Comparison: The Balm Autobalm California vs Hawaii


I love these Autobalm face palettes for travelling, after using the California one last month when I went away I decided to get the Hawaii one as well and thought I’d do a bit of a comparison as well as a mini review of each of them. In the UK these are available from Superdrug for £16.49, the California palette is here and Hawaii is here. For a mini palette that has products for various different uses as well as just eyeshadows I think it’s a good price.

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ME, Myself and I: Travelling

I’m not sure if this is something other people with ME have a problem with but any time I travel anywhere, even if I’m sat in the back of the car, it takes a lot more energy than I’d expect considering I’m not actually doing anything. I’ve never been able to properly sleep in cars, I can get to that point where I’m sort of dozing but I still know what’s happening so I get woken up really easily.

I guess that’s the main thing I’ve learnt about journeys; anything you can do to relax and try to sleep, if you can, definitely helps a lot. I think that’s probably a good summary of this whole post but I’ll keep going anyway.

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Review: Treaclemoon Those Lemonade Days and Warm Apple Pie Hugs Shower Gels


I posted about these in my recent Tesco purchases post but I wanted to do a proper review as soon as possible as the one, Warm Apple Pie Hugs, is a limited edition and I have no idea how long their limited editions last. I love apple and lemon scents and as these were on offer I decided to buy them as I did like the two previous Treaclemoon shower gels I had. All the Treaclemoon products I’ve tried are not tested on animals, as far as I know that’s across the brand.

These are available on the Tesco website as well as in stores, Those Lemonade Days can be found here and Warm Apple Pie Hugs is here. The 500ml bottles of shower gel are normally £2.99 but are £1.99 in the offer, even at full price they’re a lot less expensive than other shower gels I use and I think you get more than you pay for from them. You could try looking on the Treaclemoon website, here, but I think the limited edition one they have on there is from a couple of years ago and is actually permanent now so I don’t think they’re updating it much.

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Recent Purchases: Tesco and Teapigs


I may have ended up buying more than I planned when we went to Tesco. I started out with a list and most of these things were on it but I did get a couple of extras. My Tea Pigs order arrived this morning, it was what I originally planned on posting today but I thought as I got some other bits when we went shopping I’d put them both together in one big recent purchases post.

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ME, Myself and I: ‘How Well Are You?’ Scales

Recently I had an appointment with a nurse for something unrelated to ME and one of the questions I had to fill in before I went was to rate myself ‘on a scale from 10 to 100 where 1 is the worst possible health you can imagine and 100 is the best possible health you can imagine’. That was just too hard, I ended up going in without an answer in that one and came up with around 50 just because I didn’t know what to say and it didn’t seem that important for what I was seeing her for. That particular one is probably the least helpful I have read, everyone’s ‘worst possible’ and ‘best possible’ are probably different and having 100 in between is just so many points in the scale and there are probably only a small percentage in either end.

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The Long Dark: Review, kind of First Impressions

Images copyright Hinterland (I think, please correct me if I’m wrong) Screen cap from the game taken by me for review purposes

I realised the other day that I haven’t done a game review in a while, the first few posts were games related but they kind of fell to one side with the beauty products. I have slowed down on buying them and have a few of their reviews lined up but wanted to do a post about a game that I’ve found recently and loved playing.

The Long Dark is made by Hinterland and basically a survival game, it’s another that follows the same idea of surviving the wilderness and crafting what you need that a lot of other games have used. However this one seems different, it’s definitely addictive and very hard to survive (I’ve had more times surviving hours than days) and there are definitely areas that I’ve found that you need to be more careful in. This isn’t a walkthrough, though I guess I’m including tips, it’s sort of a combination of my opinions and how I’ve managed to survive longer the few times I have. I’m calling it first impressions as I’ve not actually managed to get all that far though I have played for a while and explored a lot.

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Review: The Balm Balm Voyage Face Palette


As the second volume of the Balm Voyage collection (is it a collection with just two?) was recently released, I think in March, and I only found out about it yesterday I thought I’d do a review of the first one. The second is on my wish list and I might even risk eBay for it as I can’t find a release date for it in the UK. Anyway, onto the review of the first. It’s quite a long review, next time I might cut these longer ones in two, what do you think? Leave them as one or post them in two parts?

I bought this palette from Asos when they had an offer of 20% off for students, though I can’t find it on their website at the moment so I’m not sure if they still stock it. It doesn’t seem to be available in many places in the UK but I found it on the Feelunique website at £37.50 if you want to buy it. The palette has 16 eyeshadows and 3 cheek and lip tints, the eyeshadows come to 28.8g (1oz) and the lip and cheek tints 6.6g (0.21oz) so you get a fair amount of product in the palette, the eyeshadows in particular were bigger than I was expecting going by palettes of a similar price from some other companies.

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ME Awareness Week: Links for charites and information

This post is a work in progress, there will be updates when I get new links

This is the last of my MEAW posts, I think it continues for two more days but I don’t blog on the weekends and I only had the five ideas really so this is the last of them. I hope someone has found them informative or helpful in some way 🙂

I have to admit that before I did my research about charities this week I didn’t know of that many, I think there were three that I could have named. I thought that adding links to some sites for ME charities might help if you have any questions about it or might consider donating to an ME charity in the future.

Most of these links are charities, there are a couple down the bottom of the list I included because I was either not sure if they were actually charities but were interesting anyway or because it has a link to international ME sites. I didn’t link the actual international sites purely because I can’t tell what most are saying as I don’t speak the language and don’t want to include something here that I’m not sure of. If anyone can read them and say what the site is about then I’ll happily add them to the list.

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ME Awareness Week: Cognitivie Energy vs Physical Energy

I’m not sure if physical energy is the right word for this but I just wanted to make a post about the different kinds of energy we use up every day that you don’t actually notice if you don’t have a chronic illness. Physical energy is the obvious stuff like exercise and going shopping, the surprise for me when I was first ill was how much energy is used when you don’t actually feel like you’re using any.

Cognitive energy can be used up in different ways, like different levels of activity use up different amount of physical energy. Smaller things can be having a conversation with someone or listening to a book, larger activities that are more obvious can be things like watching a new TV show or movie, having a conversation when there are a lot of people around with other conversations going on. It tends to be that the more focus you need for an activity the more cognitive energy you use.

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Fortune Cookie Soap: Peter Pan Summer Soap Box


You may have seen my previous posts on Fortune Cookie Soap, I do love their products and their quarterly subscription box lets you try smaller versions of their new line before it’s released. This can be found on their site, this is the page for the soap boxes. They have lots of limited edition mini collections as well as their seasonal lines so it’s worth checking back fairly regularly if you like the look of a couple in the permanent range but want to make it worth the postage, which can be quite high if you live in the UK as they’re in America.

The company makes bath and body products and their signature is the fortune cookie shaped soaps which I love as they have a formula that means they last quite a while, lather well especially with scrubby gloves, but they aren’t so huge as to last ages which I find a problem with some soaps. I like to have a range of scents and don’t stick to just one until it’s finished so I’ve had soaps go on for ages before. I’m getting better at not doing that but these smaller soaps do help.

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