Review: Elegant Touch Lux Gel varnishes and a Red Carpet Manicure Cinderella gel varnish


I recently bought a couple of the Elegant Touch Lux Gel gel nail varnishes, one in ‘hero’ and another in ‘sweet dreams’, both are fairly neutral colours but on the pink side of neutral so they’re suitable for interviews and times when I don’t want such bright nails. I posted about these in my recent Asos post but now I’ve tried them I thought I’d do a review. I also got one of the Red Carpet Manicure Cinderella nail varnishes in ‘put a slipper on it’ which I love so there will be a small review at the end for that one too.

I chose these colours as I like to have a couple of neutral colours to wear, especially when they’re long lasting like gels, as if I plan on wearing a lot of different colours over the time the nail varnish is on I like something that goes with them all and this is an easy way of doing that.


The boxes for these are a lot bigger than they need to be, the majority of the inside was empty and a bit of cardboard folded with the holes held the nail varnish bottle in. It also came with some instructions in a fold out guide which I did follow for timings on one hand but I think the timings on the original light were better. It didn’t seem to matter which I followed in the end as the top coat sealed them both the same.

The twoluxgel6 colours were less different than I expected looking on the website, I was expecting the one, ‘hero,’ to have some kind of shimmer as it was in with diamond and silver effects in the drop down menu to choose the colours. They’re both a cream look and ‘hero,’ is more neutral beige than I expected, I thought it would have more of a purple tint. ‘Sweet dreams’ is a very pretty baby pink, not a colour I’d normally go for and I thought it might have some shimmer but I think it’s one that mum might like as it’s the sort of colour she goes for and given how thin the colour went on with ‘hero’ it won’t be too bright.

These bottles areluxgel9 half the size of the others so at full price, £10, these wouldn’t be worth it to me but at the price I got them on offer, £7, they come at the same price per ml and this way I can get a range of colours for the same price. The bottles look nice, the colour of the nail varnish is shown on the sticky label with a shattered effect into black. The bottles are black which I prefer to the solid colours of a couple of other brands and still protects the nail varnish from UV. The brushes are easy to control when I used them and the bigger lid is easier to hold and the short brush makes it easy to keep all the nail varnish on the nail rather than getting it everywhere as this is very runny.


I used the top and base coat from Red Carpet Manicure as with the other gels I’ve used though I don’t think it affected the overall result. The nail varnish itself is very thin, I’d say probably as thin as the sensationail ones or thinner, though they’re easy to control and seem to stick to the nail better somehow. After using the UV light they are very runny, I accidentally knocked it against the light after it had been setting and it looked like when you touch normal nail varnish within seconds of applying it. It took two coats to give good coverage though to cover the tips I could have done with another as I’ve been painting recently and you can see the paint under the tips of my fingernails.

One thing I noticed with this brand, the same as the sensationail ones, is when I did the top coat it seemed to bring off some of the colour on the top coat brush. Also it seemed to come off a bit on some nails when I used the liquid you use to getluxgel1 rid of the stickiness after the top coat. I was sure I’d covered that part of my nail with top boat but apparently not as that’s the only time it picks up the colour with the originals, not sure how well it shows but it’s the index finger on my right hand that it seemed to come off the corner of and leave the nail beneath exposed.

Overall I do like these nail varnishes, I think they could do with a third coat to add the thickness but I’m always a bit wary with doing that on gel nail varnishes as they do have quite a bit of thickness to them anyway. I think if they had a colour that was unusual or a glitter top coat I liked then I would give these another go at the price these were but I don’t think I’d recommend them at full price as the other brands I’ve tried are better value at full price and last as well or better. You can get these on the Asos website, ‘hero’ is here (the image shows a purple colour) and ‘sweet dreams,’ is here but you have to choose them from the drop down menu.


I love the box for the Cinderella nail varnishes, I like fake book packaging and this is so small and cute if it didn’t have the window in the middle I’d be tempted to keep it for earrings or small jewellery. The Red Carpet Manicure one is so pretty and sparkly, it really reminds me of the Christmas OPI varnish ‘snowglobe trotter’ which I loved to use as a bit of decoration on the tip of the nail. I think I’ll try that next time with this one, I just did a whole nail for this time but it’s so easy to get the glitter spread witluxgel7hout having to do the pick out and place method you do with a lot of these. I think it’s because of the size of the glitter particles, they’re small enough to spread easily without standing out but large enough to show up well and the holographic bits are so shiny. Thickness wise this is the same as the original Red Carpet Manicure varnishes I tried in this review, I’d definitely recommend this brand now they have a larger range of colours than when I first got them. This can be found on the Cinderella page here, though it’s another where you have to choose it from the drop down menu. I think I might get a couple of the others, the turquoise one ‘that’s madam to you’ looks so good on swatches I’ve seen of it and I do like the look of ‘life is short, wear a tiara’. I think their names are good too, not sure if they’re direct quotes from the movie but they remind me of OPI style names.

All of thesluxgel5e nail varnishes seem good so far, there has been no chipping and the finish is very shiny and strong. I’ve scraped acrylic paint off it and no problems with any of the top coat coming off which I was worried about as that happens a lot with normal varnishes. I would say the main down side for the Elegant Touch varnishes is the consistency of the varnish when it’s ‘set’ by the light. Also the box advertises 60 seconds to set but even with the two minutes it did not become solid, maybe with their own brand light it would work as they say or a stronger LED light. In the end the finish is good either way due to the top coat being designed for this light so it doesn’t matter that much about how liquid it is between coats.

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