Review: Sleek Nude Collection (eyeshadow palette, pout polish and blush)

Before I go on with this post I have been away over the weekend so this is a scheduled post as I’m not really sure which day I’ll be back. If you’ve commented somewhere and it is still waiting to be moderated or I haven’t replied since Saturday I will probably get back to you today or tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good Easter!


I’ve had these a while but I’m going to do a review series of budget palettes, probably mainly neutral to compare the cheaper companies out there, at least in the UK. As I’ve been using them I’ve had a chance to really try them all out, unfortunately I didn’t have my blog when I got then so they’re not brand new for photos, it does show which of them are my favourites though just through use.

For the first in this series I’ve chosen the Sleek Au Naturel palette, though as I bought the other two products in the set I decided just to review them all. As far as I’m aware these are all still available, definitely on their own store online and I’ve seen the palette in pretty much anywhere that sells Sleek makeup. As a company Sleek do not test on animals, one of the main reasons I tried them to start with, though not all products are vegan friendly so if you’re vegan it’s worth emailing them or searching on google as I found a few comprehensive lists of which products are and which aren’t.

In this collection are; Au Naturel eyeshadow palette (£7.99), Bare Minimum pout polish (£4.49) and Suede blush (£4.49). They’re all neutral and natural colours that work well for subtle makeup. Continue reading “Review: Sleek Nude Collection (eyeshadow palette, pout polish and blush)”