L.S. Lowry – Yachts 1959


I love Lowry paintings, I have for as long as I remember, though I think it may have originally had something to do with the ‘Matchstick Men and Matchstick Cats and Dogs’ song that was released some time in the 70s by Brian and Michael (if you don’t know it this is a youtube video with lyrics), I heard that before I knew who he was. I got this print for my birthday and, as I love it so much, wanted to post about it, though it’s only a short post as I’m really not an art critic and probably can’t really review a painting properly.

Lowry’s style is just so different and I like that a lot of them are a subject that you don’t tend to see so much, or you didn’t when he was painting. The way he managed to show these scenes with very basic people with only a few strokes of the brush yet you can still see what they are and sometimes see the emotion from the body language. This particular painting is of yachts and is done in watercolour which is apparently rare for his paintings though I think three or four of the ones released as prints this year are watercolours.

This is a print from John Lewis that I saw when my parents asked for ideas for my birthday present and I love it, the colours and the fact that it’s a subject that’s so different for him. After a bit of looking on the internet to find the best place to get it I ended up sticking with John Lewis as we know they’ve been good quality in the past and we know they take returns if it hadn’t worked where I wanted it and the size this came in (34cm x 42cm) was just right for the space on my wall. I really like the fact that it has the black frame, it stands out against the off white wall and goes with the two prints I have framed from Gametee which have black wooden block frames too. There is a fairly thick card border around the picture but the fact it’s so light adds to the contrast of the frame and makes the picture itself stand out more as it has a pale background but the white border means this pale yellow/brown wash shows up as having colour on it.

In my google searching I also found that it is thought to have been painted at Lytham, a town near Blackpool that we stayed in a few years ago so it’s sort of a reminder of that holiday. It also reminds me, for some reason that I don’t really know, of holidays in Devon when I was little and where we went back to last year. It’s odd how something can do that, take you back to a memory of a place that is totally unrelated to the picture itself.

This print can be found here on the John Lewis site and costs £55 framed. It is available on other sites and some have a range of sizes and John Lewis themselves have four or five different paintings by Lowry available at the moment though they range in price and size quite a bit.

Sorry this is a short post, my health isn’t great at the moment but I wanted to post something and I love this picture so thought I’d post this while it was still new. I got it for my birthday yesterday and still keep just looking at it and finding new things I like and details I didn’t originally see.

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