Recent Purchases: Tesco and Teapigs


I may have ended up buying more than I planned when we went to Tesco. I started out with a list and most of these things were on it but I did get a couple of extras. My Tea Pigs order arrived this morning, it was what I originally planned on posting today but I thought as I got some other bits when we went shopping I’d put them both together in one big recent purchases post.


The Teapigs tea temples as they call them were bought online at their website here. I’m sure I’ve seen them for sale in at least one physical shop but can’t remember where it was. I did also get a sample but I gave it to mum, it was the everyday breakfast tea and apparently very nice. I’m going to do a proper review of these as I really like trying new teas, though I did already know I liked the lemon and ginger one and the chamomile tea, the apple and cinnamon was one I bought a small two teabag box of just to try. The chamomile tea is a box of 50 for £9.95, the lemon and ginger has 15 for £4.49, the smallest 2 pack box of apple and cinnamon is £1.30.

tescoteapigs6And now the bigger of the two shopping trips, my Tesco buys. The first thing I really wanted to get from Tesco was the new limited edition Treacle Moon shower gel in warm apple pie hugs. For the first time since I’ve known about the brand the Tesco near me, quite a big one, had a large range of their products. Before now it’s been coconut or raspberry and that seemed to be it. They also had the lemonade days there as well which I’ve liked the sound of for a while so I got that. They were both on offer, I think all of the shower gels were, at £2.99 instead of £3.99. I’m going to do a review of these when I’ve tried them as the others I’ve had change slightly in use.

The next thing was rather unplanned, I did mean to get Steamcream as I love it but there were no offers so I thought I’d wait and look online for one and then I saw the Miss tescoteapigs5Patisserie display beneath it and these bath bakes, bath bombs in the shape of cupcakes, were so cute and a good price so I got them. It’s the Fruit Collection and cost £12, the only other place I’ve seen them on sale are the brand’s own website so not sure where stocks them. I’m not 100% sure on what the bath bombs smell of but I think, looking at their site I have the sugar heart and very berry bath bakes but not sure on the third. These are £4.50 individually so three for £12 was a pretty good price. I do have plans for the box itself as well as I think it’ll be good for my bits and bobs in my makeup collection that are just loose in my drawer at the moment. I’ve used some of the bath products from there before and love the tins some of the gifts come in. I’m going to review these properly when I’ve used them and I’m looking forward to a bath with these.tescoteapigs4

I’ve recently realised my favourite BB cream is getting a bit old so I bought this as a simple replacement. I’m never sure how long the spf in these things lasts but as I have a sun cream base I like I’m less bothered about that now. This is the Pro Formula Radiance BB Cream made for Tesco so you can’t get it anywhere else. I got it in light and it looks a bit tescoteapigs3dark when it comes out of the tube but blends really well and matches my fair skin. It does have a bit of a dewy glow look sometimes but I find it/’s normally fairly matte, I think it depends on the moisturiser I’ve used. This costs £5 in Tesco.

tescoteapigs7This aqua jar glass was a bit of an impulse buy I guess you could say. I’ve wanted a nice kilner jar glass since I’ve seen them around and these were in Tesco, I think they were £3.50 (I forgot to check, they may be £2.50) but a pretty good price. This isn’t as big as others I’ve seen online and doesn’t have the lid or straw like I wanted but I have found a marmalade lid that I can drill a hole in once the marmalade has actually been finished. These without the lid seem a lot cheaper than those with one, and I’m almost tempted to buy the wowcher offer available at the moment with 4 of the bigger ones for £9, will have to see what I think of this one. I do love the colour though, they also had a pink one and a clear glass one but this stood out to me.

tescoandteapigs2The final thing is a bit of a treat for when I’m doing my course assignments, I do find that I work better when I have some kind of sweets around and I do limit how much I have at a time so it’s not too bad. These wild berry skittles are ones I’ve seen around and I’ve always wondered what the flavours are so I went for these instead of the normal ones I usually choose. I’ve tried one of each (purely research for you guys of course) and they’re nice, my favourite is the green which is apple. The dark purple is a nice cherry, the blue a very sweet fake blueberry which isn’t my favourite flavour but it’s ok, I think pink is meant to be tescoteapigs1raspberry but it’s not a very clear raspberry flavour and the red is a weird general berry flavour which for some reason reminds me a bit of the fake watermelon flavour you get in sweets. They’re all nice and I’ll eat them all but I was surprised at the apple ones in there. These are available a few places, I’ve seen them in the works and I think they’re £1 there, might be the cheapest place I’ve seen them.

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