M.E., Myself and I: Introduction and starting a new blog section thing

It’s probably a bit of a weird title and maybe not the most original but I used to watch the music video channels a lot when I was first ill and literally spending the day on the sofa and a song called Me, Myself and I (I think) seemed to play a lot and I thought it’d be a good name for a blog. Not calling my whole blog that this time but I still quite like it as a name for my M.E. related posts.

When I started this blog I was planning on having it as a lifestyle blog with games and beauty and food and a bit of everything including about my M.E. but it seems such a hard topic to actually start a post on for me for some reason, I’ve written and deleted a post like this about five times now, but I thought I’d start a section on my life with M.E. and how I cope with the different aspects and symptoms and anything I try that is meant to help. In the past I had a blog, kind of, about my life with M.E. on Live Journal (does anyone use that anymore?) with things I achieved each day and how to cope with symptoms and things but it kind of petered out as I tried to do a post every day which just wasn’t possible.

I have had M.E. for over ten years now, I was first ill when I was 15 and doing my mock GCSEs and ended up spending the rest of year 11 studying from home and just about managing to get seven GCSEs, my A levels didn’t go so well but I did come out with an A level in English lang/lit and a Product Design AS level. Over the years I have improved but I’m still at the point where I can’t really go out of the house on my own in case I get tired or feel dizzy or faint (a fun new symptom that has recently popped up) and only go out once or twice a week most of the time so the lifestyle/travelling side of this blog didn’t really exist.

M.E. is one of those things that I’d heard of but had no idea what it really was before I was ill, it seems like that’s the case with quite a few people that I’ve met, they know someone who knows someone who has it or had it and as there are so many ways it affects people it can seem very different than what people expect it to be when they actually know someone with it.

M.E. stands for Myalgic Encephalopathy (or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis though I’m not sure why they’re different) and is often called CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which kind of includes one of the major symptoms in the name. There are so many symptoms and ability ranges in M.E. that it seems very different from person to person, so things I post about not being able to do you, or someone you know with M.E., may be able to do no problem. I won’t go into too much detail about it here because it would make this first post very long but this link to AYME has some information and this for the ME Association has as well, there are other charities and websites out there with other explanations but they pretty much come down to the same thing. AYME is one that’s helped me a lot and I volunteer for and the ME Association has some good information on it if you want to have a read of it.

I am planning on changing my post schedule to include a M.E. related post each week, so it’ll probably be Monday, Wednesday and Friday that I post from now on. These aren’t replacing one of my other two posts, they’re sort of adding to it.

Sorry if this post has been a bit rambly and all over the place, it’s just a sort of introduction thing, why I’m writing this and hopefully now I’ve got this one done it’ll be easier to write them in the future. In the future they’ll have more structure and jump around a lot less, I’m making this one up as I go along.

If you have any questions about M.E. or a topic you’d like me to write about in it then please comment below. I do have a list of topics/tips I was planning on writing about but if anyone wants to hear about anything else I’m happy to write about it if I can. I’m not a doctor and anything I write will be from personal experience over the past ten years.

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