Review: Red Carpet Manicure Gel Nail Varnishes and spring nails


I’ve done reviews of a few other Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polishes but these colours are so pretty and such a good price for the four I had to get it from QVC when I saw it. QVC in the UK had an offer on a lot of beauty products recently as they had a beauty weekend I think though the offers are still going. This set can be found here and costs £35.50. When these normally cost £14 each it means you save £17 so basically you get one free.

Three of these four have been on my wish list for a while and they’re great spring colours so it was fun playing around with them and some nail art stickers I had from a models own set I bought a year or two ago.


The four nail varnishes in this set are Ravishing Raspberry (bright pink), Peach Chiffon (light peach), Wild Berry Diva (pale pink with a purple hint) and Sorbet Soiree (mid turquoise colour). I really like them all but the colours that they are on the bottle and the liquid inside are a lot brighter than I was expecting seeing the colours on the website. I still like the way the bottle colours are the same as the colours inside, makes it really easy to tell what it’ll turn out like and gets around the fact that they can’t have clear glass bottles as the varnish cures when it reacts with UV.rcmfour1

Ravishing Raspberry is the one of the four that I haven’t tried yet. I was hoping this would be a more muted pink, it looks almost neon on the bottle, as the picture online made it look almost berryish on my screen. The bottle looks like a slightly peachy pink, a nice spring colour and it’ll go well with the peach chiffon varnish to me. I’ll still use it but it’s not the colour I was expecting, I’ll try it but I think this is one I’d rather use as an accent nail or if I try to do some nail art with them rather than having all of my nails painted this colour. It seems a nice thin consistency, it should be easy to apply and seem to stay mixed pretty well.

Peach Chiffon is the one of the four colours I was least interested in going by the pictures online, it seemed like a fairly standard nude colour but in person it’s a lot brighter. It’s a pale peach with a more yellowy tone when it’s cured on my nails than it looks on the bottle. I rcmfour3normally find that yellower toned varnishes make my skin look washed out but this one doesn’t, I think it’ll be great in the summer as it’s a bright summery colour without being too in your face so it’ll go with anything without being too neutral. That sounds like a contradiction but the colour really isn’t one I’d go for and not one I have anything like in my normal nail varnishes either but I’m glad I have it. It was a bit streaky to put on the first coat but the second definitely fixed that and it’s nice and opaque though it did get a bit thick in parts which gave it a wrinkly effect, not a problem I’ve had with other gels. I did also find that this didn’t stay mixed that well in the bottle, I had to shake it between uses.

rcmfour9Wild Berry Diva is the one I expected to love, online it looks like a pale lavender, to me anyway. I at least expected it to be a purple pink but it’s just a standard pale pink. I don’t have many gel varnishes so I don’t have anything like this already but it’s not the colour I thought I was getting. I quite like it and it’s a fairly subtle colour compared to others I have so good for ties when I don’t want bright nails but I still haven’t found a good pale purple, they all seem to come out as pink! It was fairly good but I did rush this one, it was one coat which was nice and opaque on one hand but the other had some streaks on my thumb nail so I know not to try to rush and make do with one coat.

Sorbet Soiree is another that I wanted to try but didn’t expect to love and yet I think this is rcmfour4my favourite from the group. It’s a really nice turquoise colour and comes out exactly like on the bottle. I would say it’s still not like the online picture comes out on my monitor, it’s a lot brighter and has a more blue tone, it looks almost green to me online. This has been the easiest to apply, it had good coverage but as a darker colour it did need the second coat. It was a bit thicker than the pink and peach and I think that helped, it was easy to apply and no messy bits, will definitely be using this one more but I think I like an accent nail as it’s a bit too much turquoise for me otherwise.



I had a bit of a play around with some of the nail stickers I bought in a models own set a couple of years ago I think. I can’t remember the name of the set and I think it came with a green nail varnish but I haven’t got round to using these stickers and I thought I’d see how well normal nail stickers got on with a gel varnish. I did the two coats of colour and then put the stickers on before applying the top coat. On my left hand they’ve worked well, the ones on my right are sticking out a bit and the corner of one flower has ripped already and it’s only been a day. I think next time I’d use an orange stick to help press them down, I was using my fingers so didn’t want to mess with them too much in case I left marks on the nail varnish as it was still tacky.

Overall I’m very happy with this set, though that’s probably partly because of the price, I don’t think I’d have been so happy if they had cost me the £52 I would have had to spend to get them separately. They’re nice enough colours but not like I was expecting them to be, Wild Berry Diva in particular was a disappointment in that department but I don’t have a pink like it and I do like the colour so it’s not too bad. I think if I already had a similar pink and was expecting a purpler colour I wouldn’t be so happy. I will definitely be using them, so far they have survived helping out in the garden today which is better than a normal nail varnish, and I know from past experience that Red Carpet Manicure colours seem to work well.

If you like gel nail varnishes there are other sets from Red Carpet manicure if you search the QVC site, they’re all good prices compared to buying them individually and they have different themes so might be worth looking at.

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