is disappointing. Like with the Sleek palettes I’ve reviewed I have found that these have two, or possibly three, very different formulas depending on the finish and the more matte ones are, again, the more disappointing ones. Sorry about the glare on the photo, the only way I can get these to appear true to life in a photo is to have my overhead lights on.


Pizzaz Purple – Shimmery pinky mid purple. A really nice creamy shade that does well with and without primer. Very creamy and easy to blend and fairly opaque with one layer but does look better with two.

Cool Cyan – Matte base cyan with some tiny shimmer particles. This one was disappointing, very little pigmentation even on top of the primer and had to be built up. It is quite powdery and doesn’t blend, or rather it does but almost disappears when you go back over it after applying it to blend it.

Lime Sizzle – Pale yellow shimmer. Gorgeous colour that’s very pigmented even with one layer, pale so works great as an inner corner colour. The shimmer is very fine and could almost be metallic. Another creamy shadow that blends well though the shimmer can cause quite a bit of fallout.

Electric Purple – Blue toned mid to deep purple shimmer with blue duochrome. I love this colour, it’s alike a royal purple with a subtle blue tone that shows really well when you move. It’s nice and creamy, opaque and easy to apply and blend.

Gold Mine – Shimmery gold/bronze. I wouldn’t say this is pure gold, it’s warmer and more orangey than I think of gold but my favourite in the palette and one I’d wear everyday. Very creamy though does apply quite thickly because of this, opaque in one layer. Could almost be metallic, another fine shimmer.

Blue Suede – Pale blue shimmer with silver shimmer. Creamy and opaque in one layer, blends well and has a more silver appearance at an angle. Reminds me of the colours used in Frozen, works well as an eyeliner as it’s so creamy


Jade Jazz – Blue/green shimmer. It’s a nice colour but very similar to cool cyan, just more shimmery and pigmented. Goes on easily and blends well but does produce quite a bit of fallout when blending. Opaque in one layer and a nice bright aqua colour.

Cherry Sour – Bright pink with a slight blue tone. I was worried about this one when I tried cool cyan as they have a similar consistency in the pan but this one is very pigmented even with one layer. This has a nice shimmer to it without being sparkly, though it is more powdery than a lot of the shimmers in this palette it blends fairly well though can disappear a bit

Atomic Aqua – Shimmery aqua. The third similar colour and somewhere between cool cyan and jade jazz both in pigmentation and shimmer. A nice colour but does need building to get much pigmentation and jade jazz is easier to use.

Shocking Pink – Pale shimmery pink with a hint of silver shimmer. Probably what I would class as the classic pale pink colour, goes on easily and opaque in one layer. Fairly creamy though not as much as others in the palette. Unfortunately the colour doesn’t show up well on me.

Crystal Blue – Slightly shimmery royal blue. Doesn’t have the same amount of shimmer/metallic look as other sin the palette and could almost be a matte base. Not very good pigmentation without the primer, with it is ok but could do with building to get the brightness in the pan. Easy to apply and if you just want a subtler royal blue look then this would work.

Sonic Blue – Purpley blue shimmer with pale blue particles. This colour really does remind me of the Sonic the Hedgehog character, not sure if that’s why it was named it or not though. Nice and creamy, good pigmentation but does do better when built up. Fallout is a bit of a problem when blending but does blend well if you’re careful about that.

I have to say that some of these really impressed me, Gold Mine and Lime Sizzle especially, (though I wouldn’t have called a yellow based eyeshadow lime) and Cherry Sour did surprise me with the amount of pigmentation as bright pinks can be a bit underwhelming sometimes. There were also a couple that I really wanted to like, crystal blue was definitely one that I’m trying to find good points about but it’s hard really.

Overall if you don’t mind that three of the colours come out fairly similar (at least on me) and the two duff ones as far as pigmentation goes then this is a really good palette for bright colours. To me the purples, pinks, blue suede and jade jazz do make up for these as they’re so bright and easy to use. Plus for the £4 price tag for nine shadows, if you exclude similar ones and the less pigmented ones, is a good deal. I will admit that these colours aren’t ones I’m likely to wear often so I’d rather get a cheaper palette like this than spend a lot of money on it as I like the fact that I now have these colours if I ever did want them.

If any of you own this palette did you find those three turned out the same on you too? This palette has definitely made me consider buying more of their products again, I’d kind of forgotten them after rediscovering Sleek and finding Makeup Revolution (which I still haven’t tried yet) and Freedom which has recently launched so any palettes you’d recommend I look at that I might have missed? Or any of their other products?

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