Review: Treaclemoon Those Lemonade Days and Warm Apple Pie Hugs Shower Gels


I posted about these in my recent Tesco purchases post but I wanted to do a proper review as soon as possible as the one, Warm Apple Pie Hugs, is a limited edition and I have no idea how long their limited editions last. I love apple and lemon scents and as these were on offer I decided to buy them as I did like the two previous Treaclemoon shower gels I had. All the Treaclemoon products I’ve tried are not tested on animals, as far as I know that’s across the brand.

These are available on the Tesco website as well as in stores, Those Lemonade Days can be found here and Warm Apple Pie Hugs is here. The 500ml bottles of shower gel are normally £2.99 but are £1.99 in the offer, even at full price they’re a lot less expensive than other shower gels I use and I think you get more than you pay for from them. You could try looking on the Treaclemoon website, here, but I think the limited edition one they have on there is from a couple of years ago and is actually permanent now so I don’t think they’re updating it much.

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