Fortune Cookie Soap: Peter Pan Summer Soap Box


You may have seen my previous posts on Fortune Cookie Soap, I do love their products and their quarterly subscription box lets you try smaller versions of their new line before it’s released. This can be found on their site, this is the page for the soap boxes. They have lots of limited edition mini collections as well as their seasonal lines so it’s worth checking back fairly regularly if you like the look of a couple in the permanent range but want to make it worth the postage, which can be quite high if you live in the UK as they’re in America.

The company makes bath and body products and their signature is the fortune cookie shaped soaps which I love as they have a formula that means they last quite a while, lather well especially with scrubby gloves, but they aren’t so huge as to last ages which I find a problem with some soaps. I like to have a range of scents and don’t stick to just one until it’s finished so I’ve had soaps go on for ages before. I’m getting better at not doing that but these smaller soaps do help.


FCSpeterpan12This box came with the usual card, this time it’s Peter Pan themed which I like. I’m not a huge Peter Pan fan though I do like the book and know the story pretty well so get the references. I like the map background and the little fortune cookie soap on the hat for the logo but whenever I see those style hats I always think Robin Hood (especially the Disney one) before I think Peter Pan, I guess that shows which of them I prefer. Inside this card gives a list of the products and scents with a one line description of what’s in it. This time the shredded paper was a sort of turquoise green and the added extra was a feather, not idea what I’m going to do with it but it does go with the theme.

FCSpeterpan9Second Star to the Right fortune cookie soap – This is the prettiest soap I think I have ever owned, I love the colours and the way they mix with each other. This is one of the two full size products and these soaps always last really well and don’t dry my skin out. This scent is definitely sweet and I can smell the mix of berries, I’d say it’s more an autumn berry mix than a summer one as I can’t pick out strawberry or raspberry which are two scents that seem to stand out in the summer fruit mixes. There’s a hint of mint that makes it a bit different and not full on sweet berry, it gives it a hint of freshness. I guess the general sweetness if the sugar cane it mentions in the description. It also mentions pomelo but I don’t know what that is, Google tells me it’s a large citrus fruit, and I don’t get that in the scent but it might mix in with the general fruitiness and add to the fresh scent. This is one I love and will be getting more in, especially if they’re as pretty and sparkly.


Tink OCD hand sanitizer – This is the second of the full size products though they do sell these in larger sizes now. This colour is so bright, it’s like a highlighter yellow with a green tone rather than what I think of as a Tink green but it is very striking and I do like the colour. The glitter is very obvious in the bottle but on the hand it sort of turns into a bit of a shimmer that isn’t obvious, I had to really look to see it. The scent description includes cherries and cream, coconut and sugar and I definitely get the coconut as the main scent to start with. There’s a hint of the cherry, like a cherry sweet rather than true cherry, but it’s definitely in the background. It gives the scent overall a more cherry bakewell scent to me, which I like but it’s a bit heavy on the coconut really for me to get any other products in it.


Lost Boys whipped cream – This says it’s apricot and peaches and I expected this to be one that I love as they’re some of my favourite scents. Unfortunately this isn’t very scented at all. In the pot it’s hard to pick up much at all besides a general sweet scent but it did become stronger when I had it on my skin and it warmed up. I got the peaches and there’s a hint of something sharper like a citrus note though I think I tend to get that when a product has apricot in it as I don’t think it has a citrus note. If this was stronger I would be buying something in this, I hope they work on that before the general release.


Mermaid Lagoon two phase perfume oil – This looks so pretty, the two colours next to each other not mixing with one being pearlescent and the other being the deep green. I would prefer it if they mixed after a bit of shaking but it’s still nice without. I have found that when I sprayed it it looked like a splat of green before I rubbed it in, it does warn you about possibly dyeing clothes and I would definitely second this, don’t use it next to a pale sleeve. Scent wise FCSpeterpan5this is a fairly nice product though it doesn’t really stand out for me. Another with coconut though I don’t really pick it up. There’s not really a scent description to this so I don’t know if what I’m picking up is right. To me there’s definitely some kind of tropical fruit with something floral in it and maybe a hint of pine which seems a bit odd to have in there so I’m not sure if that’s right. It’s got something that makes me think of air freshener and adds a pit of kick to it but I don’t know what it is, maybe a bit of mint and citrus. I am so bad at this. It’s not one I’d probably buy much in, though a shower gel might be nice as it’s something you wash off, not a scent I think I want to be sticking on my skin really though as I have the perfume oil I can keep trying it and see.


Kiss lip balm – This little tube is so cute. I’ve been wearing this quite a bit since getting the box and it’s really good as a balm; very moisturising and there’s a barrier on my lips without me realising. I only noticed the barrier because I had it on not long before a shower and they felt waterproof, if that’s a good description. The scent I can’t really pick much up, there’s meant to be watermelon, pineapple, coconut and citrus. I definitely don’t get the coconut which is good. I think I get the citrus and pineapple and, though I can’t smell the watermelon, there is a bit of something that makes it more refreshing, like there should be some kind of herb or mint in there. Maybe that’s the watermelon, I’m not very good at picking up watermelon unless it’s the really fake sweets kind. I think I like this one mostly because of the product, I might get something in the scent but not one I’d go for one of everything in.


The Boy Who Never Grew Up salt scrub – This was another that really disappointed me. I don’t think there was any scent in it at all, I could only pick up the salt smell and a sort of spa scent and as this is meant to smell of margarita that definitely didn’t fit. I have seen other people having the same problem with this and the whipped cream so hopefully they’ll fix it before general release as they’re two scents I expected to like. The salt scrub is a new product, as far as I’m aware, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I used it in the shower and those little bubble looking things are all salt, though it’s not scrubby salt really it’s kind of rounded and feels like it dissolves when it mixes with the water rather than scrubbing. I was hoping it’d be more scrubby than that, I might get a big tub in another scent to give it a proper go, the lack of scent may have effected how much I liked the product overall, but I’m not sure.


Wendy Bird veggie protein deodorant – I don’t think they’ve done deodorants before, at least I haven’t seen them, and I am so happy that there was one in this box. I’ve worn it today and I really like it. It doesn’t really stop you from sweating like an antiperspirant that I normally use, but as it’s not really sweaty weather and I don’t sweat that much anyway I’m happy with this. I’ll give it more of a try on a day when I might need more of an antiperspirant but so far it’s passed and I’ll be trying a full size one in this or another scent. It’s almost like a hard jelly, it’s slightly clear and applies really easily without having to keep rubbing it like you do with some. The scent itself is amazing too, it’s one that I think is great for spring as it’s fresh apple with a tropical twist. I don’t really get the tropical twist as I can’t identify any fruit besides the apple in it but it does have a hint of something else that makes it something besides just apple. It’s a hard one to describe but very refreshing and fits a deodorant as well as being one I’ll get in other products.


The Captain steam me up Scotty – I’m not a huge fan of the steam me up Scotty shower steamers but it is a good way of smelling a product. I used it in the shower and the scent was fairly strong, though not as strong as smelling it dry. It says it’s meant to be magnolias, wild berries and cream and I’m not sure I get any of the berries or cream, I just got a fairly strong floral scent. There was something else that gave it a sweetness but not one if you don’t like florals and expect there to be a lot of berry in the scent.


I was looking forward to this box, a lot of berry scents and tropical fruit sounded like my kind of thing. Unfortunately the ones I was most looking forward to after reading the description were the least scented so that was a big disappointment. As always there seems to be a lot of coconut scented things in here, but I guess it is a summer box and I should expect that by now, I’m just not a huge fan. Luckily the coconut wasn’t too obvious in them for me and if it was then it was mixed with others and gave off a tropical fruit sun cream vibe rather than pure coconut. I will definitely be making an order with the Wendy Bird and Second Star to the Right scents and probably try some of those from the less scented products as I’m pretty sure I’ll like them if they smell of anything. I’m also definitely getting a deodorant, maybe two, and giving the salt scrub more of a go if it’s a reasonable price.

If you like coconut and tropical scents I think this collection might be worth looking at, it’s got a few fruit scents in there and some floral so it’s another box that has things I think most people would like. I don’t think there was anything bakery or earthy scented n there so if those are your thing then this may not be the best collection for you to try.

These products and scents will be released on 22nd May at 6 pm CST, which I think is the middle of the night in the UK so will be the next morning I look at what’s there. It’s going to be on their website,

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