Review: Sleek Makeup i-Quad – Moroccan Myrrh


I recently made a small order with Boots, mainly to get some hair lightener, and had it sent to the local Boots store. As part of the order I decided to get myself a small birthday present and as I’ve seen these i-Quads on the Sleek website I thought I’d get one when they were available somewhere that I wanted to get other products. I liked the idea of a small palette with eyeshadows and an eyeliner which would work well when travelling. They were available in three colours; Moroccan Myrrh (neutral shades with a brown eyeliner), Medusa’s Kiss (greys with a black eyeliner) and a limited edition midnight blue (blues with a dark blue eyeliner). They cost £5.99 from boots, here, or the Sleek makeup website has it here for the same price.

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