Review: Bleach London Violet Skies semi-permanent dye


I did a previous review of the pink hair dye Rose from Bleach London and decided to try the pastel purple, Violet Skies, as I thought I looked like a nice colour and I was pretty impressed with the pink. I thought that colour caught pretty well, not the best staying power and it was slightly patchy but it looked like highlights with lighter pink rather than looking too obvious.

I got this in a recent purchases order from which I posted about, I can’t remember how long ago it was now but it seems to have been sat on my side for a while so I thought I’d give it a go on Wednesday. These dyes cost £5 and can be found here, though they’re often in a hair care offer so maybe worth waiting until it is.

purplehair2I will say that these are definitely semi-permanent and even my hair, which has ended up permanently dyed by La Riche Directions purple dye before until I re-dyed it, did not hold it and look like the original colour beyond two washes with a shampoo which wasn’t designed to help coloured hair. With the pink shampoo and conditioner it lasted really well, though to be honest those two products on their own had a similar effect to the dye so I’m not sure how much of it was that effect rather than them helping the colour last.

The bottle design is the same as with the pink, I do like the look of it and the bottle is easily squeezed to get the dye out when it’s turned upside down. As it’s a fairly standard screw top it seals it pretty well after use as well as before so it can be used multiple times. With the pink I used it all but, as my hair has been thinned since then, I only used about three quarters as I kept the remainder to do touch ups if I needed it and I’m not worried about it going off or leaking out if it fell over as it has the same seal as when it was new.

purplehair4The dye itself is a really nice consistency, it’s a bit like a thick conditioner and feels like it should be nice and moisturising. I have found that my hair feels really nice after using their dyes, like after using a hair mask, so if you have problems with dry hair I think this company would be one to look at if you want a bright hair colour.

I followed the instructions and put it on towel dried hair though I did leave it on for 45 minutes rather than the 15 it says as I wasn’t bothered about how bright it would turn out and thought it’d give it more chance to take. Unfortunately I was wrong, either that or it would have barely done anything with just the 15 minutes as it only seemed to really catch on the top layer of my hair. I can accept it not dyeing the roots as it seems nothing will stick after using the lightener I did but if anything I’d think it would stick better to older hair like on the longer parts in the lower layers. It does give an interesting effect so I’m not that bothered, after all it’s only semi-permanent so a couple of washes with a citrus based shower gel and it’ll be gone, but it’s annoying that it was less effective than the pink and it feels like a bit of a waste of money.


After my hair dried it is less obvious with the purple than when it was wet, though I think it’s because its less stuck together in strands when dry and sort of spreads out. The picture on the side of the colour was accurate for my hair, you can see the colour it started out as on the photos anyway but it’s a light blonde, the platinum look has faded a bit and turned more natural recently.


Overall this Violet Skies colour does not seem worth the money, I will give the remainder a go with dry hair maybe as I’ve had more luck with hair dye sticking to my hair when it’s dry as it’s in good condition despite being lightened and will take pretty much anything that gets thrown at it. It’s even looked healthy after using sun when I was younger which is apparently rather unusual and something that hairdressers seem to hate as a product. If it doesn’t stick with dry hair then I will be trying another colour or possibly another make.

I did see a new range on the Superdrug website that looks good and has a pastelliser to make the bright colours less bright which I might try. I’m just not sure on their animal testing policy which is putting me off trying them until I get a reply to my email. It’s called Colour Freedom and is 1/3 off at the moment, I guess because it’s new, and they have a nice range of colours. Has anyone tried them? Or know what their animal testing policy is? I’m guessing they don’t test on animals as they’re exclusive to Superdrug and their own brand things are cruelty free but want to be sure.

4 thoughts on “Review: Bleach London Violet Skies semi-permanent dye

  1. Hey dear, I have nominated you to do the Creative Blogger Award on; if you haven’t done it, it would be great if you did!

    Also, great post! Now I feel the sudden urge to bleach my hair and do cool stuff with it. I have heard good things of Bleach London but sadly, I can’t get it here. ):


    1. Thanks so much for the nomination! 🙂

      I’ve never been blonde before last year so didn’t try these pastel colours so doing them all while I’m still blonde, hehe. It’s always really annoying when there’s a company you like the look of but you can’t get, maybe they’ll sell near you in the future. They seem good for some things but other colours don’t seem to get very good reviews.


  2. Hmm that’s interesting.. I find that with these pastel shades, your hair must be like a platinum/white in order for them to grab nicely and evenly.


    1. Apart from the couple of inches of roots mine is fairly light, I dyed it with a platinum blonde and it stayed pretty light with the purple shampoo and conditioner I’ve used. The pink does stick pretty well and reading other reviews of the purple it seems to be this shade that others have had the same problem with but I’d agree, you would need very light hair for these to stick and show their true colour well.


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