50 Followers and Creative Blogger Award!

Over the weekend I reached 50 followers! I know a couple are probably the bots and ‘make money from your blog’ blogs that followed me at the beginning but still most of you aren’t and the fact there are people reading my blog all over the world feels good. 🙂


Also I was nominated for the Creative Blogger award by the lovely Styling Canvas, thanks so much. I love reading these and it’s so nice to be nominated for one. I like to read other people’s replies and see the bloggers other people follow and thinking of five random facts is surprisingly hard!

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Review: Bleach London Violet Skies semi-permanent dye


I did a previous review of the pink hair dye Rose from Bleach London and decided to try the pastel purple, Violet Skies, as I thought I looked like a nice colour and I was pretty impressed with the pink. I thought that colour caught pretty well, not the best staying power and it was slightly patchy but it looked like highlights with lighter pink rather than looking too obvious.

I got this in a recent purchases order from Boots.com which I posted about, I can’t remember how long ago it was now but it seems to have been sat on my side for a while so I thought I’d give it a go on Wednesday. These dyes cost £5 and can be found here, though they’re often in a hair care offer so maybe worth waiting until it is.

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M.E. myself and I: Pacing, thoughts I’ve picked up over the years

Over the past ten years so many ideas with M.E. seem to have changed; afternoon naps, GET, CBT, the Lightning Process to name a few that have gone in and out of fashion with doctors but pacing seems to be one that’s always there and also isn’t offered as a miracle cure unlike some of the others. I have seen a few different versions of it but it seems to boil down to the same thing, resting when you need to and not pushing yourself too much. That last bit is the part I struggle on, especially on good days where I feel like I can do everything or on days where I have to do things and it’s not really possible to rest, you can’t really stop in the middle of a meal out with family and lie down in the middle of the restaurant to listen to soothing music.

I’ve said in a previous post but I’ll repeat it anyway, I am not a doctor and have no medical expertise at all. This post is just what I’ve learned from the past ten years with M.E. and shouldn’t be used as a rule, mainly just as ideas if anything and possibly as somewhere to start for google or asking someone who is medically trained if you haven’t tried pacing.

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Review: Fortune Cookie Soap – Easter and Wonderland products


Fortune Cookie Soap are a company based in America who make bath and body products. I’ve done a couple of reviews of their soap boxes which contain sample sizes of the new releases (you can find the Wonderland one here) but I decided to make a small order with some Easter products along with a couple of the Alice in Wonderland products. They have limited run seasonal products but also smaller collections that are based on themes, often a holiday such as Easter or Mother’s Day, these are even more limited and a few of these mini collections are sometimes available at the same time. You can look at the current collections and the permanent products on their website here.

The Easter products aren’t available anymore and I didn’t make a note of what the prices were so I can’t say exactly what they cost but the Alice in Wonderland products I’ll link to if they’re still available. The three sample sized whipped creams were from scents in the Christmas range so they aren’t available any more either.

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Review: Shiro Cosmetics – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Collection


Shiro Cosmetics are an indie makeup brand from America who make loose pigments, lip products and some pressed powders if you’re lucky enough to get them when they’re in stock. I’m a big fan of the colours as all of the ones I’ve tried so far have consistently good pigment, last well and do not crease especially when used with a primer, which I always do. All of their own products are based around nerdy themes like movies, games and TV shows though there are quite a range of Nicolas Cage themed products (I kind of want the whole lip gloss range and the loose pigment).

Another thing I love about Shiro Cosmetics, besides the product itself, is the artwork on the containers. There are different artists for the different collections and if you buy the full size in them then some of the newer collections have individual art for each colour. Also in every order I’ve made so far I’ve had samples, recently these have mainly been from one of the other brands they sell on their store but often there are a few and they are a good range of colours and a good size sample as well which lasts quite a while.

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M.E. myself and I: ‘OK’ is relative

The slightly official looking disclaimer bit: This post is about physical illnesses, physical symptoms and limitations, not mental health. I wanted to put this in before the ‘read more’ bit as there are big differences between someone saying they’re ok in the two, at least from my experience.

I have to admit, having written that title and reading it back I do feel slightly like I’m reading a self-help book, sorry about that. I guess this topic isn’t specific to M.E., it isn’t even specific to people with chronic illnesses or illnesses in general as I guess everyone’s OK is relative to them. And there I sound even more like a self-help book.

Since having M.E. I find the ‘how are you?’ question harder to answer. It’s a simple question that comes up regularly and not one you really think about when you’re well, ‘I’m OK’ is an acceptable response and people just carry on with the conversation. Over the past ten years though I’ve found that some people don’t look like they believe me when I say it. I will admit, there have been times where I’ve said ‘I’m fine’ just to get someone to change the subject and move on rather than go into detail of how I actually feel if I were to reply something a bit more honest. That’s the word fine though, and for some reason in my head OK is a step up from fine. Don’t ask me why, I’m not sure.

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Beauty tag: 25 questions

I haven’t really done a beauty tag yet, I really like reading them but they didn’t seem to be popping up in my feed recently so I went off hunting for them. I have seen this around and saw it on youtube a lot a while ago but it was on dorkchops’ blog and thought I would do it. 

Also my first time posting in this new schedule, feels a bit weird posting on a Monday not a Tuesday!

1. Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge, or fingers? 

I don’t tend to wear full foundation, and with bb cream I just use my fingers. It’s a bit annoying as the free brushes I get in sets and things seem to be foundation ones, I think I have 4 or 5 now and I don’t use them!

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Travelling Light: the makeup I took on my weekend away


I will admit that I’m one of those people that isn’t great at packing light when it comes to makeup, which is weird when I do pretty well with everything else really. I normally end up with my makeup bag, a palette and then the little extras I keep in my bag. This time I decided I was going to try to get everything to fit into the small brush holder travel bag that came with my old EcoTools set and I managed it… almost. I did have the mini palette I keep in my bag and the lip butter that’s in there so I kind of cheated but I think I did pretty well anyway.

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M.E., Myself and I: Introduction and starting a new blog section thing

It’s probably a bit of a weird title and maybe not the most original but I used to watch the music video channels a lot when I was first ill and literally spending the day on the sofa and a song called Me, Myself and I (I think) seemed to play a lot and I thought it’d be a good name for a blog. Not calling my whole blog that this time but I still quite like it as a name for my M.E. related posts.

When I started this blog I was planning on having it as a lifestyle blog with games and beauty and food and a bit of everything including about my M.E. but it seems such a hard topic to actually start a post on for me for some reason, I’ve written and deleted a post like this about five times now, but I thought I’d start a section on my life with M.E. and how I cope with the different aspects and symptoms and anything I try that is meant to help. In the past I had a blog, kind of, about my life with M.E. on Live Journal (does anyone use that anymore?) with things I achieved each day and how to cope with symptoms and things but it kind of petered out as I tried to do a post every day which just wasn’t possible.

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Review: Sleek Nude Collection (eyeshadow palette, pout polish and blush)

Before I go on with this post I have been away over the weekend so this is a scheduled post as I’m not really sure which day I’ll be back. If you’ve commented somewhere and it is still waiting to be moderated or I haven’t replied since Saturday I will probably get back to you today or tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good Easter!


I’ve had these a while but I’m going to do a review series of budget palettes, probably mainly neutral to compare the cheaper companies out there, at least in the UK. As I’ve been using them I’ve had a chance to really try them all out, unfortunately I didn’t have my blog when I got then so they’re not brand new for photos, it does show which of them are my favourites though just through use.

For the first in this series I’ve chosen the Sleek Au Naturel palette, though as I bought the other two products in the set I decided just to review them all. As far as I’m aware these are all still available, definitely on their own store online and I’ve seen the palette in pretty much anywhere that sells Sleek makeup. As a company Sleek do not test on animals, one of the main reasons I tried them to start with, though not all products are vegan friendly so if you’re vegan it’s worth emailing them or searching on google as I found a few comprehensive lists of which products are and which aren’t.

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