ME, Myself and I: Acupuncture

I wasn’t sure if I’d do this post, I’m always wary of reading things like this about ME ‘cures’ so I’ll understand if people don’t want to read this. A mini disclaimer type sentence I thought I should include; this post is about my experiences, I am not a medical professional and this is just my personal experience and opinions, they’re probably different from other people’s so please don’t take them as fact. Thanks. I always get nervous doing posts about treatments for ME, there seem to be so many ‘miracle cures’ out there that I wanted to make that bit clear.

Acupuncture is one that I’ve heard many times over the years as something that has helped a lot of people but on the flip side it’s also one I’ve heard stories of it almost taking energy from people. Add in the fact that I’m really not very good with blood tests, jabs I’m fine with for some reason, and the thought of having a needle stuck in me for any length of time makes my legs feel like jelly and I stayed away from this possible treatment for longer than I probably should have. If you don’t like the thought of needles either than this post may not be for you. Don’t worry there aren’t any pictures but I do mention it a few times and I know some people don’t like that.

Before I start the story I’m going to say that after all of this I’m still on the fence about acupuncture, this is not one of those miracle cure type posts but I don’t think it’s a horror story type post either so nothing dramatic in here, just a post about my experience in the three sessions I’ve had so far. Do you think I’ve put enough of these disclaimer type things in here yet? 😛

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