M.E. myself and I: Pacing, thoughts I’ve picked up over the years

Over the past ten years so many ideas with M.E. seem to have changed; afternoon naps, GET, CBT, the Lightning Process to name a few that have gone in and out of fashion with doctors but pacing seems to be one that’s always there and also isn’t offered as a miracle cure unlike some of the others. I have seen a few different versions of it but it seems to boil down to the same thing, resting when you need to and not pushing yourself too much. That last bit is the part I struggle on, especially on good days where I feel like I can do everything or on days where I have to do things and it’s not really possible to rest, you can’t really stop in the middle of a meal out with family and lie down in the middle of the restaurant to listen to soothing music.

I’ve said in a previous post but I’ll repeat it anyway, I am not a doctor and have no medical expertise at all. This post is just what I’ve learned from the past ten years with M.E. and shouldn’t be used as a rule, mainly just as ideas if anything and possibly as somewhere to start for google or asking someone who is medically trained if you haven’t tried pacing.

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