Review: Fortune Cookie Soap – Easter and Wonderland products


Fortune Cookie Soap are a company based in America who make bath and body products. I’ve done a couple of reviews of their soap boxes which contain sample sizes of the new releases (you can find the Wonderland one here) but I decided to make a small order with some Easter products along with a couple of the Alice in Wonderland products. They have limited run seasonal products but also smaller collections that are based on themes, often a holiday such as Easter or Mother’s Day, these are even more limited and a few of these mini collections are sometimes available at the same time. You can look at the current collections and the permanent products on their website here.

The Easter products aren’t available anymore and I didn’t make a note of what the prices were so I can’t say exactly what they cost but the Alice in Wonderland products I’ll link to if they’re still available. The three sample sized whipped creams were from scents in the Christmas range so they aren’t available any more either.


As this was part of a group order and I got a parcel from the organiser rather than Fortune Cookie Soap themselves these have all arrived intact through the two journeys to get to me. Three of the products came in gift type packaging with clear plastic while the others were in white bags that seem to be made of greaseproof paper or something similar. These have all done a good job of keeping any bath bomb dust in with the product rather than getting on everything which happens with some companies I’ve bought from.


Of the products in the box these cupcakes were the ones I was most interested in getting as they haven’t done cupcake bath products before, that I know of anyway. Unlike some bath cupcakes the top ‘icing’ part is hard as well as the base. The base is a bath bomb and the top is a ‘sweet meringue topping’ according to the website which is a bit unclear as to what that actually is as a bath product but I guess maybe a bit that makes foam or more bath bomb. Either way I’m going to give these a go and maybe do a proper review of one when I’ve figured them out! These come in a nice cellophane wrapper with a green curly ribbon, I think these cupcakes would be good as gifts if they do them in the future as well.


Eat Me – this smells amazing, exactly like cake with sweet pineapple on top. It’s a bakery scent, which isn’t something I normally like, but has that pineapple note which takes over, at least when it’s dry, so the bakery is a background scent. As it comes apart I thought I’d smell them separately; the base is definitely a very strong scent with a pineapple chunks smell while the top is subtler so I’m not sure if that’s unscented, holds the bakery scent but it isn’t coming through or it’s just that the scent is stronger with the base of the other half. This is $6.99 and the page for it is here.

fcsspring15-624 Carrot Cupcake – Carrot cake is one of those scents in bath products that I love, actually I just love carrot cake in general, so when I saw this cupcake I had to get it. This isn’t the same as most carrot cake scents I’ve smelled, it somehow smells more perfumey than a bakery scent normally does. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing as I still like the smell, it’s just not really carrot cake to me. There’s something in it that reminds me of spices and Christmas for some reason, maybe they did a similar scented product in their Christmas range, I’m not sure. I do like the little chick, I didn’t know what it was at first but it’s a nice touch to add to the Easter theme of it. I guess that’s a bath melt or something, it’ll go in with the rest when I try it anyway.


I really like their bath bombs, though they do often leave a line of residue around the bath so I have to wipe it as it empties but as long as you’re expecting it it’s not too much extra to do if you’ve got a sponger or scrubby gloves anyway and the oils in them do make my skin nice and moisturised, just not great to use them if you’re going to wash your hair as it takes a bit of rinsing out.

The solid bubble baths are definitely solid, I’ve used a hammer in the past to break one of the large ones so I’m not sure how you’re meant to crumble them, but with these smaller ones that’s ok as they work well just sat under the tap as long as you don’t want more than one bath from them. The bubbles are nice and last a while but not the softest, I’d say they’re probably around the same as shower gel bubbles rather than bubble bath ones that are still around an hour later. The scent is really good though and often lasts till the next morning.

To DYE For bath bomb – They did this last year and I bought two, wish I’d bought more again this year. It’s in the Easter range and a cute egg shape in one of their clear Chinese takeaway boxes. This scent is so refreshing and bright, it’s a real wake you up kind of smell. It’s very citrus but with a hint of something, maybe slightly floral, that makes it slightly different.

Off With Their Heads bath bomb – There was a mini one of these in the soap box for this season and I loved it then when I used it. I’m not a huge fan of floaty extras like petals but they weren’t too bad in this and putting them in the end of a pair of tights works well enough for pieces this big. This is another fresh one with strong citrus hints, though in the description it says about violet, wild roses and star jasmine I don’t really get them which is unusual as Jasmine is one that I normally find overpowering. I maybe get a hint of rose that sort of tones the citrus down and stops it being too sharp but nothing that I would immediately say is rose. This was one that didn’t change scents when in the bath so I’m hoping it stays the same this time as well. This is $6.99 here.

fcsspring15-4We’re All Mad Here solid bubble bath– I have to admit I did buy this one mainly for the shape of the bath bomb, the Cheshire cat is probably my favourite character in Alice in Wonderland so I had to get this, the detail is quite hard to photograph though. I’m not sure how I feel about the glitter on it, it’s already got everywhere but I’ll just have to see how sparkly I am after the bath. This is a scent that I find quite hard to place, it’s definitely got something floral in but it’s a fairly fresh scent with definite grassy hints, if that makes sense. There’s something citrus in as well but none of these overpower the others so it’s quite an unusual combination. The website description says there’s mint and cedar wood but I’m not really getting either, maybe they’re in there and giving the floral and slightly citrus scent, I’m not sure. This is $3.99 and can be found here.


Egg Hunt bath melts – These come in foil and look like little chocolate easter eggs, which I like. They’re also two halves in each foil wrapping so you get six of these and going by past experience of their melts one half would probably be enough to get a nice amount of scent from. Though these are quite subtly scented, especially next to the other products I got. They’re a mix of different sweet scents to me, maybe some white chocolate but definitely something bubblegumish or very sweet fruity scented in there. It reminds me of a more subtle Snow Fairy from Lush.


The final things are three whipped cream body butter samples that came free. These are in three Christmas scents, though none are too Christmassy which is good. These small pots are the perfect travel size for a couple of nights away so I’ll be keeping them for then. Bend Over and I’ll Show You is one I reviews in the Christmas soap box, I think it’s my favourite of the Christmas line and smells of something fruity to me, though there’s a tart hint that reminds me of rhubarb sweets for some reason. Candy cane fluff is a sweet peppermint with a hint of candy behind it, something that stops it being pure mint, I think this has been out the past few years, or two at least, so might be a returning product I’m not sure. Mele Kalikimaka is a tropical scent with coconut and general tropical fruit, will be great in the summer but I remember thinking it’s not the best scent for me in the winter.

Overall I really like all these products, I’m looking forward to trying out the cupcakes just to see what they’re like and maybe see if I can get two baths out of them. This is definitely a company I would recommend looking up, especially if you’re in America as the shipping fees as well as customs which may hit you in the UK can make it rather more expensive than you’d originally expect when adding things to your basket.

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