Review: Red Carpet Manicure Gel Nail Varnishes and spring nails


I’ve done reviews of a few other Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polishes but these colours are so pretty and such a good price for the four I had to get it from QVC when I saw it. QVC in the UK had an offer on a lot of beauty products recently as they had a beauty weekend I think though the offers are still going. This set can be found here and costs £35.50. When these normally cost £14 each it means you save £17 so basically you get one free.

Three of these four have been on my wish list for a while and they’re great spring colours so it was fun playing around with them and some nail art stickers I had from a models own set I bought a year or two ago.

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ME, myself and I: ME Awareness Week and My ME Story

I’m not sure if it’s a worldwide thing but in the UK this week (May 11th to May 17) is ME Awareness Week so I thought I would try and do an ME related post every day. I’ll also be doing my normal posts today and Friday as I have them partly written so these are extra, I don’t think I could keep up the daily posts I did last week, I’ll run out of topics!

Anyway, as it’s ME Awareness week I’ve got five posts I’m going to do, hopefully they’ll be interesting. ME Awareness Week is all about bringing awareness to ME (the name says it all) and hopefully improve the understanding of the illness as it’s not one you really learn or hear about unless you know someone with it, at least that’s my experience.  It’s like you get cancer awareness month and things. I have seen people posting about ME awareness Day but I haven’t heard of that before, maybe it depends on what charity does it because I’ve only really had much involvement with the one.

I thought I’d start off this week with my story about ME, how I was diagnosed and all the fun that went with it, though my story is pretty simple compared to a lot as I was lucky with my GP from the beginning.

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