Travelling Light: the makeup I took on my weekend away


I will admit that I’m one of those people that isn’t great at packing light when it comes to makeup, which is weird when I do pretty well with everything else really. I normally end up with my makeup bag, a palette and then the little extras I keep in my bag. This time I decided I was going to try to get everything to fit into the small brush holder travel bag that came with my old EcoTools set and I managed it… almost. I did have the mini palette I keep in my bag and the lip butter that’s in there so I kind of cheated but I think I did pretty well anyway.


So this is what it looked like when I took it, pretty neat and I didn’t think this was over the top for two days when I had very little space in the actual zip compartment. I probably did go overboard with brushes but they’re the ones I always keep in there for everyday use so I just didn’t bother taking any out really.


The travel makeup bag thing is from the older set of EcoTools brushes I have I don’t think they do this exact one any more but it’s lasted well as I’ve had it for quite a few years and it’s gone away with me every time, though normally it’s stuffed to the point of having trouble closing it and the seams haven’t burst so that’s a good sign. It has the separate part for the brushes, which does get rather messy as you can see, though it does mean it keeps the other makeup clean and you don’t have to worry about fitting them in the makeup bag alongside the makeup.


I went a little overboard with the brushes and took: EcoTools loose powder and concealer (I think) brushes, the Real Techniques shading brush I reviewed recently, Elf eye shadow brush, defining eye brush and blending eye brush as well as the Elf Studio angled eyeliner brush and a mini brush I got free with an old Lush eyeliner I bought years ago, not a fan of the eyeliner but did like the brush.


And this is everything I fitted in there, I’m not sure how it all got in there to be honest but it wasn’t all that tightly packed and not as tetris-like as in the past. I made sure I only took what I knew I’d use and, apart from a couple of the eyeliners, I did use it all so overall this packing light was a success, I just think I need a different bag.

Beauty People eyeliners – there are four colours, mainly because I can never decide which to use until I’m actually doing it. I always forget how good these are until I use them, the dark one is actually still on my hand after washing it with soap four or five times since I put it on so they’re pretty much there until you want them to go once they’re dry. These colours are from the Special Edition Season 2 tin with Snow White on and are; glimmer beige, glimmer gold, glimmer bronze and glimmer brown.

Revlon Colorburst lip butters – I love these, I’m not a huge lipstick fan as they dry out my lips and these lip butters are so moisturising but have enough pigment in them to actually give your lips a bit of colour rather than just a hint like a lot do. I took it in 001 pink truffle and 095 crème brulee

Pro Formula Radiance BB Cream – I have this in light and it’s one I’ve had a couple of years now. It was the first BB Cream I tried and I still love it. I’m not sure if Tesco still do it but if they do I’ll be buying another one this year as this is getting low and I guess the SPF will be going as it’s so old

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – I got this with a palette ages ago and it’s lasted well, I’m not sure I’d buy it on its own as I like this squeezy tube and I’ve only seen full size in those solid bottles with an applicator. It’s my favourite at the moment but I can’t say it’s any better than the too faced shadow insurance or even the old elf one I had really

No7 Instant Radiance Concealer – I think this has become one of those products I can’t live without, I do miss the elf concealer palette thing I had but as they’re no longer selling in the UK I can’t get it any more. I think this is better for under eye but not good for anywhere else as it has a pink tone to it, I’m still looking for a good concealer palette for the rest of my face but this is great and a lot more portable for my under eye area

No7 Extravagant Volume waterproof mascara – I love black mascara and have about five of them at the moment after various sets and gifts at Christmas. This is the one I have on the go and I really like the brush it comes with, it has nice plastic bristles and different lengths on the different sides so it’s easy to apply. Also lasts really well, I’ve just had a bit of a problem on my bottom lashes if it’s hot but it’s not that bad and that’s after hours of wear so it does better than others

Shiro Cosmeticstravelbag3 eyeshadow pigment – I am a huge fan of Shiro Cosmetics, they may have quite a bit of sparkle in a lot of the pigments but I still use them regularly as everyday colours. These two are in still no Oscar for Leo DiCaprio, which was a limited edition one, and full of craft which is in the permanent range in the randomly generated collection. These are both fairly neutral even with the sparkles and do blend well with less fallout than I’ve got from products with far less shimmer

The Balm Autobalm face palette – I wasn’t planning on taking this but I have it in my bag all the time as it covers pretty much everything and I thought I’d take it and get more use out of it as it had the matte and light colours I wanted to go with the Shiro Cosmetics loose pigments. I am so glad I did, I love it now though I wish that the lightest colour was matte, or less shimmery, as then it would be perfect as a brown highlighter as it’s so close to my skin tone, just a bit shimmer for me to use there. It doesn’t reatravelbag4lly show up on the swatches but it’s next to the dark brown. These are so nice and creamy, pigmented enough to show up though the darkest did need a bit of building if you wanted it to be true to the colour in the palette but still a great little palette for travelling. This is in the colour California, I think there’s a Hawaii with a more coral blush and I’m considering buying it so I can take one or the other (or knowing me, both) when I go away for longer.

I thought I’d swatch them all, though it didn’t really end up being very true to colour on the Revlon lip butter pink truffle, it always turns out a lot redder on camera than it is in person for some reason. Sorry for the strange colouring in the bottom left corner of each photo, I have a very attractive burn on my hand from cooking so thought I’d best remove it and I’m not good enough at photoshop to really do it well.



Top (L-R): Beauty People eyeliners in glimmer brown, glimmer bronze, glimmer gold, glimmer beige, Revlon Colorstay lip butters in crème caramel and pink truffle

Middle (L-R): Shiro Cosmetics loose pigments in still no Oscar for Leo DiCapriio and full of craft, The Balm Autobalm palette shades; blush/eyeshadow pink, brow/crease brown, lid/liner brown and highlighter/shadow pale shade

Bottom (L-R): Pro Formula Radiance BB Cream in light, No7 Instant Radiance Concealer in 10

I think I did ok overall, I didn’t take any of my eyeshadow palettes and I think I’ll have to refer back to this post in the future as I actually did well with just these and could probably do ok with them for up to a week, maybe take another single eyeshadow or pigment to add a bit more range, a pale matte would be good.

Do you find it easy to travel light or do you find it hard to keep it down to the bare minimum? I love watching travel bag videos and reading blog posts on it as there are so many different things people think of as their must haves, though they do tend to lead to me taking more when I realise I don’t have that perfect taupe or something similar!

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