Latest in Beauty: Capital FM Best of Summer Beauty Box


I’m not subscribed to any beauty boxes for two main reasons; I don’t want to pay for things I won’t use and I know that I’ll just end up with the samples piling up and some not getting used. I love that with the Latest in Beauty boxes you don’t have either problem, you can see exactly what you’re getting, there are a few variations on colour or product but it warns you on the website if that’s the case. Also as it’s not a monthly subscription you buy a one off box then you only buy them when you want. I’ve bought a couple before and posted about them, I think all three have been worth the money and are great if you like to try new products as the sample sizes are pretty decent most of the time. I think I’ve only had one or two that were one use or less apart from the products that would be single use anyway.

These boxes normally cost between £15 and £20 and contain full size as well as sample or mini travel products. This box cost £17.95 and can be found here on their website.


I do like how they change the box design when they’re a collaboration though I have to say this isn’t my favourite design for this. It does go well with the Capital FM look and it’s sturdy enough that it’ll work well for storage. The first thing you see is a couple more of the samples I had outside the box, they’re small sachets but not actually part of what I paid for so I don’t mind them being that small, if they each are single use then I have four days which is long enough to see if there’s anything I obviously don’t like. Like with most of these beauty boxes there’s the tissue paper and the sticker holding it closed and then the card which tells you what everything is. Click the photo to make it bigger so you can read it. There are two offers on the back as well, not sure I’ll use them though.


Inside the products are all well packed and there is shredded dark blue paper as padding that has kept all of the products safe. The only sound I got when I moved the box was the ball inside the spray cans moving around, no rattling of products hitting each other and the eyeshadow palette survived which is always a risk with these boxes.

I have researched all of the brands, I did before I ordered it, and I think that none of them test on animals, at least as far as I could find. There are a few which I wasn’t 100% sure of and I can’t seem to find any definitive lists with a lot of them on so going by blog posts by others and some of their official statements.


The biggest thing that caught my eye was the Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask as this takes up quite a bit of the box. It’s a face mask which claims to be anti-aging and rejuvenating and looks like a pretty standard clay mask. It’s a light grey colour and pretty thick, I think it’ll be one of those that’s hard to spread thinly on the face but clay ones tend to work well for me so I’m looking forward to trying this. I haven’t heard of the make before but after looking them up a bit they’re cruelty free and organic. This would cost £7.99 if you bought it as at 100ml it’s full size and I found it on the Holland and Barret site here.


The Fudge Urban Hair Art spray was one of the things I was most looking forward to getting and one that it did say you could get a variety of colours in. I got Violet Haze which is a pale purple and I’m so happy with this colour, it’s pretty close to the semi-permanent dye I tried before so I’ll have to see how opaque this turns out. It’s a spray can and I think it’s full size, I’ll get quite a few uses out of it as I think I’ll use it for accents rather than all over my hair. I found it online here and it costs £5.99 full price though it’s on offer now, it’s another full size product which is good for these boxes.


The other spray can is the Colab Sheer and Invisible Paris Floral Fragrance which is a dry shampoo in a 50ml spray can. I have tried this on my hair and I’m quite impressed so far, though I didn’t try it on hair that needed a wash so I’ll have to see then. I was surprised by the fact I couldn’t see any powderyness with it, a problem I’ve had with a lot of spray dry shampoos, it just felt like using a hair spray. The scent is a pretty generic floral to me and pretty strong, it lingers for a while and I could smell it an hour later though it may have lasted longer, I just couldn’t smell it because I got used to it. I found this online here in the size, I’m not sure if you can get the 50ml anywhere but it’s a nice travel size for this. Full size can be found here and costs £2.


I know I like Hawaiian Tropic sun creams though I can’t really find much that’s definitive about whether they test on animals or not. I was sure they didn’t and a lot of blogs back that up but they aren’t on either PETAs good or bad list. This Satin Protection Ultra Radiance is a nice travel size bottle as it holds ml and you could get it in SPF 15 or 30, mine’s in 30 which I was happy about as that’s what I normally go for. It has a bit of shimmer, it’s fairly subtle but you can definitely see a bit of shine from it. This is a nice sun cream, it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on my skin and smells nice enough, it’s just a general sun cream smell to me. Their full size bottles cost £7.99 (they’re half price at the moment) and can be found here, I don’t think they’re available in a lot of Boots and Superdrug that I could find online.


The Malin + Goetz mini set with the Grapefruit Face Cleanser, Vitamin E Face Moisturiser and Lip Moisturiser are a nice travel size. I hadn’t heard of the company before but they seem like a nice skin care brand and I’m fine with getting mini skin care products when they’re like this and actually have enough to try for a few days. It’s not really long enough to see whether they’re good long term but any immediate problems can be found out in the few days and I think the moisturiser might even last a couple of weeks depending on how fast my skin uses it up. I haven’t tried a proper lip moisturiser before so this’ll be something new for me, it’s like a thick clear gel that goes on really easily and leave a barrier feeling on my lips. I might end up buying one when I finish this if it makes a big difference, I’m hoping it’ll be more moisturising than the standard lip balms and Vaseline like products. I can’t find them in this mini size anywhere but their range of products in full size can be found on their website which is in euros but I couldn’t find any other European seller I’d trust, each of the individual products in their full size are; Grapefruit cleanser, Vitamin E moisturiser and lip moisturiser. They’re fairly expensive but pretty big and I think I’ll be doing a review of these because having looked at the product itself they look like they’re worth a proper look at.


I’ve tried a few products from MUA before so the two in this box I expect to like, I have never tried any of their mascara though so I’m happy to have the Mega Volume Mascara. It’s in black and waterproof but I’m not sure what other colours they do it in. This is a full size product and costs £3 on the Superdrug website (I think this is the one, they have three and I can’t tell the difference). I really like the wand on this, it’s one of those with the plastic end rather than the traditional mascara wands which are more like a brush. I have quite a few mascaras as the moment but I think I’ll give it a go soon to review it as I only have the one waterproof and if this is good then it’s a lot cheaper than that one.


The second MUA product is the Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette, another full size item you can find at Superdrug for £4. This is full of bright colours, it looks great for summer and though I don’t really wear bright colours I do like the idea of having a palette of them for when I feel like it. I do like their previous palettes as I find them very pigmented and blendable though they don’t have a mirror like a lot of palettes do. I’m looking forward to having a play with this and maybe doing a review as, if it’s got good pigmentation, it’ll be a nice cheap way of having a range of bright colours in your collection in one place. There’s a good combination of more shimmery and some almost metallic looking shadows. It was very hard to photograph as five colours look similar in the photo, in real life there’s more of a difference, especially the one on the bottom row second from the right is darker than the others but I think the shimmer caught the light. I’ll try to get better photos when I do the review.


Another company I’ve bought quite a bit from in the past is Nails Inc, though I do find their nail varnishes a bit hit and miss unfortunately as they can either be great and last well or be less pigmented, streaky and peal or chip easily. This is one of their Gel Effect Nail Polishes and I got the colour Soho Place which is a nice aqua colour. This was one of the products that came in a variety of colours though I don’t know what the others were. These gel effect polishes are meant to have the look of a gel manicure and last better than their other polishes, at least that’s what most gel varnishes claim. It did need three coats to be opaque but dried fairly quickly and smoothly. So far it’s been on for nearly three days and no chipping which means it’s lasted better than some of their polishes do on me. This costs £10 on their site.


I always like getting lip products, especially lip balm type products so was happy that this Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm in Berry was in here. It’s a tinted lip balm and sinks into my lips very easily without leaving any greasy feeling afterwards There’s a bit of a tint in there, I’d say it’s more red than what I would call a berry colour, it doesn’t have the purple or darker tones in most berry products. I’d say the tint is less than you get with some of the Revlon Lip Butters. I do really like how soft this makes my lips feel and I like the fact it doesn’t have much colour as berry can be a bit dark for me otherwise but if you want more colour then maybe this isn’t a products for you. I haven’t tried Carmex before, I tend to go for either the products in offers or the Body Shop for my lip balms but I might look for them in the future if they all work this well. This can be found here and costs £4.49, this was a full size product.


The final product at the bottom of the box was the sample of Perfectly Peachy by I Love… Of all the products in the box I have to say this is the most disappointing size wise. I did know it would be a sachet but it’s still not enough for even one shower really. I have opened it to smell it and it seems a nice consistency so I guess it’s enough to tell if you like the product or not and shower gels are less likely to be ones that need a long run to see any effects but I’d still have liked a mini bottle rather than this. The sachet says that this is pH balanced, paraben free and soap free and has information on the back about checking for breast cancer symptoms (the bottles have this too). The scent is nice, I am a big fan of peach scents, it smells like the standard sweet peach scent you get in bath products but with a bit of something like citrus that makes it more refreshing than some of the overly sweet ones. It’s nice but nothing that really stands out to me. These products are a good price though and the full size 500ml bottle of this costs £2.99 in Boots. They’re worth looking at if you want a simple fruit scented product.


The free product I got the four sachets of was Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm. This does seem like a nice product to try, I have never heard of the company or the product before so will be interesting to give it a go. It’s a balm to remove makeup and reading the instructions it sounds easy enough to use. If I like this after trying one or two I might keep the others for travel if I stay away a night or two, definitely easier to pack than some other makeup removers. The only UK sellers I could find on Google are John Lewis and 100ml costs £15.50. I’ll try it and report back.

Overall I do like this box, I knew what was in it beforehand but there’s still the risk that I wouldn’t like any of the products that I hadn’t tried before. Even without those smaller sizes though the full size products add up to £34.43 so for the £17.95 I paid for it I’m happy. With those full sized products this might make a good gift, or if you know people who’d like them then buying the box and splitting it up to make smaller gifts would still save you money and I think most of them are products that would be good as presents or parts of a present.

Did any of you get this box? If you did what colours did you get where there were others available? I’m not sure how many there are for each apart from the sun cream.

3 thoughts on “Latest in Beauty: Capital FM Best of Summer Beauty Box

    1. At the moment they’re only available in the UK, I’m not sure if they could send them outside the UK with the sprays due to rules on posting dangerous goods from the UK.

      I think the sprays were only released in May/June so maybe there’s just a delay in them being released in the US. If not then this site might be worth keeping an eye on, they don’t have them in stock yet but do deliver to the rest of the world and have quite a few other fudge products so might get these in too.


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