Enchanted Wizarding Wonders preview box


I was planning on doing this post last Friday as it arrived last week but then other things came up and so I’m doing this today instead. This collection is from Enchanted and it’s based on Harry Potter, it’s called the Cavern of Wizarding Wonders and has products in scents that are inspired by objects and food in the Harry Potter universe. These collection preview boxes are sent out leading up to the release of the collection, like the Fortune Cookie Soapboxes and there are four in a year, they each contain products in sample sizes of the new scents, there is normally at least one of each of the product types in the normal range. You can order them one at a time or in a larger group, the larger amount means you pay less for each. At the moment you can buy the July/August preview box for £22 or both remaining boxes for this year (with the Winter box) for £42, saving £2 from here.

I am a bit late with this post as the collection was released on 2nd May and I’ve already made an order, I got the book gift box, but I wanted to post this anyway as it’s available for a while. As these are handmade the estimated date they will be dispatched for this collection is 2 – 3 weeks, it’s definitely worth it to me as the products work so well on my skin and this collection especially smells amazing. Plus it’s Harry Potter and that’s always good.

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