Enchanted Wizarding Wonders preview box


I was planning on doing this post last Friday as it arrived last week but then other things came up and so I’m doing this today instead. This collection is from Enchanted and it’s based on Harry Potter, it’s called the Cavern of Wizarding Wonders and has products in scents that are inspired by objects and food in the Harry Potter universe. These collection preview boxes are sent out leading up to the release of the collection, like the Fortune Cookie Soapboxes and there are four in a year, they each contain products in sample sizes of the new scents, there is normally at least one of each of the product types in the normal range. You can order them one at a time or in a larger group, the larger amount means you pay less for each. At the moment you can buy the July/August preview box for £22 or both remaining boxes for this year (with the Winter box) for £42, saving £2 from here.

I am a bit late with this post as the collection was released on 2nd May and I’ve already made an order, I got the book gift box, but I wanted to post this anyway as it’s available for a while. As these are handmade the estimated date they will be dispatched for this collection is 2 – 3 weeks, it’s definitely worth it to me as the products work so well on my skin and this collection especially smells amazing. Plus it’s Harry Potter and that’s always good.


The first thing I saw was the rose, which has been sprayed with one of the general collection scents. There was one in the Valentines collection which was a lighter red. Unfortunately I can’t remember what this scent is, but it’s nice and light and has a hint of something fruity, I think it might be the Southern Spell scent. I really like this idea of including something to get a sense of one of the more permanent products. I’m also keeping them and making a little bunch I’m planning on putting them in an old Yankee candle jar I have that will work great for holding them up when I have a couple of others.

I like this packaging, the black tissue paper shows off the colours of the products and everything was well packaged enough to survive the post. The spray products were tapes shut with black tape which prevented leaking and also had a resealable bag around them as well. There are a lot of little multi-coloured stars which go well with the izard theme and I like the look of but they do get everywhere and are a bit poky if you get one stuck to you with the points. I have kept a lot of them though as I love sparkly things and make cards so I might use some of them for that.


Sugar Quills Wax Melt

“Sweet candy spun sugar, fruity berries and a teeny touch of candy canes.”

This is gorgeous, I think it’s one of my favourite scents from the collection and some of the melt went straight into my burner. I really like the brittle style wax melt as well, it’s a good way to be able to use a little bit if you want to mix it with something else or if you have a burner with a smaller bowl on the top. This scent is like a sweet shop, it’s got that sweet smell but there are individual scents you can get a hint, of. It smells like there’s some sweet berries, some bubblegum (though this isn’t mentioned so maybe not), and there’s definitely that hint of mint in there as well to make it less over the top sweet. It’s one that I would be really tempted to try and eat, it seems like you should be able to lick it. I think this is one that would work for anything, though maybe not on something that will linger too long scant wise like a lotion if you don’t want to smell of a sweet shop.

Magikal Treats Wax Melt

“A crazy mixed up swirl of best blowing bubblegum, fizzy whizbees and every flavour beans for a real sweet treat (layered scrub and wax chunk blend only)”

Another really sweet one, though to me the main scent in this is cherry and bubblegum, it’s a very strong scent, it reminds me of some lollies we used to have when I was little that had a cherry hard shell and then in the middle was bubblegum, it smells exactly like that to me as the main scent. It does vary depending on where you smell it though, so I guess that’s the different coloured chunks with different scents in. This one says it’s just available in layered scrub and wax chunk blend which I just noticed, I have a feeling I may have tried to order it in a 3 in 1 wash and something else so might have to change that if I can’t have them. It’s one that would work for them.


Chocolate Frogs Foaming Sugar Scrub

A gorgeous blend milk chocolate orange blend”

The website describes this perfectly, it’s a spot on chocolate orange scent and another that feels like you should be able to eat it! It’s a milk chocolate orange scent but not overly sweet, it’s probably more like a chocolate with an orange cream centre, the combination you get when you bite into it, as the orange is stronger than you often get in the chocolate orange scents. It’s still a sweet scent but the orange is stronger than the chocolate which is good for me as I’m not normally a fan of chocolate things in bath products. I love the sugar scrubs, they’re one of the stand out products for me, they aren’t too scrubby which I find can be a problem with body scrubs on my skin, and don’t leave a sticky residue either like some sugar scrubs do but also don’t dry my skin out.

Felix Felicis Body Cream

“A light and pretty floral blend with four leaf clovers, apple blossom, lily of the valley and rose petals. Not too floral and slightly effervescent.”

This is a nice, light spring or summer scent to me. I’m not a huge fan of florals as they can often be a bit overpowering but this is light enough that it’s just a hint of floral. I’m finding it very hard to pick out any of the scents individually, I can maybe get the apple blossom as it’s a more refreshing blossom scent to me than the others, but still that’s only when I know what the scent is meant to be. It’s definitely not one to me that smells too much of rose or lily of the valley which can sometimes happen when those scents are involved. I really like this scent, it’s one that I think will work really well as either something to soak in in the bath as a nice relaxing but not overpowering scent or for a lotion for the scent to follow you round. The body cream formula is great as well, somewhere between a lotion and body butter and sinks in pretty well without leaving a film. After having this on my arm for 10 or 15 minutes the apple blossom scent seems to have come through a bit more, maybe it’s just on my skin though as it does tend to bring out different tones to most people on a lot of perfumes.


Every Flavour Beans Luxury Bath Blend

“A cacophony of jelly beans in every imaginable colour”

I think this is the scent that I was mainly getting in the Magikal Treats wax melt, it’s got that cherry and bubblegum scent to me. It’s such a nice smell, I keep opening the bag and sniffing it, it’s one that reminds me of when I was younger and I’m a big fan of cherry scented things anyway. When I really stick my nose in the bag and smell it I think I maybe get a hint of something like the foam bananas you get in pick n mix and pear drops maybe. I’ll have to see if this changes in the bath. I’m not sure it’s one I’d buy anything in to soak in but it’d be great as a body wash or lotion for me, I’d keep smelling my arms if I had it on them.


Sleep Draft Multi Use Spray

“A pretty blend of sugared lavender and chamomile with a touch of bourbon vanilla and a hint of mandarin for sweet dreams.”

I was not expecting something like this in a Harry Potter box and it’s a nice surprise as I like these calming things with lavender when they’ve got a blend of others. Chamomile is another that I really like, I used to have chamomile tea every night and found it very relaxing, this has that same scent, the chamomile with a hint of sweet (I used to have honey in it). I can’t really smell much lavender on it to me, I guess it’s in there as there’s some other floral but it’s definitely not the main scent like in a lot of lavender products, at least to me. But then we do have a lot of lavender plants in our garden and I’m used to these very strong scents so maybe it’s in there at a normal level, I just can’t pick it up so well. I think this is great to spray your pillows with, it’d probably work well as a bath soak or maybe a lotion to put on before bed, it’s definitely a relaxing scent to me.

Butterbeer Multi Use Spray

“Hot butterscotch, rum and vanilla cream”

This is a scent that every Harry Potter collection has to have and it’s one that I never really like. It’s spot on with the butterscotch, vanilla and a hint of rum in there and smells like I’d expect the drink to smell of but it’s not a scent for me. If you like the butterscotch and bakery type scents I think this will be a good one to try, it’s sweet because of the ingredients but it’s got the scents in there rather than just being pure sweetness overload which has been a problem for me with some other companies’ versions.

Fizzy Whizbees Perfumed Oil

“A fizzy colourful blend of sherbet lime, lemon, cherry and blueberry.”

This is a very me scent, I love citrus products especially when they have a more orangey smell as there don’t seem to be that many around. This doesn’t say it contains orange which is a surprise to me as I get an orangey citrus scent which smells sort of fizzy if that’s possible to ‘smell’ fizzy. I don’t really get the blueberry at all but the cherry does come out after it being on my skin for a while, though it’s not too obvious and I really have to smell against my skin to get it. The overall smell reminds me of the Buck’s Fizz products you can get sometimes, not sure if it’s called Buck’s Fizz everywhere but it’s orange juice and champagne, I have a feeling it’s called something else in America. This is a products I could have everything in! It’s definitely one that would lend itself to morning showers and lotions over evening ones to relax you, it’s got a more wake you up feel to me.


Mystery Potion 220 3 in 1

“A foody delight of sugared waffles, vanilla pound cake and rhubarb & custard.”

This is definitely a foody scent, which is a group I’m not a huge fan of. It’s mainly a bakery based scent with the sweet pastry scent as the base though it does have a hint of rhubarb in it which makes it less sweet to me. It’s that scent of a rhubarb half of a rhubarb and custard and gives it a bit of a tart hint that I quite like. It’s still not a scent I’d buy products in but it’s not a straight bakery scent which was a nice surprise.

I have to admit I had no idea what this was a reference to in Harry Potter so I looked it up and this is what the Harry Potter wiki has to say about it.

“Potion N. 220 was a potion. The Hogwarts Apothecary Department kept a batch of this potion in its stores.”

I’m still not sure what it is exactly or what it was meant to smell like but now I know it exists, you learn something every day.

Polyjuice Potion body lotion

“A frightfully fruity blend of oranges, strawberries, apples and grapes.”

Another orangey scented product, though this has more of a sweetness to it than the other. There’s something in there, I’m not sure which fruit though I guess maybe the combination of apples and grapes, that gives it a sort of grassy undertone when I have it on my skin. I can’t pick out any of the individual fruit but it’s a nice scent and one I’d like in anything. It’s a bit sweeter than fizzy whizbees and subtler as a scent to leave on your skin rather than wash off though that may be the product type as well. I think it’s work well as anything really, it’d be a nice scent for a wax tart to me as well as a bath product, having a room smelling of this would be nice as it’s not just straight orange.

I am really happy with this collection, I have made an order on the release day though having smelled these again there are a few others I don’t think I ordered that I might want to try and add. This collection is definitely worth looking at if you’re a fan of sweet shop type scents or fruity scents though there’s something in here for all scent groups I think besides earthier scents. I also think they’d make a great gift for a Harry Potter fan, the names and product scents do match well for me.

These can all be found on the website, the Cavern of Wizarding Wonders can be found here and there is also a small Florida collection which has a spray and layered scrub where you choose the scents to be included yourself from a list of limited edition fragrances, these are here. I was tempted by those but I have enough scrubs to use up and I don’t use the sprays that often.

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