April Favourites: A bit of everything


This is another post that’s going up later than I intended (though it does mean I’m posting every day this week, this feels rather odd and too organised of me!) as I meant to post this on May 1st as it’d be the right time for an April’s favourites really. I love reading these from other people, though I’ve not got round to doing any for this blog before now so I thought I’d start one, it’s always interesting to see the things people really use as well as review, at least that’s what I think.

I have to admit that the first thing I meant to include was a Cadbury Crème Egg which may have been eaten, or rather all 8 may have been eaten. I went to the Cadbury outlapril4et store in South Wales on Easter Monday and they had a lot of things on offer, unfortunately no other Easter eggs as I had planned to get but these were there and I can never resist them. If you haven’t had them before they’re a milk chocolate shell (used to be Dairy Milk, now they’ve changed this year) with a gooey centre in white and yellow to look like a real egg middle. I think these may have been last year’s as the use by date was this year and there’s normally a while on them, if not and these are the new non-Dairy Milk version then I can say I honestly don’t know the difference between the old and new versions, these were just as nice andapril5 disappeared just as quickly.

I love body butters, I use them regularly as my skin is normally pretty dry and I put them on at night and sometimes in the morning too in the winter months with heating making my skin worse. For Christmas I was given a gift set from L’Occitane which had this rich body cream in it. I didn’t get to start it until April as I had others I was using and this has quickly become a favourite. I’m not always a fan of shea butter scented things but this L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream smells really nice, it’s not too overpowering and the scent sort of lingers but in the background so you could wear a perfume with it without it clashing. The main reason for loving this is how well it works as a moisturiser, it sinks in quickly, no greasy residue or film and keeps my skin nice and moisturised, I didn’t need to use any more in the morning.

Including my Playstation Vita probably seems a bit weird. I bought it last November and have a few games on it I played a bit but in April I really found games I loved and have played it a lot. It’s easier than playing on a computer when I’m not feeling great as it’s smaller and the games I’ve got tend to have some fairly easy points to put it down and then pick it up later. I’m going to review a few of them, though they’re probably mainly older ones as I found a lot of games from the original Playstation I either wanted at the time or played and loved.

april3Another thing that’s probably a bit odd to include in this is a tea, but I do love fruit teas and this one has converted me to trying more Whittard’s ones (before I mainly stuck with Tea Pigs) so I had to include it. It’s the loose leaf Whittard’s Strawberry and Kiwi tea and this just smells like summer. It’s so sweet and fruity when I open the tub (sorry I threw the bag away before I realised I would be doing this) and the flavour is pretty strong too if you leave it long enough. I add a small teaspoon of sugar for a fairly big mug and leave the manatea (my tea strainer) in while I drink it. I do like my fruit teas strong and it’s good for me, I’m definitely getting more when this has run out and there are others I want to try.

I always carry hand creams with me and tend to have them dotted around the house in different places but I love travel size ones for my bag. I’ve had another in my bag earlier in the year but I changed it to the Soap and Glory Hand Food in Sugar Crush and I think I have a new favourite hand cream. It’s not one I’d recommend for using before bed as it’s a bright citrus scent and can be a bit too wake you up for that but otherwise it’s so good. I really like the Hand Food in general but the normal scent can be a bit perfumey if you plan on using it in the day and some people find it overpowering. I love that they’ve brought it out in other scents, this was in a Sugar Crush gift set I got for Christmas as I love the scent but I didn’t know they did a Hand Food in it. I think when my other hand creams run out I’ll be buying one of these in the full size.

At the beginning of April I managed to catch a couple of my nails and had to cut them all short, a bit too short for me to use my favourite toy since Christmas; my gel manicure set and april1lamp. In the end I used these two colours, both of which are unfortunately free from magazines and I don’t think are on general release. They’re both from Nails Inc.; Bluebell from an InStyle magazine, probably two or three years ago now, and Fizz from Marie Claire earlier this year. Bluebell is one of my go to colours especially in the warmer months but having Fizz on my fourth finger gave it a different look. I also loved how adding the Rimmel Pro Matte Finish top coat on them gave them different looks, it seemed to make them brighter and made them a bit different though it does wear at the tips after a couple of days. I love using it just as a line at the tip to add a matte effect, or doing the opposite and leaving the tip shiny. I haven’t used this much in a year or so but it’s definitely going to be used a lot more now, it might even be a way to mix up the gel varnishes a bit after a week or so.

The last favourite I wasn’t sure if I should include as it’s another product I’ve had for quite a while and before this month I’ve just sort of had it there in my bag and not really bothered to throw it away. I was having a sort out and tried it and loved it too much to get rid of, it’s the Burt’s Bees Super Glossy Lip Shine in Sweet Pink. This is such a pretty colour, a sheer pink with shimmer in it that isn’t too shimmery and just gives them a bit of a shine more than full on glitter. It also works a bit like a balm for me, it’s nice and moisturising which is a nice surprise as glosses can sometimes be a bit sticky and seem to leave my lips dryer than before I used them. I looked on their website and it doesn’t actually exist any more which is disappointing but they do have a new version, I think, just called Lip Shine in various colours. I’m going to have to have a better look at them after rediscovering this. This one has a really nice orange scent which is closer to fresh orange than overly sweet orange sweets, somewhere in the middle maybe but definitely not the fake orange scent you often get. I hope the new versions have a nice scent too, I might get a couple to review and compare as they have some nice colours.

These explanations turned out quite a bit longer than I meant them to and it’s a bit of an odd mix but as this isn’t really a blog just for beauty products I thought I’d include a bit of everything. I hope you enjoyed reading it, was there anything you found in April that you loved?

2 thoughts on “April Favourites: A bit of everything

    1. Ooo that tea sounds nice, there’s an apple and elderflower I want to try next. I think I have to have creme eggs in there, I could eat them every day though luckily they’re only available around Easter or I’d have them all the time!

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