M.E., Myself and I: Introduction and starting a new blog section thing

It’s probably a bit of a weird title and maybe not the most original but I used to watch the music video channels a lot when I was first ill and literally spending the day on the sofa and a song called Me, Myself and I (I think) seemed to play a lot and I thought it’d be a good name for a blog. Not calling my whole blog that this time but I still quite like it as a name for my M.E. related posts.

When I started this blog I was planning on having it as a lifestyle blog with games and beauty and food and a bit of everything including about my M.E. but it seems such a hard topic to actually start a post on for me for some reason, I’ve written and deleted a post like this about five times now, but I thought I’d start a section on my life with M.E. and how I cope with the different aspects and symptoms and anything I try that is meant to help. In the past I had a blog, kind of, about my life with M.E. on Live Journal (does anyone use that anymore?) with things I achieved each day and how to cope with symptoms and things but it kind of petered out as I tried to do a post every day which just wasn’t possible.

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