Recent Purchases:


With the recent hot weather (well, recent when I made the order) I realised I didn’t have any sun cream and decided that as Superdrug had a half off price on my favourite sun cream brand I decided to make a small order. But then it kind of grew a bit. Almost everything in this order I want to do a proper review, or mini one, once I’ve had a proper go with them so this is sort a small overview and a bit of a small first impression for what I’ve seen so far. Everything was bought from the Superdrug website.


As I mentioned it was rather warm at one point, at least it seemed it compared to the days before, so I got a bit excited and bought some summer supplies. I have the Silk Hydration sun block and it works really well for me. I’ve had problems with other brands either making my skin break out or having a reaction to something in them so when I found one that worked I stuck with them. The Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face lotion (£5.98 for 50ml) smells really nice, it’s subtly tropical so not too strong a scent for your face but still a sun cream scent but not that coconutty to me. The hydration twisty bit works well as a moisturiser too so I thought I’d give the face one a go, I need a high SPF even in the UK as I seem to burn no matter how unsunny it is. The Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter (£5.48 for 200ml) I just wanted to try as I like their after sun with the gel twisted through but sometimes you just need something more buttery. It smells different, more coconut than the other so a more traditional sun product scent and is a typical body butter consistency. The Superdrug Instant Body and Face Cooling Spray (£2.99 for 200ml) is something I’ve seen and wanted to see what it does as I do not get on with the heat. I haven’t really tried it yet so can’t comment on it.


The hair products are things I’ve meant to get and forgotten in the recent Boots purchases so I just added them to my basket. I bought the Superdrug Head Bands in Blonde (£2.59 for 3) as something just to hold my hair back when I’m doing my makeup or face masks as I don’t have anything at the moment and it’s annoying pinning it back with bobby pins as it takes a while to get all the bits out of the way. They say they’re non-slip with the silicon bit on the back that runs all the way around and I think once they’re a bit stretched they probably will stick but they’re pretty small so the tension itself means they’re moving until they get to a superdrug1point where they can’t any more. My head is fairly small, I’m normally a small or medium in hats, so it seems a bit odd that they’re so tight when they’re a sort of one size fits all product and the no slip claims but I’ll see when I’ve worn them a bit more. I also needed some normal hair ties so I got the Lottie London Tress Ties (£4.99 for 6) in nice bright colours. They’re the only colours they had on there and I like this style after trying the Pop London ones in a beauty box. They really do seem to stop the kink you get with a pony tail so they’re good, I would prefer it if they didn’t have the big Lottie London on the one side but they’re nice enough and do their job.


After taking my California colour version of the Autobalm face and eye palette I really wanted to try the other version as I think these are great small palettes for travel and I wanted to compare them. This is the The Balm AUTOBALM Hawaii (£16.49) and has a pink blush, matte pale cream, shimmery mid brown and a dark brown that looks ate but does have a hint of shimmer in it. They seem well pigmented but I’ll hsuperdrug4ave a bit more of a play around and write a comparison of the two. I’ve become a fan of their products and saw that they have a nude eyeliner, something that I’ve wanted to try after seeing YouTubers talk about using it on their waterline. Their Mr Write Eyeliner in Brian (£13.49) is the nude colour and it comes in a plastic twist up container. The tip is very fine compared to a lot of the other eyeliners I’ve seen which is really good for me and with the few scribbles I’ve done it takes maybe half a minute to dry but then it’s stuck where you want it. It’s a nice nude shade though it’s a bit dark if I were to use it on my skin without makeup so I’ll make sure I use it on my waterline or as an eyeliner o maybe add a bit of shadow effect. I’ll have a play around with this a bit more. It’s more than I’d normally spend on an eyeliner but I do like it.


Since Elf has finished selling in the EU I had to find a replacement for their concealer palette I used to use. I like the range of colours available and wanted something to use on the rest of my face if I wanted as my current under eye concealer doesn’t work for that. I chose the Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal in Light (£6) as it has eight colours in it so there’s a good range that I can use even if I get a bit of sun in the Summer. I think only the two lightest are real matches for my skin so I’m less optimistic than I was but I’ll still give it a go. It comes in light, medium and dark and with the range of colours in each there should be shade that will match even if it means mixing them. My skin is very pale for makeup, the palest shades can sometimes be too dark, but I can’t comment on darker skin tones. It does seem to blend out pretty well but I’m going to look at this more and do a better review.


This is one of those products I’ve heard so much about as one of those miracle will do anything you want and help with everything kind of things so when I saw it at this price I decided to get it. I’ve seen YouTubers and bloggers talking about coconut oil so I got the Superdrug Coconut Oil (£2.29 for 125ml) to see if it’d do anything for me. This pot looks weird as it’s solid at room temperature but I did get a bit out and try it on my hand and it did melt just like it said so I look forward to trying this out. It has a bit of a scent but not much, it’s just a light coconut scent (unsurprisingly) but I think it may have been enhanced with some coconut scent as well as what comes naturally as parfum is listed in the ingredients (along with coumarin but other than that it’s just coconut oil). I’ve used olive oil on my hair for a while to help with my scalp but that’s something this is meant to do and this looks less messy to apply so I’ll give that a go. I’ll also try it as a moisturiser and see what else I can find that it’s meant to do and try them all (as long as there’s enough in the tub). For this price even if it’s not a success for me at least I can say I’ve tried it and it’s not a huge loss. Also as it’s Superdrug it’s not tested on animals, though I’m not sure that’s a problem with these more natural products most of the time.


I’ve seen sheet masks in a lot of Asian beauty hauls and always wanted to try them, I have a few saved on eBay that I want to try especially when I’ve found a good buyer. So when I saw these on the Superdrug site, and in a 3 for 2 offer, I had to try them. I chose the Superdrug Spa Calming, Hydrating and Purifying 5 minute masks (£1.29 each) and can’t wait to give these a go. The calming mask says it contains green tea, cucumber and aloe which are all ingredients I know work for my skin, the hydrating one contains plant collagen, glycerine and seaweed and the purifying one has peppermint and tea tree. They do have another sheet mask but I think those will work best with my skin as I have acne prone skin that’s dry and they’re all ingredients that have worked in past masks.

The two tubes of face masks I got were in a two for £3.50 offer. I wanted to get the Cucumber Peel Off Mask (£2.59 for 75 ml) as I’ve used a similar product from Boots and loved it though they seemed to change the formula and it started to dry my skin out so I wanted to find a good alternative. I’ve only tried this on the back of my hand but it has the same feel; it peels nicely and dries evenly. I love these peel off masks even more as they remind me of when I was little and you get PVA glue on your fingers, I loved the feeling of peeling it off, which is probably weird. The Vitamin E Moisture Mask (£2.59 for 75ml) is a bit weird when I put it on, it’s like a moisturiser and you literally leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then rub off anything that hasn’t been absorbed into your skin with a tissue, no washing your face afterwards. It does feel a bit weird to do this but my hand felt nice and soft afterwards so I’m going to give it a go on my face, I just hope it’s not too rich.


I’m just going to mention the makeup bag as it was free when you bought three makeup things in the 3 for 2 offer so I got it. It’s not great, it’s neoprene and smells of new plastic to me very strongly. I’m keeping it just to use for travelling for my mini first aid type kit I take in my suitcase but I don’t think it’d be big enough to fit much makeup in and definitely not as a toiletries bag as it’s too short for a toothbrush. I’d say only use it for short products and if you use a foundation in anything besides a squeezy tube it might be hard to fit much else in there given some of the bulky packaging you can get. I managed to get the two squeezy face mask tubes, the sheets and the face sun cream and it was stretched and hard to shut.

As I said I’m planning on doing reviews on a few of these products, have you tried any of them? And have you tried coconut oil? I’d like to hear how it went and any tis if you have as I’m just going into that with what I’ve seen on YouTube and blogs.

5 thoughts on “Recent Purchases:

  1. glamwithsam says:

    Great Haul! I just ordered that same face palette from thebalm yesterday, I cannot wait to try it out. Also, I dont know if you got my comment back from my Ciate review, so here it is. Thank you! I will say that the colors are much more vibrant in person. This is why I waited for Ciate to launch their line at Sephora stores. I did not want to purchase them online and then become disappointed if they didn’t deliver. Ciate’s matte lipsticks are on the money! they last forever and the color does not fade, so your safe with this purchase 🙂 for some reason some of my comments are getting thrown into my spam and when I reply my comments don’t hit my readers. My apologies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope you like it as much as I do, I think they’re great colours and such a nice size for travel. I didn’t see that, it didn’t tell me there was a reply for some reason, wordpress is playing up a bit for me recently with comments as well, keeps putting proper comments in spam! I will definitely look out for them, I haven’t seen them in actual stores in the UK but their online store has a big range of products so I might have a look for other product reviews and see if there’s anything else worth picking up (apart from the nail varnishes which I am a bit addicted to!) when I’m on there 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. glamwithsam says:

        I will let you know as soon as I receive it in the mail and do my review. I do love those type of palettes myself, they are super easy to travel with and are in one compartment. Okay, I am kind of relieved I am not the only one going through this with wordpress. I feel terrible because I don’t want my viewers to think I am ignoring them, so I am trying to be on top of my game with my comments. I hope the Ciate makeup collection will hit near you too, the colors are so pretty, you might want to pick up one of everything lol. I do love their polishes as well. I have to stop with my nail polish hoard, it is becoming too out of control for me….girl problems 😑

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    2. I don’t check the spam that often but I logged on a few times and looked at the old admin bit and it said I had spam, there were a few non-spam comments in there. Since then I’ve checked it a bit more often. Hehe, I have a similar problem with nail varnishes, I had a sort out and gave away or got rid of 40 bottles and still have more than I need. Now I have gel varnishes it’s started all over again with them as well! It didn’t let me reply to your last comment on here for some reason.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. glamwithsam says:

        That’s ok, no worries. Tell me about it, I got rid of so many polishes and even gave some to friends. I am still up to my eyeballs in varnishes lol.

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