Review: Sleek Garden of Eden i-Divine palette


I’ve had a recent go through of all my makeup and looking at my palettes I’ve decided to do some reviews on the ones that are still around. I love Sleek makeup and their i-Divine palettes especially are a bit of a weakness of mine, I have five at the moment, and think that they’re great value for money when they’re the well pigmented colours. Unfortunately they seem to be a bit hit and miss with certain colours and I’ve found the best and worst through using them.

This is the Garden of Eden palette, it’s £7.99 at here and is available in other stores too, Superdrug has it at £7.99 as well here as well as Sleek’s own website. In most of the reviews I’ve found online the outer box is rather different than mine though I’ve only ever seen this version in stores near me, I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s online vs in store differences or these are all older packaging and it’s just not selling well near me.

In this palette there are three I would call matte, seven shimmery/metallic shadows and two with a matte base and larger glitter particles. The top layer is mainly browns and purpley colours but fairly neutral and the bottom row is mainly green, there’s quite a range of each.

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