A Couple of Offers and My Mini Yumi Direct Order

I realised I don’t really do many blog posts like this, almost all of my posts so far have been reviews. As there are a couple of offer type things I found that I’m going to use I thought I’d share them as a bit of something different. Also, having been home alone with the dog and having to get up early my brain is a big foggy and I’m exhausted so I don’t think I’d be up to a proper review.

Some of the OHWTO perfume oils I have, the labels are so pretty
Some of the OHWTO perfume oils I have, the labels are so pretty

The first thing is an offer on One Hand Washes the Other, a store on Etsy who make perfumes, scented wax, soaps and some jewellery. There’s an offer on everything in the Etsy store as she’s closing for a bit before the summer launch and wants to sell all the stock. This does mean that when something’s gone it’s not going to be restocked before they’re closed. At the moment the offer is 30% off but in the email it said that the savings go up the longer the sale is on.

Summer 2015 Inventory Clearout! Use coupon code SEEYALATER to save 30% off your order.

If you’re in the UK it is worth knowing that you probably will get charged by customs, every time I’ve ordered it’s been around £12 added onto the price when the things themselves cost maybe £30 I think on average. It may seem expensive but the products themselves aren’t and I prefer them to some of the UK based perfume oil companies I’ve tried as they’re less incense and earthy based scents.

I love the black magic face wash and the perfumes are some of my favourites in the summer when it’s warm as the oil has a better throw in the heat and some of the scents I have from there are just pure summer or spring to me. I had two of them in the May favourites post, both of them inspired by TV shows, and there are others from TV shows, memes, viral internet things and all sorts of (often slightly nerdy) goodness which is one of the reasons I love them. If I can smell of lychees and fruit then that’s good, if I can smell of it while wearing something that references a glow in the dark bunny from Sherlock then even better!

Image copyright Grace Buchele Mineta, from the Amazon.co.uk page
Image copyright Grace Buchele Mineta, from the Amazon.com page

The second offer thing is for a book, or rather a download of a book. I did a small review thing a while ago of the first two Texan in Tokyo books by Grace Buchele Mineta and the third is going to be released on 21st June so she’s offering it for free download on Amazon for the first few days. I got the first two in this offer last time and bought the physical versions too. This time I’m going to get it free and probably get a signed one from the Etsy store as I just really want a signed one and it seems like more money will go to the author than doing it through Amazon. I have no idea how Amazon works with publishing fees and stuff so not sure if I’m right with that. At the moment I can only find it to pre-order on Amazon.com so I think it’s just in America for pre-order now.

These books are mainly comics on life in Japan, a lot are about the differences between American and Japanese life, and there are some sections which are pages of text but they normally have little pictures to go with them. To get an idea of the style she blogs fairly often here including comics like in the books and her and her husband have a YouTube channel here. I love these books as ones to read for a few minutes, pick up and put down when I want and can flip it open to any page and the comic makes sense without any real back story which is helpful in places like waiting rooms or when you’re waiting for a long document to print, I sometimes get bored easily sitting by the printer.


I recently made a small order, well two things, from Yumi online. I’ve bought their dresses before and they fit me exactly how I want them to and as I’ve been looking for a nice floaty maxi dress and this was half price I pretty much had to get it. My body seems to be a weird shape, a lot of maxi dresses that ‘suit any body shape’ make me look like I’m wblog15june6earing jeans or something underneath (I say that as my mum and sister have asked me if I still have them on when I’m trying those styles on) and they’re just not flattering. I know buying things like this online is a bit of a risk but as I like their shape in their previous dresses I decided to go for it anyway. I am so glad I did and that I went for this Cherry Blossom Print Maxi Dress (£37.50) from Uttam Boutique in nude rather than white as it’s such a beautiful colour. I do love the blues and purples in the white version but as my skin is so pale I’ve found white often washes me out if I haven’t been in the sun. The under layer is a silky material and the blog15june5top layer is slightly looser and sheer and floats nicely without blowing everywhere in a breeze.

I also got this Dodo Print T-shirt which was half price (£13.50) as I love the art style of the picture, it really reminds me of pictures in an Alice in Wonderland book I have from when I was little. It’s a thin material T-shirt and even with a flesh coloured bra underneath it’s still slightly visible so one to be careful what colour bra you choose as it would show through the design. It’s a size 12 and is true to size, fairly fitted and shaped but loose enough to not be too hot in the summer. I like the little detail of the metal ‘button’ sewn on the bottom left with the logo.

I will get better at taking photos of clothes, one day, I hope!

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