Review: Sleek Makeup i-Quad – Moroccan Myrrh


I recently made a small order with Boots, mainly to get some hair lightener, and had it sent to the local Boots store. As part of the order I decided to get myself a small birthday present and as I’ve seen these i-Quads on the Sleek website I thought I’d get one when they were available somewhere that I wanted to get other products. I liked the idea of a small palette with eyeshadows and an eyeliner which would work well when travelling. They were available in three colours; Moroccan Myrrh (neutral shades with a brown eyeliner), Medusa’s Kiss (greys with a black eyeliner) and a limited edition midnight blue (blues with a dark blue eyeliner). They cost £5.99 from boots, here, or the Sleek makeup website has it here for the same price.

I probably have enough neutral palettes to last a lifetime, or at least a few years, but I saw this and thought it would be good as a travel palette with it containing three colours of eyeshadow I like and the eyeliner. I’ve got quite a few sleek eyeshadow palettes over the past four or five years and have been impressed with most of the colours, a few mattes have been a bit powdery but still good for the price, so I thought this quad would have a similar quality.


The first thing I like about these Sleek palettes and even the smaller single products I’ve got like blushes is the packaging. It’s a matte black with the Sleek makeup logo in a shiny finish which stands out. The packaging never i-Quad5feels that expensive though it is better than some products I’ve got form other brands where you get less product for more money as these stay closed very well even after years of regular use. The clip on the front is a bit stiff but I’ve found in the past these do loosen and become easier to open whilst not losing the shape that holds them closed. I always keep the cardboard packaging around the plastic for Sleek products, I’m not sure why as I throw it away for most brands, but I do and I think it probably helps to keep the matte finish looking better as it can get loose eyeshadow and fingerprints on it very easily.

Inside the palette there is a big mirror, it takes up the entire lid of the palette and is pretty stiff at the moment so stands up at any angle you want it to stay. I think in the future it will become looser so I’m not sure how well this will last but some of the other palettes stay up well so I’m hoping this is like them.

There are three eyeshadows; two shimmer and one matte, as well as the eyeliner. There is a clear pi-Quad4lastic sheet covering them with the names on which I quite like, I know others prefer the names on the packaging itself but I like that this keeps it looking cleaner without writing and I’m not sure there would be space inside to have the names next to them anyway in this case. There are also two applicators; one of those foam ones that never works though I did give it a go and found it absorbed so much eyeshadow it was even worse than some of the others I’ve tried so that went in the bin, there was also a mini angled eyeliner brush which I actually quite like. I tried it with the eyeliner and it gave a nice thin line and is easy to hold and control so I’m keeping it to use in the future.


The eye products themselves are pretty good, I’ll go through them one by one as some are definitely better to me than others. Unfortunately the swatch photograph doesn’t seem to show Asilah very well on my skin as it’s a pretty good match for my skin tone. The photograph is without any base at all, though I would normally use a primer I wanted to see what they looked like without.

L-R: Medina, Asilah, Sahara Dune, Arabia
L-R: Medina, Asilah, Sahara Dune, Arabia

Asilah: A pale shimmery eyeshadow, I’d say it’s a very pale yellowish peach, would work very well as a highlight colour on the inside corner of your eye or possibly under the brow if you don’t mind shimmer there. The pigmentation seemed pretty good though it somehow managed to have a powdery consistency at the same time as being soft and smooth, I don’t think I’ve come across that before. It did spreadi-Quad2 well but it appeared slightly clumpy on the brush. Nice and creamy and easy to blend when it was on my skin though so not sure what happens with it on the brush.

Sahara Dune: I think this is a taupe, though to be honest I’m not sure what the colour is it’s just the colour a lot of beauty gurus I watch seem to use to describe this colour. It’s a nice middle of the road neutral with a slight yellowish base so it’s a cool colour rather than warm. I’d say of the three eyeshadows this was the least impressive pigmentation wise. It did go on nice and smooth and no weird texture but it needed to build up to become the colour it was in the pan. I thought I’d like this colour the best and in the pan I do, the pigmentation let it down.

Arabia: A matte light brown, the one shade of the palette I was a bit dubious of going on some of the past mattes from Sleek and I was pleasantly surprised. I think this is the creamiest of the three eyeshadows and the most pigmented, it blended really well and would work well as a crease colour or for the outer corner of the eye I think, I might try it under my eye a bit with the eyeliner brush. This is my favourite in the palette, very easy to use and the texture and pigmentation is probably one of the best I’ve had from Sleek.

Medina: The brown eyeshadow in the bottom right corner. Although it looks slightly shimmery it isn’t, there was some perspiration on the top of the eyeliner but it disappeared when I wiped it off and hasn’t returned. I’ve never tried their gel eyeliners though I have heard good things about the pots so I was interested to see how I got on with this. I have to say I don’t have the best past with gel eyeliners but I might have more luck with this and the brush in this palette. It’s very smooth and easy to apply, though it took a while to dry once it was dry it wasn’t going anywhere, it took a few wipes with makeup remover to get it off my hand. The colour is a reddish brown and a medium to dark brown colour to me. I’ll have to play around with this but so far I’m impressed and the fact it’s in the palette means Ii-Quad7’ll probably be trying it more when I’m away.

I have included a photograph of the back of the box , click on it to make it big, as it includes the ingredients if you want to read them, I think the Beewaxs is a typo and it’s meant to be beeswax, otherwise it’s something I’ve never heard of.

Overall I do like this palette, the eyeshadows did surprise me a bit in the texture of a couple of them and, apart from Arabia, I would say these are probably a bit below the quality I would expect from Sleek eyeshadows. For £5.99 with the eyeliner it’s definitely worth it to me, without it I’d say no due to the price of their larger palettes and the fact they do a neutral palette. The shades do work well together and blend well and you can get a variety of looks with the three shadows and the eyeliner. The eyeliner brush as well seems good, I will be keeping it to try with other products as I’ve liked using eyeshadow as eyeliner to get a bigger range of colours and I think this will work well for that too.

If you don’t like the amount of shimmer, as they all include mainly shimmery colours by the look of the photos, or just not a fan of this combination of eyeliner and eyeshadow I would definitely recommend their bigger palettes, at least to look at if you’re in the UK or another country that sells Sleek in stores. I’ve not found any that really compare in a similar price range quality wise and there are some with unusual colours, the acid one especially stands out if you like neons.

I’ve tried the BB cream, the neutral pout pot and one of the blushes but other than that I’ve stuck with the eyeliners. If you’ve tried any of their other products and would like to recommend some I’d love to try them out, I’ve just not known where to start really.

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