Review: Makeup Revolution Cover & Conceal Palette


I recently bought the Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal palette as a replacement to the old Elf concealer palette that I used to love but is no longer sold in the EU. I’ve heard good things about the company in general and liked the range of colours so went for the light and crossed my fingers it would be the right colour for me. I should probably have learned by now that online purchases of concealer and foundation type things is not the best idea but luckily this was a pretty good match, I think that’s probably due to the range in the palette and the fact they can be mixed.

This can be found on their own website but I bought it on the Superdrug site, I think it’s also available in some stores but I haven’t seen it near me. It costs £6 and the Superdrug site is here though it doesn’t say it’s the light one, it’s the lightest of the three using the pictures. It is also available in medium and dark, though I haven’t seen either of them in person the dark does not appear to be all that dark to me going by swatches and the official pictures.


The outer packaging is fairly nice, the cardboard box is matte with a nice rose gold lettering on which makes it look like it could be more expensive than it is, though the colours on the back are very different from those inside, I had to take a photo to compare as it just seems to be so off. If I was going by the colours on the back I wouldn’t have picked this, they appear to be orange and way darker than those inside.


Unfortunately the inner packaging, the plastic palette itself, feels cheap to me, though it does click shut rather satisfyingly. I think how shiny the thing is puts me off a bit as well, within seconds it was covered in fingerprints as I tried to open it, I’m definitely keeping the cardboard for this one as it’ll get really scruffy looking if I leave this exposed in my drawer. The inside has a mirror that covers the entire lid which I like, it seems a nice mirror and I don’t see any warping when I use it. The lid is stiff so it also stays in place when you lean it back, you can sit it at any angle and it will stay which is a plus point for me, though I’m not sure how long this will last as it could loosen up through use.


These palettes each have eight concealers in a range of colours, they seem to have a mix of cooler and warmer tones and there’s quite a bit of product in here for the price, the only measurement I can find is 10g but I’m not sure if that’s per colour or overall though I’m pretty sure it’s the product overall, each of the pans is roughly two millimetres deep (I may have had to sacrifice one of my darker colours, I was curious) so there’s a fair amount in each especially if you mix them when you use it.


These colours are really nice, there is a good range and they mix really easily when on the skin as it stays fairly movable for a few minutes giving you the time to blend it out and combine them if you want. I was surprised how the darkest one even blended to look ok on my skin, though it did seem a bit disappointing originally when I used my fingers as it seemed so sheer and as if it wouldn’t cover anything.


I decided to give them a proper test, my skin hasn’t been great recently but this isn’t the worst it is, they’re fairly small spots though my skin is fairly red at the moment. I have no idea why the photo I’ve taken for after seems to show my face a different colour, it isn’t, I managed to get a pretty good match but it won’t photograph it at all, it does show the slightly yellower bits where I tried the darker colour as well, I didn’t realise it was that noticeable in the mirror so that’s something to know for use in the future. It does also show the coverage for the spots though. I thought I’d try with three of the brushes I like for my under eye concealer, just to give them more of a fair try compared

EcoTools concealer and blending brushes and Real Techniques brush
EcoTools concealer and blending brushes and Real Techniques brush

to using my fingers and I am so glad I did. When I used the brushes the product went on so well, it blended easily and I could build the different colours to get a colour I liked as well as to add coverage, so it looks more natural as a base for foundation. The finish is fairly matte, it’s definitely flat and I don’t see it adding a sheen through your foundation, which is a good point for me but maybe not for others. It leaves my skin feeling nice and soft though slightly tacky for a few minutes and you have to be careful not to rub it much before it dries but once it has it’s stuck there, it’s been three hours and no movement yet for me, or colour change which can be a problem, some concealers turn more and more orange over time for me.

One down side for this concealer is it does pick up on any tiny speck of dry skin you have so you have to make sure you moisturise properly beforehand, something I sometimes neglect if I’m in a rush. Also due to its slightly oily nature I’d say it’s probably not one for people with oily skin. It just feels like it’d be a bit rich maybe and might not sit that well over time as it has left my skin feeling smooth and slightly moisturised by itself which I’ve found normally tends to show a product has some ingredient that will cause problems for any slightly oilier patches of my skin.

Swatches from before blended out
Swatches from before blended out

I originally bought this to use as an under eye concealer at the time, what I used my old Elf one for, as I don’t tend to conceal my skin as I don’t often get breakouts with my current medication and if I do I prefer to let it breathe a bit. It’s nice to know that if I did want to have a more flawless look then I could use this though and make a nice base for under my foundation. I’m not sold on it as an under eye concealer, it doesn’t have that slightly pinky tone I like as I have dark pigmentation under my eyes most of the time which I like to hide, I’ve had comments on me looking tired when I’m feeling great which doesn’t make me feel my best.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with this, I will admit that I only read the reviews after I’d bought the product, which was a bit of a mistake, and they seemed to be split half way between liking it or not. A few people seemed to be buying it as a highlighter, which I can see might work but as it gives a pretty flat finish and does move easily to start with it might not be my first choice for that. As a contour I guess it could work though with a brush it does have more coverage than I would want for that, it blends out pretty well but, unless the other palettes have more bronzey tones in them, I don’t think the colours they’ve chosen would work as well as a palette intended for that.

As a concealer palette if you don’t want one that’s overly moisturising and are prepared to play around to get the perfect colour and build the layers if needed then I think this is a good palette to try. If you want a concealer which is quick to use and no fuss then I’d stick with a single colour and see if you can find one that matches as this can be a bit fiddly mixing the colours with a brush to get the right colour, unless your skin matches one of the shades exactly. I think this is good with the multiple colours as you’ll be able to stick with one palette throughout the seasons if you get tanned in the summer.

I do think this palette is worth the money but I’m going to have to play around with it a bit more to see what it can do. I like it as a general concealer and the way you can use it as a palette and mix everything together to get the colour you need so I’m a fan of the product inside, I’m just not a fan of the packaging. It feels light and cheap to me but I guess that’s because it is, I’m just fairly used to the sleek palettes which feel better made than this and have a similar price point.

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