Review: Shiro Cosmetics Randomly Generated Collection (or part of it)


I was originally planning this post to be done when I bought the rest of the Randomly Generated collection from Shiro Cosmetics as I wanted it all in one place but I realised that it would probably be a huge post and also the cube shaped pots I have are no longer sold so this seemed as good a point as any to split the two halves. I’ve been buying these in twos and threes alongside other orders I’ve done over the past 18 months and have nine of the fifteen in the collection. I will admit that part of the reason for starting the collection for me was the art work on the cube shaped pots as the side art is just amazing, the art itself can be found here and I think I might be a little bit annoyed at myself for not getting the one with all the Jack O’lanterns.

I did a post a while ago about the Avengers inspired Earths Mightiest Heroes collection from Shiro Cosmetics where I said how much I love their products. Some of my favourite loose pigments I own are from this collection based on the game Minecraft, all of the names within it are puns and names of things in the Minecraft world or phrases that have come from it such as Diggy Diggy Hole. If you don’t play Minecraft they may seem a little odd but the colours are just as beautiful even if the names don’t make as much sense. The collection can be found here, the full size jars (2g) are $6 each, the mini jars (1g) $3.50 and the sample sizes are $1. It’s also available as a full collection where you get a discount and it costs $13.50, $47.25 or $81.

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Review: MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette


I got this palette in my Latest in Beauty Capital FM box that I posted about on Monday and I ended up playing around with it a bit in the week to see what the colours were like so I decided my first review from there would be on this as I think it looks like it has some good summer colours and the bright pink especially stood out to me. This palette is available from Superdrug and their own website and costs £4 which is a pretty good price for a palette with twelve eyeshadows in it.

I’ve used a few MUA products before, two of my go to palettes are their Naked dupes that everyone was reviewing and posting about a while ago and I’ve been impressed with the pigmentation on a lot of them so wanted to see how these brighter colours would compare as sometimes the bright colours can lack the pigmentation of the more natural or sparklier colours I’ve found with some companies. Continue reading “Review: MUA Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette”

ME, Myself and I: Brain Fog

I wasn’t sure if I’d do a post just on this but it’s been annoying me so much recently I decided it deserves its own post. I’m not sure if it’ll be long but as my brain is rather foggy today it does feel appropriate for this to go up.

This is one of those symptoms that may not bother others as much as it does me sometimes. It’s one that I don’t think people who don’t have a chronic illness or are affected by it will actually understand why it’s such a frustrating thing to happen. It doesn’t seem that bad compared to things like pain or fatigue but, for me at least, with those I know when I’m likely to have those worse, if I do too much it’ll be worse the next day but rest does help those symptoms, along with a large proportion of the symptoms I have. Brain fog is not one of them.

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Latest in Beauty: Capital FM Best of Summer Beauty Box


I’m not subscribed to any beauty boxes for two main reasons; I don’t want to pay for things I won’t use and I know that I’ll just end up with the samples piling up and some not getting used. I love that with the Latest in Beauty boxes you don’t have either problem, you can see exactly what you’re getting, there are a few variations on colour or product but it warns you on the website if that’s the case. Also as it’s not a monthly subscription you buy a one off box then you only buy them when you want. I’ve bought a couple before and posted about them, I think all three have been worth the money and are great if you like to try new products as the sample sizes are pretty decent most of the time. I think I’ve only had one or two that were one use or less apart from the products that would be single use anyway.

These boxes normally cost between £15 and £20 and contain full size as well as sample or mini travel products. This box cost £17.95 and can be found here on their website.

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I’m Now on Bloglovin’

I’ve seen a lot of blogs with a Bloglovin’ link on them and always wondered what it was so I decided to go and explore the website a bit. I still have no idea what I’m doing over there but this blog is on there and if you have an account you can follow it 🙂

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I’ll have a look on there some more to find everyone I’m following on wordpress, will have to explore other websites too so any you recommend me checking out on other sites I’d love to find new people to follow 🙂 I’ve only really stuck to wordpress so far as I don’t have an account anywhere else for blogs so this’ll be fun to explore more.

My Skin Care Routine


I have to admit that until fairly recently my skincare routine has been less a routine and more something that I did when I remembered and had the energy. I decided at the beginning of this year to start a proper routine and try to stick to it. I did end up trying a few products to see how well they worked that I used to use but using them more regularly made my skin break out. Now I have certain products I am sticking to (mostly anyway) I thought I’d do this post. Continue reading “My Skin Care Routine”

ME, Myself and I: Surviving Summer

The title feels a bit dramatic but I think it fits anyway. I did originally start this post a while ago when we had that random week of hot weather in the UK but then it went back to the normal British Spring. Now it’s starting to show signs of warming up I thought I’d post this, I bet it starts pouring with rain now I mention heat though.

I do like the Summer, I just wish my body did as well. I’ve never been the best at dealing with hot weather, though I used to be able to wander around in hot days without feeling like I needed to sit down or I was going to faint which is what often happens since having ME. I think it’s my internal thermostat, whatever the medical term is for it, and it seems like as soon as the thermometer hits around 22 degrees C my body decides it’s had enough. Then there are really weird days where it’s hot and I’m there shivering with a jumper on, which did look rather out of place on a beach in Italy at thirty odd degrees.

There are some tips I’ve picked up over the years and things I’ve been recommended from various ME groups and things, one of them I put off way too long and now wish I’d bought years earlier. So here they are, my tips for surviving summer, which also work well for the rest of the year if you overheat easily like me.

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A Couple of Offers and My Mini Yumi Direct Order

I realised I don’t really do many blog posts like this, almost all of my posts so far have been reviews. As there are a couple of offer type things I found that I’m going to use I thought I’d share them as a bit of something different. Also, having been home alone with the dog and having to get up early my brain is a big foggy and I’m exhausted so I don’t think I’d be up to a proper review.

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The Infinity Dreams Award

Not sure who made this, can credit if I find out :)
Not sure who made this, can credit if I find out 🙂

Hi guys, today’s post I’m doing an award I was nominated for by the lovely Sian at My Kind of Beautiful, you should go check out her blog it’s all about cruelty free products and lifestyle 🙂 Thanks so much.

I love these awards as they’re a great way to find new bloggers and connect with others, though looking at everyone I’m following most people seem to have already done this one so I’m not sure I can make the 11 to link to. If I haven’t linked to you and either you haven’t done it or want to do it again and answer my questions then feel free to and I’ll link you in here as well if you want 🙂

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ME, Myself and I: Acupuncture

I wasn’t sure if I’d do this post, I’m always wary of reading things like this about ME ‘cures’ so I’ll understand if people don’t want to read this. A mini disclaimer type sentence I thought I should include; this post is about my experiences, I am not a medical professional and this is just my personal experience and opinions, they’re probably different from other people’s so please don’t take them as fact. Thanks. I always get nervous doing posts about treatments for ME, there seem to be so many ‘miracle cures’ out there that I wanted to make that bit clear.

Acupuncture is one that I’ve heard many times over the years as something that has helped a lot of people but on the flip side it’s also one I’ve heard stories of it almost taking energy from people. Add in the fact that I’m really not very good with blood tests, jabs I’m fine with for some reason, and the thought of having a needle stuck in me for any length of time makes my legs feel like jelly and I stayed away from this possible treatment for longer than I probably should have. If you don’t like the thought of needles either than this post may not be for you. Don’t worry there aren’t any pictures but I do mention it a few times and I know some people don’t like that.

Before I start the story I’m going to say that after all of this I’m still on the fence about acupuncture, this is not one of those miracle cure type posts but I don’t think it’s a horror story type post either so nothing dramatic in here, just a post about my experience in the three sessions I’ve had so far. Do you think I’ve put enough of these disclaimer type things in here yet? 😛

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