Fortune Cookie Soap: Peter Pan Summer Soap Box


You may have seen my previous posts on Fortune Cookie Soap, I do love their products and their quarterly subscription box lets you try smaller versions of their new line before it’s released. This can be found on their site, this is the page for the soap boxes. They have lots of limited edition mini collections as well as their seasonal lines so it’s worth checking back fairly regularly if you like the look of a couple in the permanent range but want to make it worth the postage, which can be quite high if you live in the UK as they’re in America.

The company makes bath and body products and their signature is the fortune cookie shaped soaps which I love as they have a formula that means they last quite a while, lather well especially with scrubby gloves, but they aren’t so huge as to last ages which I find a problem with some soaps. I like to have a range of scents and don’t stick to just one until it’s finished so I’ve had soaps go on for ages before. I’m getting better at not doing that but these smaller soaps do help.

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ME Awareness Week: Forget ME Not book


This isn’t really a review, though it kind of is, it’s more posting about this book so people know about it as I think it’s a good way to get people to understand about M.E. through the different pieces written in it. Over the past year, maybe more I can’t remember when this started, two volunteers from the charity AYME, Katherine Langford and Jet Spero, were asking members of the charity to send in art, poems, stories, photos or anything else creative really to make a book out of. This is that book. It’s full of creative things made by people with M.E. and the money from this book goes to the charity itself.

This book is available from two places; amazon here, and the other is a smaller online shop here. It’s £6.99 whichever you get it from, though as I got mine from Amazon there is a print in the front saying it’s printed by Amazon, copies bought from the other site may not have this, I haven’t seen one of those versions. I also found it in the Barnes and Noble website if you’re in America, it’s on sale for $9.36 here. If you’re somewhere else in the world I think the other site link would be the best bet and see if they ship to you, though in my search one of the top results was Australian eBay so it seems to be travelling the world!

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