Sunday Afternoon and OOTD (kind of)


I don’t get out that much due to my ME but today was the village fete and as it is literally three minutes’ walk from my home I thought it’d be nice to go to get out a bit and we go most years to support the local community. The weather today was perfect for a village fete day, the sun was shining so it was warm but there was just enough breeze to stop it from getting too hot and I managed to wander around for half an hour which was more than I thought I’d manage. I forgot to take photos of any of the stalls, I meant to but there were quite a few people there and I ended up just wandering and looking at things.

In the end I spent quite a bit of time at the book stall, we got there early enough that the best books were still there. There were a lot of Ben Elton books there and I got Blind Faith as it’s not one I’ve read before. After getting home I realised that two of the others weren’t ones I have so I wish I’d got them too. I also got Host by Stephanie Meyer just because I want to read it and see whether it’s as fete1bad as some people say. I have heard of Lovely Bones and pretty much everything I’ve read is positive so I sort of picked this one up as an impulse buy but at 50p it’s not bad, it’ll be one of the next ones I read. There were quite a few that I now wish I’d bought, some Stephen King ones were hardback and looked like they’d never even been opened but I stuck to three books so I don’t have too many building up. I love these old book stalls, there’s always so many books there and I’ve got quite a few over the years, they’re definitely worth wandering round as you never know what you’ll find.

The tombola is something I always buy a few tickets on and I normally end up winning something. This time between us we bought £7 of tickets and won five things, not bad considering each of them fete2is probably worth more than that. Of the five I won four, I seem to have good luck with these things. I chose the Victoria chocolate biscuits as the chocolates were all in cool bags, they’re ones we always get at Christmas so it’ll be a nice treat in the middle of the year. The purse is Cath Kidston which surprised me, I’m not sure I’ll use it as I don’t tend to go for those clip top purses but I might see if my sister wants it. The hair mask sounds interesting, I don’t buy from Avon because of their iffy animal testing past (I’m not sure what they do now but I’ve been wary of them since) but I will probably use this, if it’s any good I might do a review if anyone’s interested. The candle’s nice enough, it’s a cranberry and vanilla one from Wax Lyrical and the wine is not one I have ever heard of but my parents will drink it so this year nothing is going to sit in the cupboard until it goes out of date.

It was a great day, I do love these small village things as, although there are people there and you can socialise a bit, they’re not too crowded and everyone’s spread out enough outside that it’s not overwhelming. Also you get to see people from the village you don’t see apart from at village fete5gatherings and it’s always nice seeing people I’ve known since I was really small.

Onto the OOTD, well, it’s kind of an OOTD post though I’m not really used to taking those pictures. I will get better, but I wanted to post this as I love this skirt at the moment. I didn’t realise the camera strap was in the way till I was uploading it, next time I’ll use a tripod or get someone else to take it. I love looking at other people’s OOTD posts and as it’s a rare occasion where I actually get dressed and not in scruffy clothes I thought I’d take advantage of that. This is probably the most comfortable outfit I have so it’s great for hot days, the skirt is flowy but has an under skirt with a thin material so it’s ok to wear on breezier days and the shoes feel like slippers. I think I need some more in a similar style, not many flat pumps fit my feet but this style does so I want to find other colours in them.


Top: Primark, bought this year, I think £1.50 or £2

Skirt: Joe Brown’s (bought in sale last year,)

Shoes (not that you can see them really): Zigi (they’re out of stock but this is them)

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend 🙂

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