Review: The Balm Balm Voyage Face Palette


As the second volume of the Balm Voyage collection (is it a collection with just two?) was recently released, I think in March, and I only found out about it yesterday I thought I’d do a review of the first one. The second is on my wish list and I might even risk eBay for it as I can’t find a release date for it in the UK. Anyway, onto the review of the first. It’s quite a long review, next time I might cut these longer ones in two, what do you think? Leave them as one or post them in two parts?

I bought this palette from Asos when they had an offer of 20% off for students, though I can’t find it on their website at the moment so I’m not sure if they still stock it. It doesn’t seem to be available in many places in the UK but I found it on the Feelunique website at £37.50 if you want to buy it. The palette has 16 eyeshadows and 3 cheek and lip tints, the eyeshadows come to 28.8g (1oz) and the lip and cheek tints 6.6g (0.21oz) so you get a fair amount of product in the palette, the eyeshadows in particular were bigger than I was expecting going by palettes of a similar price from some other companies.

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ME Awareness Week: Links for charites and information

This post is a work in progress, there will be updates when I get new links

This is the last of my MEAW posts, I think it continues for two more days but I don’t blog on the weekends and I only had the five ideas really so this is the last of them. I hope someone has found them informative or helpful in some way 🙂

I have to admit that before I did my research about charities this week I didn’t know of that many, I think there were three that I could have named. I thought that adding links to some sites for ME charities might help if you have any questions about it or might consider donating to an ME charity in the future.

Most of these links are charities, there are a couple down the bottom of the list I included because I was either not sure if they were actually charities but were interesting anyway or because it has a link to international ME sites. I didn’t link the actual international sites purely because I can’t tell what most are saying as I don’t speak the language and don’t want to include something here that I’m not sure of. If anyone can read them and say what the site is about then I’ll happily add them to the list.

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